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Help me to help you!

I was thinking this morning that what I really need to feel truly happy & fulfilled is a profession that will pay me to just be me. Isn’t that the ultimate in a dream job?  I think people are always looking for that. Have you heard someone say “I love to shop so I need a job as a personal assistant or a buyer for a retail store.”

How about “I love to eat so I should be a food critic?” or “I love to read so I should be a book reviewer or a writer”. Wouldn’t it be nice if it worked that way? I think that’s how some of the new marketing people are thinking. I love to be online and on the social media sites so I should be a marketer. Want to make a career out of something they are good at or love to do.

I think I would be a motivational speaker or a therapist. I love to help people. I love to listen to them without judgement and let them figure it out with just little pushes and encouragement. But these days I don’t have the patience or the time. If I had the time, I might have the patience. Mostly I just want to look at people and say grow up! Do what you have to do and stop making excuses. Everyone can find an excuse.

Would you like me to help you?

Here, I set up a domain this morning. They were talking about this new domain in the Costco magazine that I received for the first time this morning, and I was just so tickled that my name was available that I bought it. 🙂 Maybe I’ll start a new business from this little jumping off point.

Would anyone like to volunteer their perfect profession?



Bad dream as shown via Paint.


I had a dream that I was in a house that was mostly empty. At some point I was in a room and this black smokey shape came skittering along the floor. When it got to my feet it rose up and went into my body.


It was not a good dream!

Lamest weekend Update

I knew I would not like these but they had them in single serve bags in Columbus so I got one to try.

It was GOOD! I will buy these again if I see them in the size bag.


There was a big plaque explaining how deep this hole is and where it went so I was fascinated by the people standing around arguing about it.

I know, I’m a child but I found this tree slightly obscene.



The caverns and caves at Hocking Hills were really very fascinating. I am not posting a lot of pictures because me & Xanga and pictures don’t seem to be getting along very well. 


I  like this stuff and  if you take your coffee with cream and sugar it can be a wonderful thing to have in sketchy hotels. Which our first hotel was. We checked out early and moved to a different one.







Saw this at a Giant Eagle outside of Columbus Ohio today. Great idea!


For Phil

The infamous Brad-Shower of Images sent me a link to this picture yesterday.


I said “That’s not a real puppy! That’s too small to be a real puppy.”


Brad looked at me like I was an idiot and I thought of Phil. 🙂





I pulled into the turn lane behind this woman just in time to watch her try to snake on through a red light in rear shadow of a semi truck that had turned. She chickened out when she was in the middle of the intersection. I stayed very far behind her until after the light turned green. Can you tell why?*

We’re taking off for the weekend. I’ll leave work a couple of hours early tomorrow and then we’re heading up to Hocking Hills. We’ll spend Saturday exploring and then come home Sunday. It will be about a three hour drive which is perfect for a little weekend trip. I’ve never been down to the park so I’m very excited to see it.

Speaking of work, (which I don’t in detail too often because really you just don’t want to make a mistake in what you say. It’s just too easy for things  to be misinterpreted) I have a customer driving me crazy. One of the nicest people in the world but his stuff got all screwed up (our fault) and instead of helping he just kept making it worse and of course he was upset. We have tried really hard to make things right but now we’re getting to that point where he has just pushed so hard that it’s becoming difficult to help him, and no one wants to. Hate it when it gets like that, ruins the whole damn day!

I ordered six new chairs today for our conference room, and one new desk. Yay! I’m going to try IKEA swivel chairs. Cheap chairs don’t last too long in my office but I thought I would see if Swedish cheap chairs at least last a little longer. What I should buy are chairs that don’t rock or recline at all and they would last a whole lot longer.

I’m sitting outside right now waiting patently to see if the storm is going to hit us. I don’t think so. If you like storms don’t live in a valley. I have not been sleeping at all well this week so I hope I do tonight. I’m tired!

Dropped my watch off at the jewelers to see if it’s repairable and cleanable. They do it onsite so that’s nice. I think I’ll eat some Tater Tots. Trader Joes tater tots are incredible.

*If you look closely you can see her reverse lights on and I figured there was a pretty good chance she was going to forget she was in reverse when the light turned green. Sure enough she slammed on the gas and then had to slam on the brakes.



Something to Blog About

I bought this watch on the Goodwill Auction site. It’s a 1965 Bulova according to the code on the back. According to GoodWill it works, according to my wrist it doesn’t. Or, at least I can’t make it work. 🙂  We have a local jeweler who works on watches so I will try and stop there tomorrow. It really really needs cleaning too.

Hopefully they will make it work, and cheaply since I only paid a little bit for it. It’s tiny too! It fits my wrist perfectly which makes it six inches around, that is very difficult to find.

Protected Post



From Brad

Watch me now…

If there were a profession that only needed the skill of looking at pictures of things and picking out the most expensive I think I could be in the top of my field.

My $10.00 watch died after two years so I have been meandering around the internet looking at watches.











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