Tattoo Tuesday

I have been hunting for a dress.  I ended up with this one:

It’s Navy & Red, but very dark Navy. I really wanted the dress hanging on the wall!  I loved the colors and the pattern but something about the cut was quite unflattering on me.


This is a tattoo stencil. It’s put on first so that the tattoo’ist isn’t doing it completely freehand.


This is the said same tattoo’ist, aka Brian, tattoo’ing with water along the stencil lines. Yup, the first time he went over it with no ink. Because I wanted white outlines with no black ink anywhere he did this to create a “blood line” so that even if the stencil is rubbed away while he’s working he has the original lines.


That is NOT red ink.

Because the colors are so light it looks really bad! Every bit of red in my skin shows through. Hopefully in a couple of days it will look a whole lot better. Right now it looks like someone used puff paint on me, and my white looks pink, and my light green looks brown and orange. I am a little startled at myself. It’s a big step to get a mostly out in the open never hidden tattoo.  Well, except on sweater days in the winter. πŸ™‚






Comments on: "Tattoo Tuesday" (0)

  1. I think it will look cool when it heals up take another picture then ok

  2. ps the dress is really neat too

  3. I llove it. 

  4. So cool for a tat

  5. It is A W E S O M E!  Give it a week to 10 days, then it’ll un-puff and be done healing up.  Soooo cool

  6. The dress is really cute. Don’t you hate when you love a dress and it just doesn’t look right?OUCH! It looks like it hurt a lot. I think it looks cool and I hope you are happy with it.

  7. That is a very awesome tattoo! 

  8. Well if that red isn’t ink it looks as though it would have been painful having to go through it twice!  I have never had a tat.  Thought about it.  DH says he would divorce me if I did.  lol  I know he wouldn’t!  I think it looks awesome!  I can’t wait to see it in a week or so.  The dress looks nice!  I hate shopping for dresses.  They look good………… until I put them on.

  9. Funny, I’m not startled at you at all…I think this looks like you. It’s very very cool. That must’ve hurt like mad right there, the skin isn’t all that thick there. Looks good, can’t wait to see it again when it’s healed a little bit.

  10. You did it… the tatoo, I thought it would be a tiny one placed where the sun don’t shine…You Rebel! πŸ˜€

  11. I like it! It’s pretty big and out in the open but hey, why not?! πŸ˜€

  12. Inlooovvveeee iitttttttt!

  13. Congrats #4 on top blogs!

  14. nice tat!I kinda like the dress.

  15. Okay…I like the dress and I think it is very flattering…I wish I could wear a dress like that but my huge pouch makes that style very unflattering.I’m lovin’ the tat…can’t wait to see it healed.  I wish I would have gotten the white paint on my paw print tat…so was this one more or less painful than the others because of the location?  Did tracings hurt the same?  I wonder if it hurt more than the one on my left chest?

  16. @Ninasusan – This one was a whole lot LESS painful!  And the healing time was really quick. You could add white paw prints!!

  17. I love the sentiment of the tattoo πŸ™‚

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