A personal pet peeve is when a question is posted on a blog or a facebook that can easily be answered by typing it into Google. I guess it really only annoys me when it’s an obvious attempt to get comments, a straightforward question from someone who just didn’t think to google it because it’s not their habit, is not the same thing.


Cancer Complaint #921 (probably more like 780-a because I’m sure I’ve complained about this before)

It totally freaks me out when I’m tired. Everyone knows that the number one symptom of cancer is fatigue and in the months before I was diagnosed I was exhausted. I could not stay awake if we drove for more than 15 minutes and I was always saying to myself I’ll just close my eyes for a few minutes. This week I am TIRED! I have not been sleeping well so it’s not exactly shocking that I would be tired, and it’s prime spring allergy season, but yesterday at 4:00 pm I just could not keep my eyes open, at all. And then this morning after my alarm went off I fell back asleep!! I missed my morning biking because I fell asleep! My very first thought was OMG! It’s back! Pisses me off something fierce that I think that way now.


I am going to go see The Avengers movie this weekend. Yay! If you want to read a very detailed review please go here: ZOZ36  Excellent write up.


This week has been a weird week. I haven’t felt myself all week, and my husband has been a little testy all week. Even the dog was sick this week!  I must assume it’s a seasonal allergy thing for both of us. I’m also feeling a little stressed out about all the upcoming appointments (just a little, not a lot) and that’s not helping my mood or concentration. I cancelled my Oncologist appointment this week. That was kind of a big deal for me. It’s a follow up appointment that somehow fell of my visible calendar so I didn’t realize I had it until last Friday. I have another followup appointment with the Radiology Oncologists in a week and it will be the exact same exam and questions. I would really like to switch oncologists now so I decided to cancel this appointment and talk to the Radiation oncologists and just get their opinion about a few things before I reschedule with the regular oncologist.  Maybe I’ll also pick up some Claritin this week and see if that helps my muddled mind.






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  1. I have been tired too this week I think it is allergies Jeff has been testy too LOL I think it is his age

  2. @SisterMae – Time to send the men-folk away for a couple of weeks until everyone cheers up!  It’s for their own safety you know.

  3. @tracy – You are such a hoot I am still laughing and Chocolate is looking at me like I have lost my mind

  4. When I was waiting for my followup mammo several weeks ago, I over heard two of the women there talking about that same thing – that mindset when something is a little whacked out, the fear that IT is back. I thought of you then and hoped that wouldn’t be a common occurrence for you. I am sorry you are going through that now. Just a thought – don’t you have a bad thyroid? Could it be related to that?Erik is going to see the Avengers today. I almost feel like going to see it and I never want to see movies in the theater. I wish I could send the hematologist/oncologist I saw to you. I loved that man. I hope you can find someone that you like better. I am sorry you are so stressed out right now. I hope you feel more like yourself very soon!

  5. Have fun at the movies. 🙂 Allergies have been pretty bad for me too.

  6. Well thanks for shout out… Hope you feel better soon and hope the stress levels ease up on you soon…

  7. I remember every time I got that dragged-out dog-tired feeling I thought mine was back also.  I also remember thinking every abdominal twinge (sp?) was the tumor returning.  It got so bad that for a while I even convinced myself my stomach wasn’t growling, it was another organ screaming in protest as it was attacked by cancer cells.  My doctor was incredible and always reminded me the hardest part of the healing process what not listening to what your mind was telling you but only to what your body was saying.  It took me a while to figure that one out.

  8. Hope you’re feeling better soon!  

  9. Had to come back and comment on the first part.  How about someone asking on FB who the authors are on the main screen of their Nook because they were tired of trying to figure them out.  When no one answered said “I guess you are all stupid f*cks.”  I responded that only a stupid f*** would ask that when the authors names were written right on the corner of the screen.

  10. @TheEmeraldPixie – LOL!! That’s funny.  I thought for a minute you were going to talk about my facebook! I literally an hour ago posted asking for book recommendations!

  11. Here allergies are flaring (not for me but for everyone around me) as my part of Texas makes the switch from spring to summer. The temperatures have moved from mostly 80s with some 70s to consistently reaching 90 degrees. It’ll be another nasty summer. I’m just glad I’m not paying for my own utilities this year I think I live on a kind of climate border so a lot of people here are sensitive to the various trees and pollens that go wild this time of year. Can’t complain too much, though. Happy days. 

  12. I google EVERYTHING. I google too much. Sometimes I find myself thinking hey I’ll google it when I can’t think of some dumb thing like the name of my 1st grade teacher or some such thing that…oh yeah, I can’t google that ha!I’ve heard other ppl say that everytime they get a stomach ache or something they think the same way. don’t blame you for hating it, but I also think it’s really normal…I’m sorry tho, has to suck big time.Hope you have some luck with the allergy meds. My kids all take claritin, and it helps them quite a bit…doesn’t seem to do much for me, but I never DON’T have some kind of allergy thing going on, no matter what time of year it is…

  13. been here – 

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