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Let’s get physical…

I had a long post about my particular epiphanies on weight loss, exercise and feeling good but I deleted it and will type out the short version.

Do what you have to do to make yourself feel better. Try everything, over and over and over again until something sticks. I’m not talking about starving yourself so you can fit the televisions image of what you should be. I’m talking about walking out of your house and feeling good in your skin. Feel healthy and happy, you are so worth it. Here are my ending tips:

  • Sweat makes your pores open and get clean you’ll be amazed how soft your skin will get!
  • Don’t eat fat.
  • You don’t have to feel full and bloated, stop before that point
  • Don’t care if people see you exercising, chances are, they don’t care either.
  • Stop looking for short-cuts, life rarely works that way; you get what you work for. (That ones good for everything, work, family, money)
  • Stop thinking that it was somehow easier for other people who are successful at what they tried. It isn’t. It’s EXACTLY as hard for them. (also a good one for everything, work, family, money.)


Last night my husband said “thank you for not dying” and I said “I’ll try to keep doing that for as long as possible”. I do not know where the finish line is anymore.I am not going to waste any days eating food that makes me sick or being so out of shape that I can’t enjoy a vacation.



Shameless plug for a nice cause first!

You can help in two ways! Donate to show your support and help spread the word by inviting your friends. — Katy Murray


(Just Click on the pretty puppy to give The Toledo Humane Society Money $5.00 seems like the perfect amount, doesn’t it?


                                                                                             –Katy Murrays Mom)



This is my lovely neighbor Robin;

Robin is the wonderful woman who popped up on my Facebook when she heard about my cancer diagnosis. She had recently finished treatment for breast cancer. She had a very very very rough time of it! As you can see by the picture she is a woman after my own heart. A glass of wine and a nice vacation atmosphere are really all I need to know about a person to know they are pretty fantastic.

Robin unfortunately is also dealing with something called Meningioma. In her case it’s pressing on her optic nerves. (I think I have that right!). Robin and I went to the same elementary and high school, though I did not know her until this year.  I am ..ahem..a little…older than Robin. Wait…let me go back and add another very into my sentence up there. She really hit the jackpot on things that could go wrong during cancer treatment so she deserves another adverb. (Did you just go look to see if another very popped in while you were reading?)

That is part one of my story.

Part two.

Back in July in what shall be called “the very bad week” (Cancer diagnosis, hearing aid recommended, oldest dog died) I went to the Ear Nose and Throat doctor and they determined that my hearing loss was progressive and that I should get a hearing aid. They also suggested that I should get a diagnostic test performed called a BAER test. Basically it’s a test that puts electrodes on your ear and makes clicks and then uses electrodes on your brain to see if you are receiving the click signal. I was very busy after that week and instead went ahead and got myself some surgery and chemo & radiation. I got a card in the mail a couple of weeks ago letting me know I was due for another hearing test. My husband and I both think my hearing has probably degraded more, but, eh..we’ll see. Maybe I’m just tired of listening to people. 🙂  So, I remembered about the BAER test and called to schedule it.  I also went online to see what the test actually was. The interesting thing to me was that the BAER test is mainly used to diagnose Acoustic Neuroma.  A tumor pressing on your auditory nerve. When I read what that is it made me thing of Robin and her pretty eyes, so….

Part three where our story all comes together!

Yesterday I sent Robin a message telling her what I had learned about my hearing and this test and she pointed me to the information regarding Meningioma (see we came full circle) it is amazingly spot-on for some of the issues I have had in the last 10 years including random acts of dizziness. Very glad I finally scheduled the test so we can rule that out! Wouldn’t it be a very odd coincidence if we grew up so close together for so many years and had the same issues at approximately the same age? One wonders what was in the milk at our elementary school.


