Saturday Morning

Slept really badly last night, woke up at 1:30 and then every 20 minutes or so, but feel pretty good right now! 🙂 I’m sure I’ll crash this afternoon. I should have gotten my behind on my bike this morning but i choose instead to wander aimlessly around my house. Going to yoga at 8:30 am assuming my innards stay in place. 🙂 I ate things I shouldn’t have yesterday so I’ve a feeling I’ll be paying for that today. s’okay, good cause & effect reminder.


This weekend I have to;

  • Clean a little
  • collect all my purses and take a picture, then take them all to my sisters house to see if anyone wants any then donate or sell
  • Go to Costco for dog food
  • Laundry
  • Cook up a big batch of sushi grade rice (yay!)
  • Ponder packing decisions for our trip next week
  • Do a little work
  • go online and see if I can schedule a manicure. I haven’t had a manicure since I was 19 and I would like one of those shellac ones to protect my nails while they grow. I think we’re through the irradiated & chemo’s part and healthy nail may be growing.

I think I can manage to fit all that in forty-eight hours. 

Uh-oh…already sleepy again. Time to eat some cultured coconut milk (aka yogurt) then clean up for yoga.

See ya!

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  1. I still need to start yoga.  gah.  thank you for reminding me.I need my nails done, too.  it’s been longer for me.  ah haha.I’ve been awake all night.  I’d like to sleep soon.where are you going on your trip??have a wonderful 48 hours!

  2. @plantinthewindow – I’ve been meaning to tell you that you’re nails are looking like they could use a good red shellac. 🙂 And yoga scrapped. Shouldn’t given in to the temptations of a veggie dog yesterday. We are going to spend the week in Flagstaff Arizona and explore everything within driving distance.  Nap now.

  3. Allie about hit the ceiling when I told her about the purses, I didn’t realize her smile could stretch that wide. Told her I had first dibs 🙂

  4. @irishis63 – That’s funny!

  5. Beware the type of shellack. That stuff absorbs into you thru you nails so choose something low on the toxic side. Flagstaff is a very casual athletic place with cool temps and the surrounding areas get hotish. Layers are good. 🙂

  6. Good idea ref the purses…we seem to be a family of psycho purse collectors too.  I sold a bunch on ebay a while back and got an average of $10 for each.I”m looking forward to your trip…I’m glad you don’t live really close to me because that might come off as an unfriendly statement.I”ve been getting gel manicures since October.  I will say that they are a little rough on the nails when the gel comes have to soak in acetone to get it off – kind of like fake nails..unless you have the Nina/Jenny habit of finding one little flaw and picking it off after a week…it comes off in big chunks sometimes..kind of fun – like a good sunburn peel.  But true to the hype…it does stay on forever..the only reason you really need to remove it is because your nails grow out..but the tips always look good!  My only issue has been when it has been put on too thick…the great thing is – the ultra violet light which dries them immediately – a quick swab with alcohol and you don’t have to think about them anymore except when you glance at them while you are driving away as they are wrapped around the steering wheel and you will be in shock as to how good they look :)I hope your day is good!!!

  7. I’m sorry you had such a bad night last night. I hope you were able to get a good nap in today. I love manis and pedis but I don’t go. It has been a long time. I hope you can get a nice mani. I enjoyed the purse post. You have much more interesting purses than I do. I hope your guts are better today. I feel bad for your guts.Have a good one!!!

  8. @skanickadee – You know, it really wasn’t so bad.  I don’t mind not sleeping well so much when I don’t have to go work. So I just enjoyed my alone time laying there. 😉 And I really don’t feel to bad either! Just a little nudge to remind me to stick to certain foods. 

  9. @tracy – Glad it wasn’t too bad. You seem to know how to turn any circumstance into a plus.

  10. Hope you have a good time on your trip. Hope you have tons of photos of the trip…

  11. Wandering aimlessly is good too.  No shoulds     Hope you get all your things accomplished.  Nothing like being able to cross stuff off your list.  Hope you’re stomach gets to feeling better soon!

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