This morning I left my house in my levi’s for the first time in seven months. SEVEN months. That’s how long it takes after a hysterectomy. I can’t believe it’s been that long already. My scar is still sensitive, I still have a huge numb area, and if you push on my abdomen in certain spots it still hurts. I am just astounded. I really did think that after six weeks or so I would be all healed up and back to normal. I am an idiot.

A couple of months before I was diagnosed I started gaining weight which was aggravating to me since I had just spent 12 months getting down to a weight I was happy with. I gained like eight pounds (which doesn’t sound like much unless you’re middle aged and trying to lose it) then within 24 hours of my surgery I gained 12. I have three more pounds to lose before I am back to my lowest weight. This whole only being able to eat tiny portions of a very few foods does have it’s positive side! And lest we forget, I am also back to exercising. You can’t have one without the other or you gain the weight right back.  The reason I love my levi’s is because they are the perfect length for tennis shoes and for flip flops.


 I have been eating rice like the super food that it is. I figure if the people on Survivor can survive on it, then so can I! I make a big pot of it and then store it in the fridge and dish it out as needed. I’ve had it with canned fruit on it, coconut milk & cinnamon on it, cold with salad dressing on it (whole foods greek goddess is very good!) mixed with veggie broth as a very thick soup. So far that’s all I can think of. πŸ™‚ Suggestions welcome! No dairy, no fresh veggies, no strong acids (like tomato) oh, and vegetarian.

I bought a bag of trader joes brown basmati rice and I have to say that I think it’s downright disgusting! The distinct smell of basmati rice is way more than I can handle. I looked up Basmati and it said the fragrance is that of Pandanus – AKA Screw Pine. Back to my plain old white minute rice! That’s what is recommended for people with sad digestive systems anyway.


I am eating a bowl of basmati right now with a little ginger soy dressing on it, and I just don’t think it’s going to do it for me today. I think I’ll run across the street and see if Rite-Aid has anything I can eat for lunch.  Though there are some very startling sounds coming from my abdomen so not eating may be the wiser course!






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  1. Mili’s beautiful! I’ve been eating a lot of basmati lately, but my dear boyfriend slathers it in delicious curried and heavily spiced things, so it smells good to me. I hope you find a good alternative. White rice ain’t so bad.

  2. Wow – 7 months? That was fairly radical surgery you had but I wouldn’t have thought it would take this long. I am happy you are back in your Levi’s. That had to be a moral booster. Is plain brown rice too hard on your system? Isn’t that supposed to be good for you?I hope you were able to find something yummy yet gentle to eat.

  3. Yay for you getting back in your levis!! and also, yay for you having a pair of jeans you like that much. Everytime I find some that fit good and are comfortable, the company changes them so I haven’t had a pair of “loved” jeans in years. But back to you…seriously must feel good to finally be seeing what you’ve been waiting for. So congrats!!

  4. @strawberryfieldsgirl – Thank you. I understand what you mean about the jeans. I have one pair that I love and they fit me for approximately six months. It did feel good to wear them as silly as that sounds.

  5. You need to buy some ‘sticky’ rice. It’s white and sweet. It’s what they use for sushi. Really really yummy!

  6. @Muzwah – I love sticky rice!  I didn’t realize it was a type of rice, I thought it was a cooking method . I will research!

  7. I’ve heard that rice is the best!Tell me how you don’t eat – lose organs and gain 12 pounds….grrrrYou sound better today.I love jeans and flip flops and I love my levis πŸ™‚

  8. coconut milk and cinnamon!!! best idea ever I am giving that a go! Glad you are back in your levi’s, can’t believe it would take so long.

  9. You make me miss mine.  You are right about the length…  I think that’s  why I loved my Levis so much!  I love rice.  I will dump anything in it.  Love love love to put all my left over veggies in it especially. 

  10. rice with soy sauce – boring, but i can eat it everyday

  11. @Ninasusan – I feel better today too. Oh, I guess that was yesterday. Today I feel even better! YAY!!

  12. @isitreal_no – Hot or cold!

  13. @Emme402 – @travelerblue –  I never use to be a big rice person, but I am discovering it is almost perfect. Braggs is good on it too! Mostly just like Soy sauce!

  14. Not sure if you eat eggs or not, but I will cook my rice (set it aside), then saute onions and garlic then throw in a couple of eggs to scramble with the sautee.  Once the eggs are cooked, I put the rice in and steam it for just a bit.  (I will sometimes add a little powdered ginger) Add the soy sauce and let it steam a bit more.  So yummy!

  15. Nothing happier than an excellent pair of jeans fitting again!   Rice is definitely a super food.  Glad you found at least something that sits and stays in your belly while you continue to heal. 

  16. Use “real” rice and not the processed instant ones that have all the nutrients removed.

  17. I think that brown rices tend to have stronger smells, don’t they? I LOVE regular brown rice! I enjoy basmati & jasmine rices, I don’t find they are too strongly scented, but then again I am not sensitive to the smells as you are. I don’t know if this would make a difference to you, but I just discovered yesterday that although they say to rinse or soak the rice before cooking it, it is FAR better if it isn’t rinsed. It’s got more structure to it, not mushy.I also don’t know if this helps you, but I find that brown rices go rancid easily… I’m wondering if the one you tried was going bad? It sucks to have to restrict what foods you can and can’t eat, but it’s GREAT to fit into your favourite jeans — congrats on that!

  18. @CanadianE – Thank you. I think it really is that I am sensitive to the smells. I think my rice is exactly what basmati rice is supposed to smell like, I just don’t like it. I bought some sushi grade rice and I think that will be perfect! I like the sticky rice.

  19. The pandanus flavouring in rice (and other things) is very common in Bali. There are lots of recipes that adapt well to vegan/vegetarian from there. This is one I use. Make a sauce from some peanut butter, soy sauce, brown sugar, garlic and fresh ginger (must be fresh, dried is hot not aromatic). Add hot pepper sauce to taste. Add water and stir until it is a smooth sauce of a consistency you like.Boil, steam or stir fry spinach, bean sprouts and anything else you fancy. Dry fry, or coat with panko to make them crispy, slices of tempeh.  Dry fry those slices and little cubes of tofu.  I rarely can buy tempeh on the island so it’s usually just tofu for me. Slices of tempeh on one side of the plate, everything else mixed, pour over peanut sauce.  It’s really nice. Peanut sauce and pandanus flavouring really complement each other. Also coconut cream and pandanus are very good together, need a touch of something acid with that though (lemon?)

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