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Day 4 – Part 1

We’re hoping to go to Lowell Observatory tonight so I thought I would just throw this quick pic up for Day 4. 

We also went to Meteor Crater which was fascinating!

Day 3…Yup..still tired. :)

It’s 20:30 Ohio time so we are winding down. Sadly it’s only 17:30 here! We didn’t go to Winslow today, hopefully tomorrow.

I decided to just upload the pics from my cell phone for Xanga so if you’re on my facebook, sorry most of these will be repeats.

It was a good day.


Hotel seating area.





This was for Steven at work because his wifes name is Riordan, hmmm or is it Rhiordan?


Had to buy a turquoise ring, right?

This was for my daughter. 🙂 World of jerky.


We stopped at a little roadside place and they had a bunch or organic & Vegan food!  It was pretty cool. They had a beautiful garden in the back to eat in. Those pictures must be on my camera. they also had a beautiful bakery case. 


This was me very very early this morning hanging out on the couch, but I can’t remember why I took it.

Tooo Tired!

a Three hour time difference is really very large. I went to bed at 8:30 pm last night, ohio time. Which means I got up at 4:00 am Flagstaff time!  it’s 10:25 pm Ohio time and we just finished dinner. I ‘m going to type up real quick then open a big bottle of wine and be asleep by 9:00 pm Flagstaff time.

It was a good day. I had a list of things I wanted to remember but…

I do remember.

Alpacas in the hotel parking lot this morning. That was startling!

I have my first mooning experience.

Grand Canyon Park was wonderful and the weather was spectacular!  But if you get off the train and go up the stairs whatever you do don’t go the wrong way looking for the hotel that is a half a mile away.  Half the time walking at the Grand Canyon is wonderful because you are going downhill.

Tomorrow, Sedona and such, and then Wednesday Thursday Friday are yet to be scheduled. 


Just a few of the 110 pictures I now have.

Train robbers!

I totally stole this picture.


My hand on a rock that is 1745 million years old. that’s cool.



cool Tree






My laptop is dwarfed by Coreys.



Day 1 Flagstaff

The limited amount of Flagstaff I’ve seen so far is just lovely. 

Nothing exciting happened so far. No airport crisis. Though the flight in the tiny plane from Phoenix to here was very very bumpy! It would have also been beautiful but my window was all steamed.

You know when you check a bag and carry on a bag you always make sure you put the things that you MUST have or can’t replace into your carry-on?  I put my levis in my carry-on. 🙂



This three hour time difference is tricky!I’m hoping to do the train tomorrow so hopefully much better pictures. 

We will see!



I love it when this picture rotates through on the desktop screensaver.


This is the hallway at my office building.  It is a pretty long & fairly narrow hallway.  I am standing out side of my office door and looking towards the elevators as I take this picture. Next to the elevators are the bathrooms and just around the corner is the communal kitchen.


Every time I go down this hallway, which these days I do a lot, there is someone else coming from the other direction.  It’s such a long hallway that you are staring at the other person for a good long time usually. It’s uncomfortable. You can smile, you can even say good morning..then what?  Where do you look?

This afternoon for lunch I am going to Costco to pick up Muscle Milk to try. It would be handy to have on vacation. I have also ordered small amounts of two other supplements to try. I do not think they will get here before vacation.  I had a great day yesterday and felt really good almost all day until I ate a small peanut butter sandwich. Just peanut butter and on Udi gluten free bread. I’ve had it before with no problem but I think one slice of bread is my limit. So, uncomfortable but not horrible night, and fairly unpleasant morning! This is my list of foods I know I can eat safely in reasonable amounts, Rice, white potatoes (baked, boiled, or mashed) sweet potato (ditto) Udi bread, very small amounts of peanut butter, rice noodles, coconut milk yogurt. I throw various types of sauces on top of my potatoes & rices & noodles so for now this is a good list! If the muscle milk is tolerated that would be a very good thing!


Have I told you about my fears about this whole irradiated intestinal saga? My only real fear is that I’m causing myself long term emotional damage. As someone who has had a few years of struggling with food & trying to keep my weight under control I am worried that this will cause me to develop some sort of eating disorder. I look at food differently now. Sometimes I look at it in fear. I think about eating and I get nauseated. I worry that if this goes on too long that may be a permanent thing. Then I also worry that I’m enjoying this too much. It’s like the easy way to lose weight ever. if you get sick when you eat foods that make you gain weight, believe me you will not eat them for long! So, now I’m losing weight. I’m getting close to where I have been struggling to get to for years.  What if it stops? What if my brain starts saying, remember the good old days when you couldn’t eat and you lost all that weight? Will I eat something that I know will start the cycle all over again for awhile?  Like a nice big salad filled with croutons & bread and maybe a nice cup of cheese?  Just things I think about.



Yes, it’s Wednesday.

I dislike phone companies. Really, I dislike them a lot. I especially dislike the phone company I use at work. Over the years I’ve had bizarre and horrible things happen with them. Unfortunately they are approximately 50% cheaper than their nearest competitor and since we’re talking about $700 bills a month, that’s a big difference and makes it worth the annoyance factor.

One of my co-workers in another office is getting quotes on a phone system and I sent them over a quote I had from my current phone vendor. The quote was done about six months ago and I haven’t done anything with it, but it’s a good price. So my coworker likes what he sees and contacts the sales person who sent me this official quote to see if he can do another one for the other office as well and maybe we’ll get something going.  The sales person gets on the phone with my coworker and says “well, to be honest I don’t normally do those so for that one I mostly just made up the numbers, it’s probably really wrong”.  Good thing I didn’t sign on the dotted line!!


My beagle woke me up at 2:30 am by shaking her head. Beagles have big ears so when they shake their head vigorously it’s loud. She then started doing this repeatedly for the next three hours! I don’t know if she has an ear infection or a bug crawled in her ear, or just stuffy allergies but oh my goodness didn’t she keep us awake. My husband put some zymox in her ears and I gave her a benadryl so hopefully she’s feeling better. I felt really bad for her.  Our big dog Mili (great dane/black lab) has really sensitive ears and gets infections a lot. Zymox is wonderful for them. Mili has to take allergy pills quite frequently. Dog food can frequently cause ear problems and we just bought a different flavor, not brand, of food so I’m wondering if Jesse the beagle is having problems with it.


I would like to point out that I managed to get up to 1000 calories yesterday and still feel pretty good today! Now I just have to not do anything stupid again for a couple of days and let things heal back up.

If anyone still wants to go to lunch with me next week, where I will drink tepid water and eat mashed potatoes or rice, I was thinking Tuesday or Wednesday would probably be good?




Tattoo talk

I really really want to get another tattoo but it doesn’t seem to be working out. It’s one of those things that I’m just letting happen as it happens. Does that sound weird?

Anyway, recently I saw a tattoo done in white ink so I’m glad I didn’t already have mine done.

This is a white ink tattoo.



I’ve been working on the design


Excuse the messiness, I’ve been playing with it on my computer and it’s not really where my talent lies!


I think I like the no green outline, though it wouldn’t’ look like this! It would be a gradual fade towards the center. 






What if

on the first day of every month you made a change that would positively impact you or someone else and then stuck with it for the rest of your life?

I’ve been reading & watching tons of things about food and how what we put in our body affects our health. I think today I decided to never again buy anything with an artificial sweetener in it. No big sweeping changes, not going to run through the house throwing things out, but from now on I will not purchase anything with artificial sweeteners. As I run out of things I’ll just make more of an effort to seek out things that make me feel better about what I’m doing to myself.

Just a little more control.



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