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Just Wednesday

My new neighbors have been working tons at their new house. I’ve talked to them a few times and they seem nice enough. One peculiar thing has happened. They told me that they needed to be out of their house next week. I’m guessing something unexpected happened because there has been a steady stream of U-Haul trucks bringing all of their belongings in the last 36 hours.

They do not have electricity in the house, nor do they currently have ceiling and or walls in many of the rooms. So now it looks like this out of my bedroom window;

All of their things are in the driveway and yard. It’s Crazy! The front yard looks like a giant yard sale. That’s what I would do if I were them. Put a yard sale sign out and say make offer. Less Stuff to move into the house. 🙂

I saw inside the house a couple of days ago. They tore out almost everything to have all new duct-work done and make some other changes. They are putting in central air and moving a few rooms around.

I am glad that I took the opportunity when the house was empty to have my fence on the side redone. Just makes things easier. 


 Next week I will be off work Monday morning for my PET scan. Wednesday the office is closed for the 4th and I took Friday as a vacation day to drive to Chicago with my husband and visit Mary Beth & then the Zoo on Saturday.  I am not insinuating that Mary Beth lives in the zoo or anything….

Hey! You…#Strawberryfieldsgirl because of something you said I went ahead and put a help wanted ad on and got a resume for a position I’ve been trying to fill for 7 months within 24 hours. I’m not saying I’ll hire them, but I am saying after the $1000.00 or so that I’ve spent on other sites and such to advertise that this was amazing to get a response so fast! So thanks!





 Tami – did you get notified that I tagged you?





Quick like a bunny

My husband and I were on Skype for a couple of hours yesterday because no one else was in the office. He mostly just listened to me type. At one point I was telling him about my abillity to eat all sorts of food that have been denied to me recently. I also mentioned that as a result of this I am suddenly gaining weight. The conversation then went very badly as he explained to me that it was probably okay that I was gaining some weight. He had been wanting to tell me to stop losing weight. NOT because I am too thin but because I am losing it in the wrong places. I am only losing weight from the top half of my body. He then kept trying to explain how he meant it. You can probably guess how well that went.


This is the purse I bought to help with my achy back. It’s filled with bright pink lining and it’s a deep plum in color which is all very nice but it’s really small!  We’ll see. Definitely a good travel bag but maybe not for everyday.


I was getting ready to type that it’s been a very long week and realized that it’s TUESDAY!!

Food how I love thee…

I think I am this;

-> <-


close to being healed up from the radiation on my intestines.  I am making myself wait, but very very soon I WILL be having a salad. I had Gazpacho which is the liquid form of salad and contains all of the things I absolutely should not eat and I only got a teeny tiny bit sick.

The rare Saturday blog!

This flyer came in the mail today with some coupons. It says something like “no matter how you to fitness”  Look at this woman and tell me what message exactly they are trying to impart?



What the hell is that on her mouth?  Is she eating grass? It’s not something sitting on the page I really checked. it’s in the picture.

I bought a Roku box last night. Had fun playing with it and setting up all of the channels. Today I watched Cadillac Lawyer which has been in my Netflix queue for about two years. Good Movie.

Recap of my last medical mystery. I have a sore rib. Hurts to breath. Xray was normal. Doctor ordered bone scan. Bone scan shows “something that is indicative of a fracture or a metastasis” Had another xray to try and definitely say fracture. On Friday the Xray people said no. They’re sticking with their initial reading and saying no it’s not a fracture. Sigh….PET scan scheduled for July 2, 2012. I would really prefer not to lose another summer to being sick.

On the more cheerful front planning our first long weekend of the summer with a trip to the Brookfield Zoo just outside of Chicago in two weeks.  It’s number 2 for number of species of animals in the US. This means my husband and I will also enjoy a nice dinner with Mary Beth & her husband Craig. Yay!

Between medical issues and work issues my week last week was just ridiculously horrible. There was really nothing else to but order a new purse. 🙂

Did I tell you I have new neighbors moving in? They seem quite nice. They have really gutted the house. The womans name is Tracy so at least I should be able to remember. 

Peace out my peoples.




Why do you taunt me Costco?

There is a shed at Costco that I want. No, I don’t just want it, I MUST have it!! It’s everything I’ve ever wanted in a shed. It’s not metal, it comes with the floor, it’s big and it’s $300.00 cheaper in Costco than online. Every time I have gone in there they have moved it. I think they are just trying to say HA HA to me! It’s not the money, I would buy it. It’s the size! It comes in two HUGE boxes that A – I could not move nor at this point even help to move and B – What would I do with them, tie them to the top of my Tuscon? I don’t think so! I would fly away like I had wings on the top of my car. I could rent a truck. But, these boxes are like 10 x 11 so it would have to be a BIG truck and then I would also have to rent people! So Aggravating! It’s a good thing my husband is not in town or I would drive him crazy with my aggravation. I hate it when I want something and can’t have it.

