You hear all the time that the great writer must always keep a pad of paper next to their bed to write down their genius ideas or song lyrics. Last night due to a strange combination of OTC Claritin which I don’t think I’ve ever taken before, not feeling well due to too much random food, and being very sleepy while not sleeping well I woke up at about 2:30 am and said out loud, I have to remember to tell Stephen King about this idea! Luckily for Mr. King I do not have his phone number handy at those moments. I was having bad dreams on top of bad dreams on top bad dreams last night involving murderers and had an epiphany about the next great horror novel!  While driving to the hospital for my test this morning I suddenly remembered what the idea was and I literally LOL’d repeatedly while driving.  It was the concept that now that your phones sync up with your cars it was the combination of two different story lines he’s done! Evil Cars and things delivered via cell phone signal.  Yeah..that was it. How extraordinary. Except I think there may have been vampires too. My genius does not survive the morning light.


If I were a writer this would todays work product: 

She clawed her way up from sleep. The dark cloying vestiges of dreams threatening to drag her back. The after effects of too much sweet wine and over the counter allergy medicine made her feel like she were still asleep but the gnawing discomfort told her she was at least mostly awake. She swung her legs over the side of the too high bed and pushed one foot into her purple fuzzy slipper. The other foot, not so much. She shuffled unevenly trying to only put the bare foot down on the cold tile for a glancing step then reached her arm in and flipped on the bathroom light. She immediately heard a gasp and she gave a tiny screech of a sound before hurriedly turning the light back off while apologizing. “So sorry, didn’t know anyone was in here.” She half dropped half slid into bed when the thought suddenly popped into her head. What the hell was a gargoyle doing in the bathroom?




Comments on: "He ate a slice of wonder bread and went right back to bed;" (0)

  1. It’s an interesting idea 🙂 It would make for a great story

  2. I had a black cat in my sink sleeping this morning does that count as spooky…

  3. I gargoyle with Listerine in the bathroom.

  4. @dingus6 – That made me laugh.

  5. Go ahead, laugh at yourself…and then just keep writing after the first paragraph. Doubt yourslef all you want, but you have it in you to keep the reader entertained so throw caution to the wind and do it anyway. like nike says, just do it!  oh God, you even made me quote a consumerist thing ;P

  6. @strawberryfieldsgirl – If I ever decided to try it I would hire you to just compliment me. You are very good at it and always make me feel good. Thank you.

  7. I hardly ever get vampires it’s always zombies and aliens. Lucky bum

  8. @hippo63 – I tons of murderers too. Just icky!

  9. Id read that story! hehe.  My dreams are rarely ever so interesting.

  10. I’d read that story! It made me snort.

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