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Blog #2

I am most of the time a pretty decent person. I truly enjoy seeing people happy and it hurts me when I see people, even strangers, unhappy. I will say however that I am one of those people whose bark is far worse than her bite. I think when pushed I have the ability with words to cut someone to shreds. It’s because I’m observant. I note what areas on people are sensitive, and then most of the time do my best to never poke at that area, because as I said I am nice. I also made a promise to myself to never every blog publicly about something that made me angry without marking it private for 24 hours.

So maybe we’ll finish that conversation in a day or so.

Revenge – I think one of things that you learn as you get older is that revenge is really not a grown up decent person thing.  So for instance take me, if you make me mad perhaps my first inclination is to reach out and grab you by the throat and since I can’t perhaps my second instinct is to take all those little things I know about you and do the exact thing that will hurt you. But I don’t. Because as I get older I realize that while I may have a flash of feeling a little happy squee inside at your pain I know in a few short days  I will regret it. No matter how petty or self absorbed someone is they still deserve to get whatever happiness they can find and it will only diminish me if take that away from them.

One of the other things that you learn as you get older is that someone being nice to you may just be politeness, not that they really like you. I am very polite.

Post #1 – (one more edit) Edit for the addition of more profanity

I have approximately three posts that I would like to do, and as soon as I have the time I will. If I remember what they are.

Here is #1


My office email got stuck in a virus loop and we’re getting hundreds of emails from some poor guy who has also sent out an email saying I’m sorry I have a virus trying to make it stop. I think he made it stop, and I totally understand. It’s so easy to get a virus (not that I ever have, knock on Norton). What is not so forgivable is some of the responses from people;


Subject: Re: This is my New Email ID






Luckily they include their business name and phone number. Should you ever be considering doing business with them please keep in mind that this is their response to a mistake that is causing them annoyance.


Let’s not leave out the people who prefer to send all comments anonymously:

Subject: Re: This is my New Email ID

You are in cyber crime net
Sent from my BlackBerry® smartphone from Oman Mobile!

Subject: Re: This is my New Email ID

Bloody Bustard
Sent from my BlackBerry® smartphone from Omantel.
Subject: Re: This is my New Email ID

Fuck your mother
Sent from my BlackBerry® smartphone from Oman Mobile!

Subject: Re: This is my New Email ID

You son of biytch or bitch face straight if you can do you shit if youvare born for your father let me know who you are
Sent from my BlackBerry® smartphone from Oman Mobile!


 Edit Number 2


 A late entrant to the I AM a horrible person game:


On Behalf Of Christopher Jurkowitsch []
Subject: Re: This is my New Email ID

Stop sending me this shit or I’m going to come and murder your whole family

Sent from my iPhone


Seriously, what is the matter with people???

It’s a dogs world.

My daughter is an animal lover. She actually quit a job as a sales manager at a computer store to start over as support manager at a PetSmart so she could in some way be working with animals. She also volunteers at our local humane society. She is very active on a Dog Forum and had a gathering yesterday at a metro park and invited all of the forum members to come and bring their dogs. Too much fun for me to pass up! She let me come and pet the dogs!  I took 70 pictures in 30 minutes! I wanted to take most of the dogs home with me. 

So here are my randomly selected pictures because I couldn’t decide what to post!

This is Baskys pool and the other dogs so rudely decided to play in it! That is my son in the background. He loves dogs but he mainly went in hopes of a hamburger.


Once they were all allowed to run free my daughters boyfriend started tossing the squeaky tennis ball. Glorious madness ensued!



Luke was bashful and beautiful. Luke is the dog.


I actually remember all of the dogs names, but not the peoples!


My daughter on the far left.

Beautiful, no? But kind of a bully!



This is my Barsky, my daughters dog.




He spent a lot of time in the pool!


This is the facebook link if you want to see all of them. 🙂  

STOP!  Do NOT click on this link until you read this.


Someone in the last couple of months asked me again about the picture that I have of the parts of me that they took out during surgery. I just ran across it on google, but I do not remember who is was but this is the link for it:

Please do not click on it if you are grossed out by things like this. It really is a picture of the my innards laid out on a table.


On 2nd thought I WILL add a title!

My husband called me this morning to ask me what my mileage is at on my Tuscon. How lovely that I happened to have posted a picture of my odometer on Monday!

I really love my Tuscon. My very first car was a Mercury Capri. I can’t remember what year it was, maybe a 76? 78? It was before the squared off the top. I really liked that car except it would pretty frequently stop running and cost me money that I did not have. I also loved my Saturn Coupe, 2000 I think. Boy that thing was a big old piece of nothing. It was broken more than it ran, but it was cute. I also fell in my love with my Red Blazer. It was really really old and a horrible car but dang it was fun to drive! Now that I’m an adult I appreciate the comfort and stability of my Tuscon. Mostly I appreciate the fact that the drivers seat goes UP really high so I can see over the hood and that is has a really nice satellite radio. 🙂


Todays pictures are all brought to you by my iPod. 


This is my game screen. I play a lot of games.




Speaking of games. I have had the worst run on my Words with Friends games! All of my boards are filled with all vowels or all consonants. Or they look like this. I have another game where I possess every single ‘i”.




COME ON!  Tommy Chong is 74??? How can that be?

Tomorrows blog…

I had something I wanted to talk about. It was deep. It was insightful. It is gone. Can’t remember at all. 

Is it wrong to complain about people who complain too much?

I keep being put in situations where I am listening to people talk and my mind wanders. I dislike it when people talk AT me instead of to me. If you don’t have a conversation that requires me to respond at least every three sentences then don’t expect me to pay close attention.

It’s funny how we get use to the way things are done and how people behave. You get immune to the rudeness to the point that you are surprised by the kindness.

You know what else is funny? My usage of the word USE in the sentence above. I have never really thought the definition fit the usage.


 Do you ever feel invisible? We joke about it sometimes in stores. People who just walk front of you and it’s as if you aren’t even in the same plane as them. Sometimes though I feel invisible. I know that people are there but they never really see ME. They just see the motions I am making for my role that day.


 I picked up some Apple Banana fruit sauce from Trader Joes over the weekend and every morning that I had one I didn’t get sick that day. Coincidence or is that really the cure for everything?



Back, and stuff

Uneventful drive home from Chicago yesterday. That’s always a good thing!


I gave my son a mini-bundt cake and he gave me these;


I am eating them right now.  Very tasty.


When I was driving to work this morning I looked in my back seat and the thought flickered through my mind that just two days ago I had Nina & Mary Beth back there!


Then I looked at my mileage and realized that 1/6 of my cars miles were put on for a trip to Chicago.


My car now has memories attached to it. 🙂 I think that’s kind of cool.

Of course I also have the souvenier of a gazillion dead bugs all over the hood and side view mirrors. I did not take a picture of that.

Back to work today. Glad for email on cell phones so I kept mostly caught up. Massage today which will help knock out some of those knots you get from sleeping in an unfamiliar bead and driving.



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