I am tired of writing on Xanga. I’m not tired of Xanga, and I love my little my xanga family. But, all I really want to talk about right now is exercise, cancer and food.  And we all know that I’ve beat those particular subjects to death.

I have a round of Dr’s appointments in May, I think I may see almost every Doctor I see regularly! That’s a lot of Dr’s. Mostly it’s all check ups and check ins but still a little unnerving. My pants keep getting longer. 🙂 I really am working hard on it. Switched from Fitness 19 to the YMCA today. Oh My goodness doesn’t the change in elliptical machines make a difference. Didn’t think I was going to make it through my 30 minutes today. It was pure pride that kept me on. 

I am able to eat food again, there are still things strictly off limits. No raw vegetables, no milk, and I have to really stick with small small portions. That’s a big trigger.

That is all. You are all caught up.

Good Night.

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  1. You never say anything that bores me.  You are such an example of courage and the power of positive living.  You can be such a beacon of hope to any other Xangan who has to face cancer.  So if you ever are a pain in the ass some day in the future we can forgive you in a heartbeat and then laugh about it together!

  2. It doesn’t matter what you talk about…I always listen and almost always manage a smile. 🙂

  3. Your posts are great!  You travel and post pictures!  You introduce us to different foods.  You bolster us with your courage.  You renew our spirits with your enthusiasm.  And it always feels like I’ve stopped in to chat with a friend. 

  4. I agree with all the above comments. You should write about what you want to write about. I am so glad that you are able to eat again. Enjoy what you can.Good night! Sleep well!

  5. Yes exactly what everyone else said. This is your place to write about whatever is on your mind, so go for it!  I want you to know that not only are you a beacon of hope to those also confronting cancer or other illnesses, but you’re also teaching those who aren’t how to when someday the time comes. It may not be cancer, or it might, but everyone has to deal with something sooner or later. And your honesty is refreshing too, because we all know this wasn’t a piece of cake, despite your positiveness there HAS to be times when it’s just overwhelming and dealing with stuff like the food issues…well hell, I don’t know how to say it (we’ll blame that on tiredness)  you’re just so REAL and that’s rare…and like reading a book that stays with you, you’re attitude and strength thru everything will stick with everyone who reads this…An inspiration! That’s the word! That’s what you are..and REAL too, and that’s what makes it great. Plus  you’re a really good writer, and you don’t go on and on and on like I just did…and always do. ha!

  6. You’re never boring and the photos you posted are awesome. Just hoping your health continues to get better…

  7. Time to see all the doctors again. Yes, that would cause a lot of anxiety. I’m glad that you are visiting in May. Hopefully that will give you something fun to think about. I hope today is a good day for you!

  8. Just talk about whatever you want! We are not tired of hearing it!

  9. Is there an estimated time when you can eat raw vegetables? Or is this your system telling you it’s not ready? I really enjoy everything you write, and it’s your blog…you’re all that matters.

  10. @Mom_with_a_Chainsaw – From everything I’ve read, from real people dealing with it not the Medical community, seems to be that everything will be healed and settled around the two year mark. It takes an amazingly long time for your intestines to heal because you can’t stop using them. So if I can just try not to do anything to damaging they will hopefully heal faster. Last night I ate some steamed veggies and that was a mistake. My limit seems to be two bites and I went over my limit. Like all things, you have to know your limits. 🙂 Oh, and  the Geweurtz wasn’t bad!

  11. great topics great post.

  12. @RakkaRay – Thank you Ray! I am beginning to think I have a schedule of days that I feel sorry for myself. If I ever figure out what it is I will set my computer to lock down so I can’t get in on those days. 😉

  13. @wematter – Thank you.

  14. @Emme402 – Thank you. I had to stop reading my comments this morning when I got to yours because I was on my bike and you were so sweet I stopped pedaling to read. 

  15. @strawberryfieldsgirl – Tami, you are so cool. You always make me smile and you are as you put it “Real”.  No bullshit with you, I like that.

  16. @Zoz36 – Thanks!  ME TOO! 

  17. @Muzwah – Yup, after a good nights sleep, I will. .:)

  18. But that’s the why part of xanga. The things you want to talk about are why you come to xanga. Or maybe that just me.

  19. @debbykp – you are as always, right.

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