Went in for my rib biopsy today. Wasn’t quite what I expected, but close. I am still a little sedated so be kind to any spelling, grammar or content strangeness.

Went to the same area of the hospital that I had my Ports done at and they kept saying I looked familiar. I have certainly spent too much time at that hospital. They did you basic blood tests and then put me in a gown and started an IV. My veins are still kinda wonky from chemo so she apologized profusely but she popped right through one on the top of my hand. Already sore.

The doctor came out before and explained all of the potential bad effects. The rib that was being biopsied is on my back just at the point the bottom of my shoulder blade on the left side so he kept pointing out all of the things that could make the needle slip and go into my lungs! He explained all of this with grand hand gestures while showing how he would have to JAB that GIANT needle into my SOLID bone rib and it might not go in an instead SLAM into my lung. It quickly became amusing. I quite liked him.

They wheeled me into the CT Scan room for the procedure. They actually do it while you’re on the machine so they can see where the needle is going.  You have to stay very very still and since it was on my back rib they said I would have to control my breathing. It took 50 minutes but I only remember 10. They gave me a sedative in my IV & then they started numbing my back with small shots. I have a vague recollection of some piercing pain and them talking. They were supposed to keep me awake but because of what they found they apparently didn’t need to. After it was done they brought me back out to Corey and we hung out for awhile.

Doctor came out and said it was unexpected results. They were very easily able to get the sample because instead of having normal hard as bone bones mine was soft and the needle sunk right in. 😦 This also meant that he was easily able to actually take a piece of the bone for biopsy. The do an immediate test while you’re on the table for cancer cells (WHICH THERE WERE NONE OF!) and then the rest goes back for more testing. I haven’t really done any research yet on soft bones and the causes of. The only one I know of is osteoperosis. So I’m sure they’ll be lots more testing and lots more doctors. 😦  The negative on the cancer cells while very very good news is not 100% as he reminded me over and over and they will of course have to keep an eye on things just in case.

I am currently curled up in bed this and then will switch to watching trash TV.  I was going to work for awhile but I’m so fuzzy that I’m kind of afraid too! The numb is definitely starting to wear off of my back and I’m not enjoying that feeling a whole lot!

Thanks for all the love & support over on my FB page. Hospitals are always amazed at me talking to facebook while everything is going on or sending iPOD messages back and forth to my husband stuck in the waiting room. It amuses me.

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  1. I’m sending prayers and good thoughts your way. You inspire me daily.I know facebook and iPod can keep a potentially boring and stressful situation from escalating.By the way, you look great.

  2. Well, I am thankful that there were no immediate signs of any cancer cells. I’m sorry that you had to endure that pain and I hope they gave you some pain medication for now. I love how you are so techy and communicating with everyone for as long as possible. Take care this afternoon.

  3. Thinking of you!!! I hope everything turns out just fine!

  4. No immediate cancer cells is a good sign.  Is there a possibility that the radiation and chemo could have softened the bone surface?  Still sending lots of positive thoughts and hugs your way.

  5. I told you that you were like your mother!!!!!

  6. Wonderful preliminary results, with no cancer cells present!  I’m keeping you in thoughts and prayers for all to turn out just great!  Like Emme said, perhaps your previous treatments have made your bones softer.  Thanks for filling us in so quickly!Kathi

  7. VERY good preliminary results! You were in my thoughts.  Glad for that news.  Hope you can rest.

  8. I love the title of this post.  And I’ve heard chemo can soften the bones but dont have a medical background so I’m not sure.    We are all keeping our fingers crossed that this is all over for you soon.

  9. Sounds like no cancer is a good thing that makes me feel better I have been praying like crazy for you I know a few times I must have rattled the rafters of heaven and ruffled a few angels wings as I praised and prayedHugs and loves  Mae

  10. @Mom_with_a_Chainsaw – Thank you!@skanickadee – Thank you@Jst4e – Thank you!@Emme402 – @TheEmeraldPixie – @Still_groovy – I have not been able to find info about this yet but I know I’ve heard in the past that either chemo or radiation can bring on early osteoperosis. Radiation can have an immediate effect on the bones it hits because it dries up the marrow, for me that would be hips and I’m pretty sure I’ve already felt those effects and am rebounding. I am a lot less worried about this than I was about a potential cancer site an inch from my spine & lungs! So I am feeling much relieved today even without the full pathology done!@Ninasusan – If only you knew!@debbykp – Oh did I rest. 🙂@SisterMae – You are a wonderful sweet and kind lady. Thank you.

  11. The suspense was intense, as I began reading your post.Great relief at the outcome.

  12. Is this a bad time to say oh my god you are adorable? You are just cute as a freakin button!

  13. Good news aside from the soft bone.  I can’t get over what we allow others to do to us to keep our selves alive…  In the olden times [like the 1930s] I would have died during my 4th pregnancy.  So we’re lucky, and you take great pictures of medical stuff.  🙂  Lois

  14. You are a brave woman to maintain your sense of humor while going through all this cancer razz-a-ma-tazz!  All my cancer docs have fired me and so I’m totally suspicious of what might be going on unnoticed – you know like in the movies when the guy says, “I don’t like it, it’s too quiet!”  Anyway, God be with you and keep letting us know how you are doing.  I have been missing in action on Xanga for a while but perhaps am returning [?}  And nice legs, by the way!

  15. @RakkaRay – I’m glad you’re doing well Ray. I do not know how people survive without being able to laugh at themselves and their situations. I’ve never met anyone who got fired by their doc’s, you must have done some mischief! 

  16. Actually, the residents on the post-op ward where I stayed for 2 days called me a “rock star” because I was up and walking so much, catheter and all!  So I guess you could interpret that as mischief….

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