Let’s get physical…

I had a long post about my particular epiphanies on weight loss, exercise and feeling good but I deleted it and will type out the short version.

Do what you have to do to make yourself feel better. Try everything, over and over and over again until something sticks. I’m not talking about starving yourself so you can fit the televisions image of what you should be. I’m talking about walking out of your house and feeling good in your skin. Feel healthy and happy, you are so worth it. Here are my ending tips:

  • Sweat makes your pores open and get clean you’ll be amazed how soft your skin will get!
  • Don’t eat fat.
  • You don’t have to feel full and bloated, stop before that point
  • Don’t care if people see you exercising, chances are, they don’t care either.
  • Stop looking for short-cuts, life rarely works that way; you get what you work for. (That ones good for everything, work, family, money)
  • Stop thinking that it was somehow easier for other people who are successful at what they tried. It isn’t. It’s EXACTLY as hard for them. (also a good one for everything, work, family, money.)


Last night my husband said “thank you for not dying” and I said “I’ll try to keep doing that for as long as possible”. I do not know where the finish line is anymore.I am not going to waste any days eating food that makes me sick or being so out of shape that I can’t enjoy a vacation.



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  1. Great post- I’m so glad you are focused on health and eating right. I’ve seen women who get sick but refuse to eat well and they only get sicker in the end. I believe nutrition is the starting point for good health. Exercise is a no brainer as well!And you’re right- you have to find what works for YOU! After years of working out I am back to a program that got me in amazing shape in my 20s and now at almost 36, it’s working again! I love when that happens!I wish you an amazing, beautiful day filled with love and compassion.~Karma

  2. Great advice! 

  3. @karmalife – Thank you K.L. You have to stay strong.

  4. @X_naomi_X – I would give you a red heart back if I knew how.  How about we stick with a cone butt and hope it magically turns into a heart? ❤

  5. haha.. i can tell you how It is: { v } but without the spaces in between.  Have a great weekend!

  6. Someone recently shared with me that being hungry is not an emergency. Ha ha – I think has been my problem because my whole life, I have been responding to hunger as if it is an emergency. I second what your hubby said.

  7. Excellent advice and something I should start doing.  Let me attempt the red heart for you.

  8. Great post sweetheart I want to thank you for living also I so enjoy your friendship

  9. @skanickadee – Thank you sweet MB.  I love that sentence. It’s funny what resonates in our head. You never know what’s going to touch you just right. and for you my newly learned skill

  10. @TheEmeraldPixie – LOL So many hearts now!  It’s pretty isn’t it? 

  11. @SisterMae – Thank you Mae. We have just enough in common to make us friends and just enough differences to make it interesting!

  12. @X_naomi_X –   look what you started!

  13. Would you mind if I copied this post and put it into a private post on my site sort of as a reminder???

  14. @skanickadee – I would be incredibly flattered.

  15. @tracy – Hey girl you are a good egg and I enjoy you I enjoyed the pictures from your vacation looks like loads of fun

  16. @tracy – Thanks! It really spoke to me.

  17. I’m with you, Tracy!  I’m filling my body with good quality food, and lots of anti-oxidants.

  18. Fantastic post! I love your husbands comment to you. and your response. and your attitude! Thanks for hanging around!

  19. I tried everything but it doesnt work for me. So i stop doing that excpt the way i am.

  20. Great post, particularly the last line…it’s causing me to do some deep thinking and a touch of much needed soul-searching.

  21. @LindaC61 – Thank you and Good Luck! 

  22. Do what’s best for you And don’t be afraid of blogging about food and cancer and exercise if that’s what’s on your mind. We’ll keep reading and love you for it.

  23. @BoureeMusique – Thank you young lady, I did. 🙂 I just had a bad moment here and had to get all whiney for a few moments. All Better and back to doing what I want.

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