I have not been feeling very sociable. I do those fly by blog readings and then go on my merry way. A quick message to someone on facebook, I little chat on Words with Friends and done. I’ve just been busy and tired and still not feeling the greatest. I can feel myself getting meaner and meaner and I know I have to be careful when I type so I don’t say something on the spur of the moment that hurts someones feelings.

Tomorrow I’m going in for a little outpatient procedure and getting that darn port removed. Oddly it’s been bothering me the most the last couple of days. The smaller I get the more annoying it gets, it catches on; my bra strap, my shirts, a seatbelt if I’m in the passenger seat and my skin if I cough or sneeze or exercise. I know it’s going to hurt after and that does not make me happy, but then all gone! I’m a little anxious just because there is some weird superstitious thing going on in my head that says as soon as I get it removed I’m going to need it again. gah.

Someone made me cry on facebook.  Well, I didn’t cry directly on Facebook cause it’s a website, but I did cry because of what she said on Facebook. Thank you MB. 

I play about ten games on words with friends at any one time and today I was playing a game and then stood up and started walking with my iPod in my hand open on Words with Friends. When I got in the other room I realized that I had flipped the iPod over and every step was pushing a button. I declined one game, I forfeited one game and I don’t know what else! Good thing there isn’t a remove all games kind of button.

We watched three movies last weekend

The Girl who kicked a Hornets Nest – quite good but certainly much slower than the first two

Fright Night – the 20?? version. Quite good but slower then the first one

50/50 – Quick moving but oddly annoying to me. Probably just a circumstance thing.


All right, I’m outta here. So very tired.




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  1. I like all the Girl  movies.  I don’t want to see the new ones in English.  it’s all different.I’m sorry you cried.  (hug)

  2. Oh Tracy. I wish I had my magic wand I could wave and lift your mood. Just be in the space your in. I bet this will pass. Hang in there.

  3. @plantinthewindow – It was a good cry. One of those unexpectedly nice things that someone said to me. I saw the american version of the first one as well and it was quite good!

  4. @Muzwah – It’s weird for me, I’m not normally the long term cranky type. One month to vacation, and I hope you meant it about lunch!

  5. @tracy – well, then I’m glad you cried. : )  and I may have to watch the American version of the movie, then.

  6. Good luck with the port removal. I hope you never need it again 🙂

  7. @isitreal_no – thanks young chickie!

  8. Despite all my wackiness, I have been thinking about you and wondering if things had improved. I’m sorry they haven’t. I’m hoping your mind and your body start to feel much better and the weight of it all is off of your shoulders very quickly.I am looking forward to you being port free and pain free. I understand the superstition – I would be thinking the exact same thing. I hope tomorrow goes amazingly easy.Sometimes I find watching TV to be really good medicine. Really I am the one who should be saying thank you. Although I am still the weird and wacky person I have always been, I now see the world through your eyes and I am better for it.

  9. Want you back when you’re in a “better” mood. Take care of your health and you’ll be back to your fun self that we’ve come to know and love…

  10. When I read that on fb, it brought tears to my eyes, I thought you’d probably have to run for the tissues…that was something.Don’t feel bad about unplugging for awhile, we all need that at times.I can understand your superstitious thinking, cuz that’s the kind of crazy thinking i had…and the reason I never had an official will when my kids were little and when it was most important….in other words, it IS crazy thinking, don’t go there…but I think that thought is probably the most normal thought you could have about it. Hope you feel better soon.

  11. oops I said “I had” as if i thought that about your port…not at all what i meant, that was a mistype, I meant “I have” as in that’s just how my mind works about everything.

  12. I am so sorry you’re not feeling up to par.  At least you’re recognizing your propensity to be mean during this time and watching your words.  I know what that feels like.  Also, sorry about the Facebook crying.  Some people can be so insensitive.  Take care of yourself!

  13. I hope everything gets better for you, Tracy. 

  14. Yeah, I can sure see how that port can be annoying.  Maybe you won’t need it again – maybe your desire to get rid of it the vital force of living reasserting itself.  Some depression from these cancer episodes is common.  I did fine for the first few months but then my mood went way south and the next three months were pretty tough.  I got fed up with it and got the docs to give me anti-depressants.  I don’t like taking the pills but I needed them and they did help.  And for me, nothing works better than fighting, fighting, fighting for a positive outlook.  That and friends.  A therapy group can be good also.  Enough preaching for now!

  15. is MB ok I’m not allowed on her page? I’ve been wondering. Obviously answer me elsewhere.

  16. @skanickadee – you are constantly making me smile. 🙂

  17. @Zoz36 – I will!

  18. @strawberryfieldsgirl – It’s always better when you find out other people would think the same way you would. Thank you.

  19. @gottobereal64 – Nope, it was a good cry!! 🙂

  20. @RakkaRay – That’s some good preaching. I think you and I think very much alike. 

  21. @irishis63 – She cleans up her Xanga very regularly, she’s very neat and tidy. You probably got removed in one of her cleanups. I’m sure it’s nothing personal.

  22. @tracy – meant it! Your gonna be right in my neighborhood!

  23. @irishis63 – @tracy – Tracy hit the nail on the head! You are always welcome Erin. If people don’t seem to be posting I take them down, it is a weird thing I have. I meant to add you when I saw Tracy link to you recently but then a butterfly flew by and I forgot what I was intending to do. I have subbed and friend requested you and when you accept, I will add you to the protected list.

  24. @tracy –  I hope it goes well today!

  25. I need to start a new game with you. *crosses fingers*

  26. Here’s the weird thing @skanickadee – I try and follow you back after I’m logged in and it keeps taking me back to login page. I’ll try later in case it’s a Xanga thing.

  27. Hope the port removal is quick and painless and things start looking up! Vacation to look forward to.  Be cranky if you want to…. It’s all good

  28. @skanickadee – Here’s the thing I can’t respond to your invite and when I do a search and find your profile and click on it this is what I get, Sorry, the page you requested could not be foundThe link might be broken, the page might no longer exist… or else our servers might’ve temporarily forgotten where to find itSomebody else try and search for her profile please.

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