Swing low….

Everyones blogs today are about looking up and moving forward except mine. 😦 I’m feeling a little low today. (just a little). I think it’s just a combination of things piled on top of each other. Once I can start taking care of a few of them the load will get lighter and I will feel better.

My little bird helped! He’s so cute and full of joyous song.

Work has been filled with details.  Too many things that need to be dotted or crossed and too many people to chase around! I’ll feel better when I’m all caught up. There are some things that need to be taken care of and I do not have the skill set to do them. This frustrates me to no end! I dislike having to depend on other people when push comes to shove.

Went to the doctor again this morning for my mysterious (of course) back/rib pain. It still hurts to breathe. I have a bone scan scheduled for Monday to check and make sure there is no nasty metastasizing of anything we don’t want to see in a bone. She actually suspects a compression fracture. I went online and looked it up and one of the possible symptoms is the person gets suddenly, noticeably shorter! I measured myself, I am still firmly 5’2″. The nice thing about the bone scan is that it will be all of my bones. So top to bottom we’ll see anything untoward, I hope they give me a copy. She gave me a copy of my xray results just the document not the picture and it said “mild gentle curvature of the thoracic spine convex to the left is unchanged”. How weird is it that I completely forgot that in some test the found out my spine curves the wrong way at the top? My body is just bizarre with all of the things that have shown up as “birth defects”. It also hurts to laugh. That’s not nice at all! I love to laugh.

I’ve also been very very sleepy this week and that always makes me nervous. I think it’s just from the unbearable amount of pollen dropping from the trees.

I have also eaten LOTS of food! And some of it is food that a month ago would have made me ridiculously sick! SO THERE! I had one mild bit of ooo, shouldn’t have eaten the Thai Food but even that wasn’t too bad. I think I’m almost healed. I think in one more month I’m going to be eating a big old salad!

My husband is leaving for Milan on Monday. If you’re from Toledo you assume I mean Milan (pronounced MY-lan) Michigan. If you know us you know I really mean Milan (pronounced mi-LAN) Italy. I probably could have gone on this one with a little more notice.  It’s only 10 days, but there is just too much going on to leave the country on a whim. And if I’m going to spend that much money I would really like to stay at least a full two weeks!



Sometimes it helps to just look at things differently.


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  1. Compression breaks  in the rib bones hurt like thee devil I had that also happen when I broke when I dislocated and broke my shoulder in October, not fun at all…I will keep you in my prayersHugs and loveMae

  2.          Awww, keep us posted! What an interesting picture!

  3. yes, sometimes it does.(hugs)here’s hoping it will turn out to be just a screwy rib. 

  4. So have we decided on calling your new bird, Erik? I’m glad you have him and that his singing is so uplifting.Well, I hope the test isn’t too hard, weird or taxing. And, of course, I am keeping my fingers crossed that it is the best possible scenario. I hope you can laugh pain-free very soon.Pollen, stress and too much going on at work and probably not sleeping well due to the pain. I am so excited that you have been able to eat more things and not be bothered by them. That makes me really happy.I hope you get your chance at Italy. Oh, that hubby of yours is quite the jet setter! I know it is for work but really, Milan is a pretty nice place to have to go to for work. Take care – have a good weekend!

  5. I’m glad you have a new birdy to help uplift.  Sometimes loads get heavy.  This too shall pass.  That’s what Grandma said and she was never ever wrong.     Hope your bone scan helps them find something non nasty quite fixable so it won’t hurt to laugh.  Have you ever heard that Mary Chapin Carpenter song, What if we went to Italy?  Looooove it.  I wanna.

  6. @skanickadee – I don’t think there will be much to the test so that’s okay! I’m sure you’ll understand when i say I have a whole new line for uncomfortable vs just fine when it comes to hospital testing! I just ate an egg salad sandwich on a bagel with tomato and a pickle! I ate so many things in the last week, it was really amazing. Today the birds name is Harvey.  Though, I did call him Herrick this morning. That may stick.

  7. @SisterMae – Yikes! you were just all beat up! Is your shoulder all healed now or does it still hurt? I imagine you don’t have full range of motion back yet.@Jst4e – Thank you, you would be better off to ask me to post less! 🙂 I am definitely an over-sharer.

  8. @plantinthewindow – I keep hearing Elmer Fudd in my head now.

  9. @debbykp – I haven’t, but off to YouTube now. 🙂

  10. @tracy – It still hurts and nope I don’t have full range but it is getting better it took about 8 weeks before my rib didn’t hurt but if it hurts when you breath or laugh I bet ya you have a broke place and it will just take a few weeks to heal

  11. @debbykp – That’s a great song!

  12. @SisterMae – I’m sorry your shoulder isn’t quite where it should be yet. I know things with joints take forever to heal!

  13. Love you bunny see you tomorrow. Want to do a photo challenge with me? I’m going to blog about it someone else on Xanga posted about it. I think in reading the different things there will be a lot of pictures of you.

  14. @hippo63 – Well I am already in a 365, 1/3 of the way through but I’m always looking for more ways to be on the internet! 🙂  Show me?

  15. Okay..didn’t I read awhile back that Erin said your mother could sneeze and break a rib…I’m glad you are getting the scan and I would too…but keep in mind your last pet scan had no hot spots…YAY on the eating…I wish I loved birds…I wish I even liked birds 🙂  But I love it that you love your bird and that is just okay.

  16. @Ninasusan – That is exactly right! You can enjoy that I love my bird without having to like birds. Nope, I’m not really worried about anything with me bones. Just tired of things going wrong!  And the timing is bad. It was one year ago that I first started having problems.  

  17. wow…a year ago…

  18. Milan? Is your husband a fashion designer? Since he’s married to a woman, probably not. I hope you get to feeling better!

  19. Herrik is cute. I’m glad that he lifts your heart. I hope that your rib problem is a little of nothing and that it feels better soon.

  20. @ColdSkivvies – @Mom_with_a_Chainsaw – Thank you, and thank you. If my husband were a designer that had to go to Milan I would be dressed a whole lot better! 

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