The rare Saturday blog!

This flyer came in the mail today with some coupons. It says something like “no matter how you to fitness”  Look at this woman and tell me what message exactly they are trying to impart?



What the hell is that on her mouth?  Is she eating grass? It’s not something sitting on the page I really checked. it’s in the picture.

I bought a Roku box last night. Had fun playing with it and setting up all of the channels. Today I watched Cadillac Lawyer which has been in my Netflix queue for about two years. Good Movie.

Recap of my last medical mystery. I have a sore rib. Hurts to breath. Xray was normal. Doctor ordered bone scan. Bone scan shows “something that is indicative of a fracture or a metastasis” Had another xray to try and definitely say fracture. On Friday the Xray people said no. They’re sticking with their initial reading and saying no it’s not a fracture. Sigh….PET scan scheduled for July 2, 2012. I would really prefer not to lose another summer to being sick.

On the more cheerful front planning our first long weekend of the summer with a trip to the Brookfield Zoo just outside of Chicago in two weeks.  It’s number 2 for number of species of animals in the US. This means my husband and I will also enjoy a nice dinner with Mary Beth & her husband Craig. Yay!

Between medical issues and work issues my week last week was just ridiculously horrible. There was really nothing else to but order a new purse. šŸ™‚

Did I tell you I have new neighbors moving in? They seem quite nice. They have really gutted the house. The womans name is Tracy so at least I should be able to remember. 

Peace out my peoples.





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  1. I am still saying it is a fractured rib and I will be able to call your doc and say nanny nanny boo boo

  2. Okay that picture is just bizarre! We have a Roku and so does Erik. They are nice to have. It will be good to see you and to finally meet your hubby! I’m crossing my fingers that we have great weather for that weekend. Brookfield Zoo is where David and I fell down some stairs and ended up in the hospital many years ago. The only ambulance ride either one of us has ever had.I am sorry you had such a bad week. I look forward to seeing the new purse either in a picture or in person. I hope the neighbors are just perfect. Funny that the woman’s name is Tracy.

  3. sounds like an awesome time.

  4. It looks like maggots.  I hope it’s not.  I’m also hoping you’re not sick.  Especially that.

  5. k, so maybe because the x ray says no fracture, it means no big broken rib,but doesn’t mean no muscle problem or something…thinking back to my grand daughter’s infection in her elbow, they thought it was “nursemaids elbow” at first, they explained that is where a muscle or tendon gets out of place over the bone so it doesn’t show up on xray, but it would obviously be over the bone which could look weird right? I’m going with when they were ct scanned my entire spine looking for a slipped disc, they said, nope can’t see it so must be a pulled muscle.. Gotta be that. I have to say I have back pain a lot, but I have NEVER been in such pain as when i had that pulled muscle, down on my lower back..they are freaking painful and I can see how if you did something to your muscle on/by your rib it would be even worse and understandable that you couldn’t take a deep breath. so you bought a purse and didn’t post a pic again? didn’t we go through this once already? ;)I hope you find your perfect shed soon. Around here the Amish build them and they are awesome!Zoos…they are the best! Have a great time!Hope your Sunday is sunnier than your week has been!

  6. Yes…disgusting picture..WHAT is Krogers trying to say?The xray…hmmmmYOU BOUGHT A PURSE???

  7. Probably lip piercings.  I was so glad I got the Roku.  First thing I did was watch all of Prison Break.  It was a little hard o get into but after a while we were hooked.

  8. Are you feeling any better?  I hope so. The rib issue probably is muscular or connective tissue if there is no fracture.  Just rest it.

  9. Hope you have a wonderful trip to the Brookfield Zoo !

  10. Bestest thoughts to and for you, concerning the rib!I agree with others here – muscles and tendons can be very sore and look odd in x-rays.  I hope the rib is feeling less sore.How fun that you will be able to “double-date” with MB and her hubby!  We took the kids to Chicago a couple of times when they were younger.  They loved all the museums, planetarium, Sears Tower (or whatever it’s called now), etc.!  Your visit will be a blast!Kathi

  11. Cadillac Lawyer? Not Lincoln Lawyer? Let me know if you run across any good movies. 

  12. @hippo63 – oh..yeah..Lincoln! Oops.  So much TV my brain melted a little. šŸ™‚

  13. @strawberryfieldsgirl – @Ninasusan – You know what’s funny? I can’t remember what purse I ordered. I was looking for a particular style because my purse is hurting my back but I do not remember at all which one I picked. I could look it up but where is the fun there? It will show up tomorrow or Tuesday and it will be a nice surprise. I actually ordered a little mini purse too but that’s for Corey. Not for him to carry, but for me to carry to amuse him.  Can’t explain here..hush hush and all. šŸ™‚

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