And on another note.  Thank you for nice comments on my semi-monthly feeling like a loser post. I just feel so self-absorbed all the time. Most of the time I don’t care about it on my blog. My blog is for my stuff, right? What am I going to do talk about everyone else? While that could be a fun blog it’s not really my style.  I’ll try to keep my feeling sorry for myself to a minimum. 🙂



blahpetty blahpetty blahpetty

I am tired of writing on Xanga. I’m not tired of Xanga, and I love my little my xanga family. But, all I really want to talk about right now is exercise, cancer and food.  And we all know that I’ve beat those particular subjects to death.

I have a round of Dr’s appointments in May, I think I may see almost every Doctor I see regularly! That’s a lot of Dr’s. Mostly it’s all check ups and check ins but still a little unnerving. My pants keep getting longer. 🙂 I really am working hard on it. Switched from Fitness 19 to the YMCA today. Oh My goodness doesn’t the change in elliptical machines make a difference. Didn’t think I was going to make it through my 30 minutes today. It was pure pride that kept me on. 

I am able to eat food again, there are still things strictly off limits. No raw vegetables, no milk, and I have to really stick with small small portions. That’s a big trigger.

That is all. You are all caught up.

Good Night.

If anyone needs a new tablet

This showed up in my email today:

That’s a really nice deal. It’s not a great tablet, but if you’re fairly technical it could be very nice.  Amazon has the exact same thing on sale for $119.00

  • List Price $199.99
  • Savings $140.00 (71%)
  • Price: $59.99

But It Now!

This deal ends in: 08:28:44




Product Info

Use the Sylvania Mini Tablet with its 7″ high resolution TFT (800×400) touchscreen to read an e-book or watch video clips while waiting in the long line at the store. Browse the internet with the built in Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g wherever there’s Wi-Fi connectivity, or play a game from the app store while your groceries are being bagged. The 2GB internal flash storage and Micro SD expandability offer plenty of room for all your downloads.

The 2 mini-USB ports can be used to transfer pictures from a camera, or to connect to a computer. Play back video clips and music in high-def on your television with the HDMI output. Use the earphone jack to listen to your playlists while transferring the groceries into your car. The ultra-light design and 1GHz Arm processor make this a fast mini-tablet that you can take anywhere.


Condition: NEW
Packaging: Retail
Warranty: 1 Year
Manufacturer: Sylvania

Features Include:

  • 7″ high resolution TFT (800×480 pixels) touchscreen display
  • 1GHz Arm 11 processor
  • Android 2.1 OS
  • 256MB RAM internal memory
  • 2GB flash internal storage
  • Micro SD (up to 16GB) external memory
  • Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g connectivity
  • 1400mah rechargeable polymer battery
  • HDMI output
  • 2 mini-USB slots
  • Earphone jack
  • DC jack
  • Ultra-lightweight design
  • App store access
  • System updates feature for updating software

Package Includes:
Sylvania SYNET7LP 7″ Mini Tablet, AC Adapter, USB Cable, User’s Guide


IPod test

Hey…with the new Xanga mobile ap I can upload screenshots from my iPod.

I’m sure this will be thrilling for all of you. 🙂

stuff & nonsense

today I spilled a big old glass of water on my desk. Luckily I keep my yoga bag under my desk so I grabbed my yoga towel and plopped it on.

I also somehow that I can’t quite figure out; when I went into the bathroom at work as I walked in the door the door handle managed to get stuck underneath my thumb ring. My thumb ring is a nice sterling silver so it didn’t bend. Instead the weight of the door swinging shut on it’s little neumatic thing pushed my ring under my knuckle and then pulled my thumb. Yeouch! It’s really only a little swollen now and not sore at all. I thought it was going to be ugly.

I am obsessed with cookies. I want cookies. I NEED cookies. Nilla wafers or graham crackers. I’l keep typing for awhile so I don’t go eat everything in the cupboard.

Isn’t it funny how that happens? What controls those cravings? I always crave super sweet after I’ve eaten. The more I eat, the more sweet I want.

I have some chocolate coconut milk ice cream in the fridge. Maybe I’ll drizzle a little peanut butter over that. : )

OMG! My husband just walked by me with a bag of cookies! Little tiny oatmeal / chocolate chip cookies from Trader Joes in a nice little 100 calorie pack. He gave me two. I am happy now.

