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today I spilled a big old glass of water on my desk. Luckily I keep my yoga bag under my desk so I grabbed my yoga towel and plopped it on.

I also somehow that I can’t quite figure out; when I went into the bathroom at work as I walked in the door the door handle managed to get stuck underneath my thumb ring. My thumb ring is a nice sterling silver so it didn’t bend. Instead the weight of the door swinging shut on it’s little neumatic thing pushed my ring under my knuckle and then pulled my thumb. Yeouch! It’s really only a little swollen now and not sore at all. I thought it was going to be ugly.

I am obsessed with cookies. I want cookies. I NEED cookies. Nilla wafers or graham crackers. I’l keep typing for awhile so I don’t go eat everything in the cupboard.

Isn’t it funny how that happens? What controls those cravings? I always crave super sweet after I’ve eaten. The more I eat, the more sweet I want.

I have some chocolate coconut milk ice cream in the fridge. Maybe I’ll drizzle a little peanut butter over that. : )

OMG! My husband just walked by me with a bag of cookies! Little tiny oatmeal / chocolate chip cookies from Trader Joes in a nice little 100 calorie pack. He gave me two. I am happy now.

So I bought the Fifty shades of Grey book. It’s this erotic book that is suddenly showing up on talk shows. Last night I finally was so curious I bought it for my nook off of Google Books. So I was feeling a little weird about it and then today I found out that I accidentally used the wrong credit card for the book. That’s right…I bought PORN with my COMPANY CREDIT CARD! DOH! 

So between finger eating doors, desk drenching water, and accidental work porn I should probably go to bed now!




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  1. I have 50 Shades of Grey and couldn’t get past the first few chapters. I crave sweets after every meal too. Someone once told me it’s because you were lacking something you had for a meal..yes I say that’s try like maybe sugar. OMG you think our family is screwed up I have met the ultimate on my newest case. I will never ever complain…(totally lying) about any member of my family.

  2. hahahaha that is the funniest thing ever!!! hopefully no-one notices or you can reverse the payment haha and good timing of your husband walking by with cookies! I loove cookies. I also get that craving for something sweet but most noticeably after lunch only! It’s wierd, I don’t have it after I eat breakfast or dinner. But lunch always! it’s really frustrating!

  3. Ouchy for your poor thumb!We (Craig and I) have that craving thing. What I find interesting is that the healthier the dinner the more we want junk for a snack. I just had a few Stella D’oro sesame bread sticks. I might have had a cookie, too. Yay for hubby’s bearing cookies!You know they are calling that book Mommy porn. Oh good grief – how closely do they look at your statements???So I wanted to buy that book for my Kindle Fire but David is using my Kindle Keyboard, and it is still linked to my account so he could see that I purchased that. Not info I want to share with him. Craig said to just buy it from Amazon but I don’t want to have the actual book lying around either.Sleep well!!!

  4. I missed out on Girl Scout Cookies this year but a good peanut butter cookie is my downfall…

  5. I have that sweets craving after a meal too.  Stwange.  OUCH!  I’ve done that getting rings caught on something random thing too.  I don’t wear them now – because I’ve suddently developed some sort of allergic reaction to metals over the past couple of years – I can still manage to randomly slam my fingers into a door or drawer though.  AHHAHAHAHAH – about the book and the credit card!  So funny!  Hope you slept it all off

  6. Hehehe(when I read now I hear it in your words)I am eating Birthday Cake Oreos as I type. Pretttyyy ahmuhazing :pXo!

  7. @Muzwah – I like that you are hearing me speak now. 🙂

  8. THAT is funny! I’ve heard about that book too but didn’t know it was porn. Thanks for the warning LOLOhhh the craving thing…I find it’s better to just give in in small amounts or I’ll think about it until I need a whole bowl of whatever it is! nice of the hubster to share! 🙂 Have a good weekend!!

  9. That’s funny about buying the book with the wrong credit card!  Maybe there is a good business book with a similar name?

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