Same News is Good News

Finally talked to the Doctors office this morning. The PET scan showed “unusual activity on the 9th rib” which is exactly the same thing that all of the other tests have shown. The good news is that it didn’t show unusual activity anywhere else. 🙂 PET scans work by injecting you with a radioactive glucose. They can then scan you and see where in your body the glucose is concentrated. This is frequently referred to as the spot that “lights up”. There are reasons other than cancer that can cause this to happen;

Reasons you might see a light up include inflammation which could be caused by radiation, chemo, an injury, or an infection. Thymic rebound (benign activity in the thymus gland) can cause a light up in the chest. So can brown fat (dense tissue filled with blood vessels) if you get cold during the scan. Muscle activity can also cause a light up. Large scar tissue masses often will have some mild degree of light up. Rarer causes could be something like even sarcoidosis.”” 

I will probably have a biopsy done next week. The radiologist group is currently looking at the combination of tests I’ve had done in the last few weeks and will make the final decision. Hopefully it will be a needle biopsy. It just occurred to me that I never asked specifically where on my 9th rib. I know where it hurts so I have always assumed that’s where they are seeing the issue. I would think that spot would be difficult for a needle biopsy as it’s right under the edge of my shoulder blade. If I move my shoulder wrong it hits on it and it is some attention getting feeling! I wish I could see copies of all of the pictures of my tests.



One of these things is very healthy and tastes pretty good, one of them is mostly healthy and tastes pretty good, the other is just really really good! They are all within 50 calories of each other as well if you are a calorie counter.

It’s good to have variety in your meals.




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  1. I hope you can find out something definitive soon!  the thing in the plain wrapper looks very suspect.

  2. whew…double whew

  3. Yes, same news IS good news, but wow, so many variables!  Who knew that being cold during a test could cause it to light up?  Now THAT, you’d think they could make sure doesn’t happen.  You should be able to see all the pics of your tests, even if they were not all performed at the same place.  Most place now can centralize them at the hospital of your primary oncologist.  Crossing fingers, toes and praying for good results next week!Kathi

  4. I wish you didn’t have to have the biopsy but this sounds like good news. How wonderful that it didn’t show any activity anywhere else. Can you call and ask for copies of the pictures? I think I’ve seen paper printouts of some of those types of pictures.I think it is a peanut butter Snickers kind of day.

  5. I’m glad to hear the good news. 

  6. @skanickadee – @Still_groovy – I’m sure if I started calling around I could get pictures. Right now it just seems like to much effort!

  7. @tracy – Yes, it is a lot of work and they don’t make it easy.

  8. Peanut butter snickers?? man that would be delicious! Good luck for your biopsy. I’m hoping for the best for you! 🙂

  9. Sounds like there are more chances for it to be “nothing” than something serious.  Still sending lots of positive thoughts your way.

  10. Here all you have to do is ask your radiologist or oncologist to see your tests and they are great about showing you.. so much of it is on computer now… and if they hem and haw for you just remind them that they are part of your medical records which you are entitled too…Keeping  you in my prayers… I am sure it will be “nothing”

  11. I’m sorry about the rib pain. Sounds like too many different things could be causing the issue, so I hope they can get you real answers soon. All of those chocolate things look lovely.

  12. Tense times. Been there.

  13. Scary though.  I hope it’s nothing more serious than a bruise.

  14. You made me want a SnickersI will keep you in my prayers for sureMae

  15. Glad it’s basically good news. My grandfather just had to have that scan because of the back problems he’s having. We were told his lowest vertebrae is showing activity so they knew that was a recent fracture. I thought of you when they were explaining how that worked last week…so to me anyway, sounds like your news is probably good news. Sending prayers and good vibes–isn’t that the same thing…anyway yeah the snickers looks good! 🙂

  16. Good going with same news. I sure hope that rib thing is getting better. I turned my knee at my water aerobics class Thurs and now it’s giving me a little pain! Good luck with the biopsy.

  17.          Congrats on the basically good news!  Hell, let us celebrate with a glass of wine.  Or two. 

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