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Blog #2

I am most of the time a pretty decent person. I truly enjoy seeing people happy and it hurts me when I see people, even strangers, unhappy. I will say however that I am one of those people whose bark is far worse than her bite. I think when pushed I have the ability with words to cut someone to shreds. It’s because I’m observant. I note what areas on people are sensitive, and then most of the time do my best to never poke at that area, because as I said I am nice. I also made a promise to myself to never every blog publicly about something that made me angry without marking it private for 24 hours.

So maybe we’ll finish that conversation in a day or so.

Revenge – I think one of things that you learn as you get older is that revenge is really not a grown up decent person thing.  So for instance take me, if you make me mad perhaps my first inclination is to reach out and grab you by the throat and since I can’t perhaps my second instinct is to take all those little things I know about you and do the exact thing that will hurt you. But I don’t. Because as I get older I realize that while I may have a flash of feeling a little happy squee inside at your pain I know in a few short days  I will regret it. No matter how petty or self absorbed someone is they still deserve to get whatever happiness they can find and it will only diminish me if take that away from them.

One of the other things that you learn as you get older is that someone being nice to you may just be politeness, not that they really like you. I am very polite.

Post #1 – (one more edit) Edit for the addition of more profanity

I have approximately three posts that I would like to do, and as soon as I have the time I will. If I remember what they are.

Here is #1


My office email got stuck in a virus loop and we’re getting hundreds of emails from some poor guy who has also sent out an email saying I’m sorry I have a virus trying to make it stop. I think he made it stop, and I totally understand. It’s so easy to get a virus (not that I ever have, knock on Norton). What is not so forgivable is some of the responses from people;


Subject: Re: This is my New Email ID






Luckily they include their business name and phone number. Should you ever be considering doing business with them please keep in mind that this is their response to a mistake that is causing them annoyance.


Let’s not leave out the people who prefer to send all comments anonymously:

Subject: Re: This is my New Email ID

You are in cyber crime net
Sent from my BlackBerry® smartphone from Oman Mobile!

Subject: Re: This is my New Email ID

Bloody Bustard
Sent from my BlackBerry® smartphone from Omantel.
Subject: Re: This is my New Email ID

Fuck your mother
Sent from my BlackBerry® smartphone from Oman Mobile!

Subject: Re: This is my New Email ID

You son of biytch or bitch face straight if you can do you shit if youvare born for your father let me know who you are
Sent from my BlackBerry® smartphone from Oman Mobile!


 Edit Number 2


 A late entrant to the I AM a horrible person game:


On Behalf Of Christopher Jurkowitsch []
Subject: Re: This is my New Email ID

Stop sending me this shit or I’m going to come and murder your whole family

Sent from my iPhone


Seriously, what is the matter with people???

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