Eventually I will order a nice comparable shed on line from somewhere that will deliver it to my house. I will then enjoy putting it together or watching my husband put it together while swearing.



Stop letting food rule your life!!

I have a bird, two dogs and a fish.

One of my dogs is a beagle, her name is Jesse. She lives for food & sleep. That’s all she really wants. Unless there is a loud noise, then she also wants a human set of legs to hide behind.  Jesse thinks fresh cut veggies are being cut just for her. She loves veggies. Carrots are her favorite but she’s a big fan of lettuce and celery as well.  The other dog is Mili. Mili just wants to play. Mili is okay with veggies. Mostly she just wants a veggie because Jesse wants a veggie and Mili doesn’t like other dogs to have anything. My husband gives the dog a little piece or two of fresh veggie every morning as he makes his lunch for work. My husband is currently out of the country so they have not been getting their veggies. Sometimes when Milli gets her carrot instead of eating it she’ll take it to her bed, gnaw on it for a few minutes then wander away. Jesse is quite aware of this and so stays very close to Mili just in case she can sneak in and snag the carrot. If Mili doesn’t eat the carrot but goes to sleep Jesse is beside herself! She will come find me and try to make me get the carrot or at least protect her while she takes it.

This morning it occurred to me that the dogs would probably like a carrot. So I opened the fridge and pulled out a carrot the size of a small arm. I cut it in two very uneven size pieces and then lopped a tiny chunk off of one of them. Jesse got the big piece, Mili got the other part and I took the tiny chunk in and gave it to the bird. Jesse ate hers then was sorely disappointed when Mili also decided it was a good day to eat carrot and finished her own. Then she caught whiff of carrot somewhere else! She followed her nose into my bedroom and then was flabbergasted. What to do, what to do!  Carrot in a CAGE and no one eating it!!!

She just kept coming in to try and get me while I was getting ready for work and then she would go to the dresser where the bird is and stand up on her hind legs and stare pathetically at the bird bowl and then at me. It was very sad. After 15 minutes we both decided that the bird does not like carrot so I took it out and gave it to the beagle. It had bonus bird seed stuck to it too. Crazy Ass beagle!




Spiraling out of control…


Everything is running wild with no hope of capture. Work is never ending uncaught up, dogs are fighting, house is dirty, hurts to breathe and cars keep zooming by without stopping at the stop sign. I am SO tired! I really hope it’s because it’s been so long since I could take a deep breath. I can’t seem to get the energy to do anything and now suddenly I’m aware of my movements and I am being careful. I hate being careful. I like doing things with abandon.

On the up side I just made perfect croutons for my soup. 🙂

 Edit: AND I am reminded once again what lovely people I have in my life.


When I take pictures I sync them up with my laptops and then always use random pictures cycling through as my backgrounds. Frequently the choice makes me laugh. Today I have someone else’s husband as my background! Now tell me that isn’t a little weird. 

Nothing but good memories!




















Just saying…

If you’re going to post TWICE in ONE day, at least one of them should be PROTECTED, right?



He ate a slice of wonder bread and went right back to bed;

You hear all the time that the great writer must always keep a pad of paper next to their bed to write down their genius ideas or song lyrics. Last night due to a strange combination of OTC Claritin which I don’t think I’ve ever taken before, not feeling well due to too much random food, and being very sleepy while not sleeping well I woke up at about 2:30 am and said out loud, I have to remember to tell Stephen King about this idea! Luckily for Mr. King I do not have his phone number handy at those moments. I was having bad dreams on top of bad dreams on top bad dreams last night involving murderers and had an epiphany about the next great horror novel!  While driving to the hospital for my test this morning I suddenly remembered what the idea was and I literally LOL’d repeatedly while driving.  It was the concept that now that your phones sync up with your cars it was the combination of two different story lines he’s done! Evil Cars and things delivered via cell phone signal.  Yeah..that was it. How extraordinary. Except I think there may have been vampires too. My genius does not survive the morning light.


If I were a writer this would todays work product: 

She clawed her way up from sleep. The dark cloying vestiges of dreams threatening to drag her back. The after effects of too much sweet wine and over the counter allergy medicine made her feel like she were still asleep but the gnawing discomfort told her she was at least mostly awake. She swung her legs over the side of the too high bed and pushed one foot into her purple fuzzy slipper. The other foot, not so much. She shuffled unevenly trying to only put the bare foot down on the cold tile for a glancing step then reached her arm in and flipped on the bathroom light. She immediately heard a gasp and she gave a tiny screech of a sound before hurriedly turning the light back off while apologizing. “So sorry, didn’t know anyone was in here.” She half dropped half slid into bed when the thought suddenly popped into her head. What the hell was a gargoyle doing in the bathroom?



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