STOP!  Do NOT click on this link until you read this.


Someone in the last couple of months asked me again about the picture that I have of the parts of me that they took out during surgery. I just ran across it on google, but I do not remember who is was but this is the link for it:

Please do not click on it if you are grossed out by things like this. It really is a picture of the my innards laid out on a table.



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  1. FYI-the link doesn’t open to pictures. And yes, I was curious about your surgery but no, it wasn’t me who asked. 

  2. @LindaC61 – Thank you for letting me know!  Apparently in a fit of modesty at some point I locked it. 🙂 Will you try it again?  Not while eating.

  3. Link works fine now. Interesting how all that looks when it’s out of it’s regular home. Might I ask what type of cancer you had? (if you’d rather not discuss it, I totally understand)

  4. @LindaC61 – No, I love to discuss it! That’s all I wrote about for six month. I hate the way people whisper cancer and love to discuss it until people are comfortable enough to talk about it like you would a heart-attack or any other problem someone had . Last July I was diagnosed with cervical cancer. Once they started poking and prodding they decided it was best to do a full hysterectomy and found a tumor connected to my ovary, Fallopian tube and uterus as well. They also took out 10 lymph nodes, two of which the cancer had spread to. I did a round of chemo & radiation over a six week period and as of February I am testing clear of cancer cells. 🙂

  5. Wow. Again, I think you’re such an amazing, strong, joyful person. I’ve always been curious about what everything looks like when the doctors remove it, and now I don’t have to wonder anymore!

  6. @Mom_with_a_Chainsaw – Perhaps you could let me win at scrabble occasionally then! 

  7. Thank you for sharing that and for being so open about your experience. I’m so glad to hear you are testing free of cancer cells! 

  8. THAT IS COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, I mean not cool for you…but it is cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Yeah I looked at it and I just felt sorry for you that you had that much damn surgery.  I wasn’t that grossed out by the whole thing.  We are mammals, we are red meat.  Maybe the DNA between cow and human isn’t percentage wise all that different.

  10. Thank you for sharing a bit more of your story. Let me just say this, thank you for speaking openly about the word cancer. My grandfather had cancer of throat and bowels, my gramma had skin cancer when she died, my aunt had breast cancer, another aunt is dealing with cancer of bowels too. It seems like no one wants to mention or even hear the word cancer, when it’s all around us. My one aunt beat her breast cancer, along with my grampa. You are incredibly strong and courageous, so thank you once again from the bottom of my heart.

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  12. You are brave and have a positive attitude, which I think is important in being cured.  I should post the picture of my tumor, which is a LOT prettier that yours.  Mine is just a photocopy in black and white, but it’s STILL prettier than yours.  LOL

  13. @TheEmeraldPixie – I think not!  Did you see those beautiful ribbons of fat I have?  Like a work of art I tell you!

  14. I will not be clicking on that picture! I am the biggest wimp. But mostly I hate that you had to go through that and that cancer was in you. But I can’t tell you how glad all of that is out of you now.I have a really hard time saying cancer when it pertains to you. I was thinking about our conversation at the hotel about the need to talk about things like cancer and I had a moment the other day where I was able to understand it when something happened that reminded me of my mom and I talk about her a lot and her dying. It was the light bulb moment for me. Now I get what you and Nina were talking about.

  15. @skanickadee – thank you. I think light bulb is a really good word for how I feel about talking about it, but in a different way. I think if you don’t just put it out there in the open and let people see it that it takes on a power that it should not have. It’s a dark dirty secret. Next time we should spend eight hours sitting in the hotel talking. It was good.

  16. @tracy – I loved our visit but yes, I wish we had just talked more in the hotel. You are right about talking about it and putting it in the light. I think for me, the whole subject of you and cancer was so scary and heartbreaking at the same time. Maybe in some part of my mind I thought if I didn’t say it, it couldn’t possibly be true.

  17. I also think you shed the light by talking about it all the way was this is what happens not the clinical this is what happens…I had a good vibe all the way through about you and your health.  I still do…I’m not worried about it…I will be thrilled to hear the great news after all of your pet scans and check ups but I’m not worried about it.  i think that is a good thing.  

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