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Watch me now…

If there were a profession that only needed the skill of looking at pictures of things and picking out the most expensive I think I could be in the top of my field.

My $10.00 watch died after two years so I have been meandering around the internet looking at watches.











Better a Biopsy than an Autopsy!

Went in for my rib biopsy today. Wasn’t quite what I expected, but close. I am still a little sedated so be kind to any spelling, grammar or content strangeness.

Went to the same area of the hospital that I had my Ports done at and they kept saying I looked familiar. I have certainly spent too much time at that hospital. They did you basic blood tests and then put me in a gown and started an IV. My veins are still kinda wonky from chemo so she apologized profusely but she popped right through one on the top of my hand. Already sore.

The doctor came out before and explained all of the potential bad effects. The rib that was being biopsied is on my back just at the point the bottom of my shoulder blade on the left side so he kept pointing out all of the things that could make the needle slip and go into my lungs! He explained all of this with grand hand gestures while showing how he would have to JAB that GIANT needle into my SOLID bone rib and it might not go in an instead SLAM into my lung. It quickly became amusing. I quite liked him.

They wheeled me into the CT Scan room for the procedure. They actually do it while you’re on the machine so they can see where the needle is going.  You have to stay very very still and since it was on my back rib they said I would have to control my breathing. It took 50 minutes but I only remember 10. They gave me a sedative in my IV & then they started numbing my back with small shots. I have a vague recollection of some piercing pain and them talking. They were supposed to keep me awake but because of what they found they apparently didn’t need to. After it was done they brought me back out to Corey and we hung out for awhile.

Doctor came out and said it was unexpected results. They were very easily able to get the sample because instead of having normal hard as bone bones mine was soft and the needle sunk right in. 😦 This also meant that he was easily able to actually take a piece of the bone for biopsy. The do an immediate test while you’re on the table for cancer cells (WHICH THERE WERE NONE OF!) and then the rest goes back for more testing. I haven’t really done any research yet on soft bones and the causes of. The only one I know of is osteoperosis. So I’m sure they’ll be lots more testing and lots more doctors. 😦  The negative on the cancer cells while very very good news is not 100% as he reminded me over and over and they will of course have to keep an eye on things just in case.

I am currently curled up in bed this and then will switch to watching trash TV.  I was going to work for awhile but I’m so fuzzy that I’m kind of afraid too! The numb is definitely starting to wear off of my back and I’m not enjoying that feeling a whole lot!

Thanks for all the love & support over on my FB page. Hospitals are always amazed at me talking to facebook while everything is going on or sending iPOD messages back and forth to my husband stuck in the waiting room. It amuses me.

Iowa Trip Recap

Part of me wants to do a big long blog 3entry and tell you all about weekend but the other part really wants a nap. 🙂 Xanga is not behaving well with pictures for me recenty so here in apparently random order and maybe random captioning is some information about my three days in Iowa Never mind. I don’t have the patience for it tonight. I have to swap to HTML to make the pictures work correctly. So here goes, you figure it out! Nina and Phil took me sailing Twice! Phil never lets his face be seen. I’m starting to wonder what that means. Should I be worried? We also went to Pella Iowa and had such good pastry! I had a Letter. The first day I was there for work. This is the call center I visited. Then I stayed an extra day to see Nina & Phil. .My hotel was directly across from the hotel. It was loud. My rental car was an Impala. Very large. There was NO wind on the first attempt at sailing so we went and visited the Dam!



 I give up on the aggravating Xanga! I love Nina & Phil they are wonderful. I discovered Phil understands when I describe how Opera affects me and the feeling I get. That made me smile. Thank you Phil.

 Nina is amazing. Nina is someone that everyone should go have Coffee with. If you do, you buy okay? Cause I didn’t get to buy anything!







The Iowa Crisis

I am reading a book called Darkness, My Old Friend by Lisa Unger. I am enjoying it. It’s the first book I’ve read in months even though I have hundreds on my Nook. It’s also an actual paper book. I didn’t bring my Nook with me and after I got here I realized I had grabbed the wrong white cable and my iPod charge would not make it three days. Off I went to the nearby Walgreens to pick up an old fashioned book.

The young checkout girl at the Walgreens and I struck up a conversation and I told her I was buying a book to replace my iPOD because I had forgotten my cable. The poor checkout girl looked at me like I had just said I accidentally packed my puppy in my checked bag. She told me that they sold the cables there for $8.00. I politely said no, I had two at home so I would just survive without my iPOD for a day. She leaned in close and said in a stage whisper, “no really, it’s okay you can return it at a Walgreens in your city when you get home.” It made me laugh and I assured her that I would survive an airport without my iPOD. I wasn’t sure she was going to let me leave but with a sad goodbye that let me know she didn’t think I was going to be okay I and my old fashioned book made it out.


I leave you with a shot of a perfect end to a lovely day.


Oddly I haven’t used my iPOD at all and it’s still about 75% charged.


Same News is Good News

Finally talked to the Doctors office this morning. The PET scan showed “unusual activity on the 9th rib” which is exactly the same thing that all of the other tests have shown. The good news is that it didn’t show unusual activity anywhere else. 🙂 PET scans work by injecting you with a radioactive glucose. They can then scan you and see where in your body the glucose is concentrated. This is frequently referred to as the spot that “lights up”. There are reasons other than cancer that can cause this to happen;

Reasons you might see a light up include inflammation which could be caused by radiation, chemo, an injury, or an infection. Thymic rebound (benign activity in the thymus gland) can cause a light up in the chest. So can brown fat (dense tissue filled with blood vessels) if you get cold during the scan. Muscle activity can also cause a light up. Large scar tissue masses often will have some mild degree of light up. Rarer causes could be something like even sarcoidosis.”” 

I will probably have a biopsy done next week. The radiologist group is currently looking at the combination of tests I’ve had done in the last few weeks and will make the final decision. Hopefully it will be a needle biopsy. It just occurred to me that I never asked specifically where on my 9th rib. I know where it hurts so I have always assumed that’s where they are seeing the issue. I would think that spot would be difficult for a needle biopsy as it’s right under the edge of my shoulder blade. If I move my shoulder wrong it hits on it and it is some attention getting feeling! I wish I could see copies of all of the pictures of my tests.



One of these things is very healthy and tastes pretty good, one of them is mostly healthy and tastes pretty good, the other is just really really good! They are all within 50 calories of each other as well if you are a calorie counter.

It’s good to have variety in your meals.



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