My new glasses had the wrong distance prescription in them. They are being remade right now. That will really screw with you if you have three different prescriptions in your lenses and only of them is wrong! I finally realized that it wasn’t just me getting used to a new type of lens (they grind them from the back instead of the front or some such thing) when we went to the movies last weekend and I was able to see the screen better without my glasses. That was a first.

Our home phone has apparently been broken for at least a week, I’m thinking it might actually be since 03/09/2012. No one noticed. ;)I finally got a voice mail on my cell phone that my sons doctors office had been calling for a very long time trying to change one of his appointments and no one ever answered! One of the phone cords was dead.

Speaking of phones! Now I can’t find my work cell phone. I went to grab it out of my purse this morning and poof.  And apparently the battery’s dead because if you call it goes straight to vm. Boo.

Speaking of purses! I don’t like my new purse. It just doesn’t hold enough, even though it is beautiful. It’s unique without being bohemian. Luckily my sister really liked it so I felt no guilt at ordering a new purse so I can give her my other one. Yay!  I really need to pack up all of my purses and sell or give them away.

I don’t have anything else worth mentioning in a public forum so I’ll give you a picture of Mili I found on my phone. πŸ™‚



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  1. Aw sweet Mili.   I hate when a purse disappoints.  It’s sad. I still haven’t gotten a pair of glasses I can see out of except my straight reading glasses.  I’m due for another appointment.  I’m ready to BEG for something I can see out of.  For real. 

  2. @debbykp – that’s got to be frustrating!  Some people have a lot of trouble adjusting to glasses, I think their brain will just not let them see past the lenses. My husband really needs bifocals but he can’t see out of them so he only has his distance glasses. I’ve been wearing bi-focals since I was 10 so it doesn’t even phase me. 

  3. What does the purse look like? I’m curious now πŸ™‚ Good luck with the glasses!

  4. @X_naomi_X –  When I was looking for an image I found a bunch of places selling it for $97.00!  crazyness.

  5. Ooh i like that. I need something with slightly bigger straps since i carry bags on one shoulder with the bag in my armpit πŸ™‚ Very nice though.

  6. Aw…Mili is so cute.How wonderful that you were able to pass the purse on. Do switch purses a lot or just go with your most recent favorite?

  7. @X_naomi_X – that’s my other problem with it. It doesn’t carry well.

  8. @skanickadee – I have turned into a purse freak. I do not know how I got to this point. There is probably some sort of 12 step program. I buy a purse and use it until my mind says..uh oh…time for a new purse! And then I’m done with it. Usually for ever, I can’t go back to a purse I’ve already used for awhile. Except I also have one purse that I use for trips. It’s made by  AmeriBag and it’s cloth but waterproof with lots of zippered pockets on the inside. It doesn’t hold a lot but it’s secure and easy to carry if you’re walking around a lot.

  9. Love the doggy …

  10. wow you must have as weird of eyes as i have. (does that sentence even make sense/)  I have problems every single time I get new glasses. Our brains do get used to the wrong kind tho so it’s good you’re getting them fixed and not tricking your brain into making them kind of work for you.i have a thing for purses, although when I find one i like I use it forever…but am still always looking for the next one. And my favorite right now is totally bohemian, and that’s WHY I love it. LOL. and come to think of it, haha–my sister gave it to me because her daughter said it “looked more like Aunt Tami than her”. Gotta love sisters! πŸ™‚

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