So I bought the Fifty shades of Grey book. It’s this erotic book that is suddenly showing up on talk shows. Last night I finally was so curious I bought it for my nook off of Google Books. So I was feeling a little weird about it and then today I found out that I accidentally used the wrong credit card for the book. That’s right…I bought PORN with my COMPANY CREDIT CARD! DOH! 

So between finger eating doors, desk drenching water, and accidental work porn I should probably go to bed now!




Day 1 of back from vacation. ;)

When we were waiting in Flagstaff airport waiting to find out if our flight would be cancelled we sat down in the little coffee place and had a bagel and coffee. A woman who just looked annoying sat down at the counter and ordered a latte. The server went to the machine to make it for her.

WomanAtCounter: Can I have that made with Whole Milk?

GirlMakingCoffee: We only have 2% and skim

WomanAtCounter: Oh.  Can you make it with half & half?

GirlMakingCoffee: We only have 2% and skim


This will probably only be funny to people who have worked in restaurants or retail.


You know, people in Toledo get very upset because dandelions show up all over the place. Can you imagine this?



When I was in Port Charlotte Florida last year I was walking on an amazing beach. The whole gang was there to watch sunset. It was beautiful and warm and very very windy. My hair was whipping around my head and smacking me in the face. I asked my nieces and they didn’t have a hair band. I asked my sister and she didn’t have one. I walked away and a few seconds later a hair band washed up on the beach in front of my sister. The ocean gave her what she had been looking for. Now whenever I see a hair band on the ground I think of my sister. 

Last night I slept from about 4:00 am to 9:00 am with a couple of wake ups. I am so very sleepy and I have one of those not enough sleep headaches.

It was a very good vacation. 


Day 7 – Two more firsts to add to my list

1. My first plane trip in First class

2. My first experience in picking up hitch-hikers

This is what it looks like when all the flights leaving Flagstaff get cancelled. When we got to the Airport and tried to return the rental car the Avis guy suggested we hold onto it because if we returned it there would be no chance of getting another car if our flight got cancelled. YAY for the Avis guy!  Our flight got cancelled an hour later. So we made nice with the Airline guy and got the last two seats on a flight out of Phoenix to Detroit this evening. These last two seats happened to be in First class. So, yay!  Then we drove to Phoenix Airport, which is where I am now. Instead of getting home at 7pm, we’ll get home at 1:30 am.

This is what the first 45 minutes of the drive looked like

The last 45 minutes looked like this.


When we were at the Flagstaff Airport we were approached by a woman. She had apparently over-heard us and asked if she and her husband could ride with us to Phoenix. We stuffed in their luggage and them, in the back of our little car and off we went!

They were very nice.

This is Doreen & Paul from Newark New Jersey. 

All in all, this was a very good vacation!

Oh, and I didn’t bring my nook this trip because I never have time to read. So, while I’m sitting in an airport for four hours, I bought an actual book!

The Bone Yard by Jefferson Bass.

Day 6 – Final site-seeing and Xanga Meet up

Today there were two adventures. Walnut Creek Canyon National Monument and dinner!


The canyon was amazing. I took 53 pictures so I just randomly clicked on pictures to share here.

And this is me & Betsy!



The two of us plus her amazingly beautiful daughter and my very tolerant husband met for dinner. It was wonderful to meet her in person. I accidentally uploaded a bad picture first so I’ll go ahead and show you that too!


We laughed about our famous purses.  A very fitting way to end our trip.

Day 5 – random photo’s

On my vacation I have;

  1. seen the Grand Canyon
  2. ridden a train
  3. seen a meteorite crater
  4. eaten at a restaurant that was on Diners,Drive-ins & Dives
  5. walked through a lava flow at a volcano
  6. seen Mars
  7. Seen a giant telescope at the observatory that discovered Pluto

And here are random pictures from Day 5


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