Just ate my first meal of the day. A scrambled egg.  Guess that tells you something, doesn’t it?

Spent a lot of time researching radiation enteritus. There’s a lot of information you don’t want to be reading. First things first going to try to drop a lot of dairy out of my diet. 😦 No more milk based yogurt, no more milk in my coffee. Also switching to locally produced milk for those times when I do have dairy. Just need to clean up my system. No more milk from cows filled with hormones.  I really never wanted to be this person but I swear if I can ever get to the point where I can eat whatever I want I’m going to just turn into a sprout growing, almond milking hippy. Also saw where glutamine is highly recommended. I took it during radiation for awhile then thought it wasn’t probably doing anything so I stopped. Guess I’ll go back on it!


Now just pictures.



If this stayed looking like this I would encourage it! Not that it needs encouragement. But, in June it will turn bright yellow and crunchy and my lawn will look like something purposefully killed the grass in great honking big circles.





I love he Red clover!

Would have been a good picture if it had auto-focused on the front, not the middle!




I think I have some sort of pill bug serial killer (Maybe John Lithgow) and this is where he piles the bodies.



The hail from the other night.  Biggest hail I’ve ever seen. This was after a lot melted.  Easily a big gumball size!

I thought they were bird eggs in my yard until I got close.


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  1. I am so sorry your guts are in such poor shape. That has to be so frustrating. So you think dropping dairy will help? It sure is worth a try. I like So Delicious coconut milk yogurt. I can only find it at Whole foods. I don’t want to eat soy so I don’t know of any other alternative. What will you switch to?Jesse is such a cutie pie. I don’t know that I have ever noticed red clover. We do have a lot of clover and when our neighbor was still of this world he had bees. We would let the clover grow long enough to bloom for the bees. The bees loved it.I think we were in the 80s today. I have to say, I loved it. You must have had a good storm the other day. That hail really does look like eggs.Beautiful sky pictures.

  2. I don’t drink any milk anymore, just almond milk, it gave me great issues before I stopped. Greek yogurt does not seem to bother me but regular does(no idea why). Cheese is evil but it calls to me, I’ve managed to resist it a lot more than I used to. Non dairy creamer. It’s really quite easy to give up for the most part. Good luck bunky. 

  3. @skanickadee – Thanks. Dropping dairy is one of the first things they recommend so I’m hopeful. Corey bought me the coconut yogurt to try. I’m pretty excited. He also bought me a big old container of coconut milk to try for everything else. We’re lucky because our grocery store down the street has a pretty good selection. I don’t know why I so obsess of milk in my coffee. I should just go black and be done with it.@irishis63 – The diet for healing your intestines says plain old processed cheese food won’t hurt you. I guess it’s so processed that it’s not even real dairy anymore, isn’t that weird?

  4. Okay…out of all of that, I got Bunky???  hahahaha Bunky.  and ref black coffee..I’ve heard once you go black you never go back ;)The hail stone is unbelievable…those would definitely do damage…cars okay.Dropping the dairy is probably going to help… I know this because I watch doctors on TV…but seriously…I’ve heard dairy can be very bad when you have gut rot!!

  5. oh….and Jesse…what a face!!!!!

  6. @tracy – I should have been clearer, cheese is evil because it calls to me and then makes itself at home on my thighs and butt

  7. I kinda lime the far focused picture! And the beagle. I have a pretty much dairy free diet. (milk allergy). Don’t miss it really. Maybe you can find some rawMilk nearby , or even better, get a milk goat !

  8. Your dog is so cute, and that hail is CRAZY!! Where do you live? Isn’t there like a tornado alley somewhere, that has lots of storms? is that you? If so ahh so crazy, did you get any damage from the hail? I just googled that radiation thing, I never even knew any of that stuff happened. My father had radiation a few times, and I remember he came to a presentation at my highschool (not long before he passed away) and he had to go outside part way through ebcause he was sick. I never knew it could be that bad. We went on holidays and he tried so hard to make sure that we were happy all the while he was so sick. You’re great Tracy, hopefully it’s only for a few more weeks and you haven’t got permanent damage x

  9. For a variety of health reasons I do eat a lot of fiber.  But yikes, the gas!  Sometimes I think you can’t win with food choices!

  10. The picture with the front out of focus is actually really amazing. It makes the picture look 3D.

  11. @isitreal_no – Thank you for the nice words. I live in Toledo Ohio we are just to the right of the infamous Tornado Alley so we get our share. Really cool to see, from a distance!

  12. Happy beagle pics! Did you know that clover is a good source of vegetable protein?

  13. @Mom_with_a_Chainsaw – No, I didn’t.  Going to go look that up now!

  14. Sorry that you are still have side effects.  I hope they pass soon!Is that creeping charlie in the first picture?  We have creeping charlie in our yard and it just takes over and kills my grass.  I hate it!  I keep spraying it with round up!  And the smell…………yuck!And yuck on the hail!  Did you have any damage to your house?  We were wiped out with hail about 15 years ago.  What a mess that was!!

  15. That hail is amazing. Yay at your Dexter reference! I haven’t given up lactose or gluten; I don’t think I’m intolerant, but I’m pretty sure my body is happier without the carbs. I’ll drink milk once in a long while. It took me a bit to get used to it, but almond milk works well in my morning coffee. The benefits of the probiotics in my Chobani Greek yogurt outweigh any negatives of the dairy. I must say – your clover looks like sunflower sprouts, which are DELICIOUS! I don’t think there’s anything wrong with becoming a food hippie, especially if it makes you feel better and helps your body work better. Oh, and I love your dog.

  16. @BoureeMusique – I’m so glad you noticed my Dexter reference!

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