Tomorrows blog…

I had something I wanted to talk about. It was deep. It was insightful. It is gone. Can’t remember at all. 

Is it wrong to complain about people who complain too much?

I keep being put in situations where I am listening to people talk and my mind wanders. I dislike it when people talk AT me instead of to me. If you don’t have a conversation that requires me to respond at least every three sentences then don’t expect me to pay close attention.

It’s funny how we get use to the way things are done and how people behave. You get immune to the rudeness to the point that you are surprised by the kindness.

You know what else is funny? My usage of the word USE in the sentence above. I have never really thought the definition fit the usage.


 Do you ever feel invisible? We joke about it sometimes in stores. People who just walk front of you and it’s as if you aren’t even in the same plane as them. Sometimes though I feel invisible. I know that people are there but they never really see ME. They just see the motions I am making for my role that day.


 I picked up some Apple Banana fruit sauce from Trader Joes over the weekend and every morning that I had one I didn’t get sick that day. Coincidence or is that really the cure for everything?



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  1. Yes to everything

  2. USE drives me crazy. Is it use to or used to – it just doesn’t seem right. I ought to write Grammar Girl a letter.I have a story about being invisible. It happened when Erik was about 5. I’ll have to blog about that.Anyway…I don’t people think you are invisible, it is just that you are so darn teeny, tiny that people miss you. Time to stock up on Apple Banana Sauce. Bananas are supposed to be good for guts.

  3. All excellent points! The ‘use’ thing is confusing…had i written that sentence I probably would’ve written it 3 times before I decided whether it should be use or used…and I probably would’ve decided wrong. That is a tricky one.Keep having the banana apple stuff šŸ™‚

  4. with.  I like to speak with people.  : )it’s disconcerting when people seem to not see us. and I wonder what it’s so.  there are days when it seems to be an all day thing.  is it that way for you?

  5. I know what you mean by being surpised by the kindness. We just came back from a roadtrip to Florida (we live in Maryland) and it was amazing how much nicer the people at the gas stations became as we got further south. In DC, many won’t let you use their bathroom. In Georgia, a woman pointed to it as soon as I walked in the door cause she could tell I was looking to use it. And she smiled! Amazing..Glad you can enjoy the fruit crushers…

  6. @skanickadee – Bananas are GROSS!!!! Just saying! šŸ˜‰ I think it is the texture thing. I find that my mind wonders when I don’t have very much trust in what the person is saying to me. In other words, I think they are lying, making it bigger than it really is, or just want to “one up me” Maybe it isn’t the conversation …it is the person who is speaking… I do feel invisible. Today just a few minutes ago something happen that “hurt my feelings”. Someone always makes a point to tell someone else that they are leaving for the day or running down the road or something. I was the only person arround … beside this person… who just walked right by me and didn’t say as much as a goodbye. Whatever…

  7. @karmalife – My husband and I were discussing on our recent trip to Arizona the different friendliness levels of people in different states we visited. Far and away the people in Flagstaff were the friendliest. We tend to go to touristy places and have gotten used to people acting as if we bother then. In Flagstaff everyone just seemed so happy to see us!  I remember D.C. I do not remember anyone being particularly friendly!

  8. @Jst4e – I remember when my nieces and my own kids were small and you could watch them speak and see the exact point where the telling of a story started meandering into less truth and more fable. I am in regular contact with an adult who does the exact same thing and you can tell when the story has in fact really become a story, it’s an inflection in his voice. It’s horribly difficult to pay attention after that point because if I pay too close attention I may just say something rude!I’m sorry someone hurt your feelings, that is never a nice thing.

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