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This has really just been the most bizarre week. Every day has brought some new strangeness to deal with and today was no exception.


I think we need something to ease things up.

Let’s go find a picture to upload.


Okay, here you go. Random pictures from my selections over the last couple of years.


This guy really wanted in teh house a couple of years ago.

Ahhh, the Capitol Building in Columbus Ohio. Have you visited the capitol buildings in your state?

A really Big Topaz at the Smithsonian in DC.

I cute veggie girl who posed for me. 🙂


The mole inside my left eye! 🙂





Don’t bring me down..

My husband is watching some sort of documentary on The Doors. I dislike the doors. I know.GASP! How could I.

Well I do.


Listening to their music makes me want to go to sleep. Listening to Johnny Depp talk about their music with their music playing as background makes me want to go comatose.


I was trying to read but that wasn’t working either.


Perhaps a cookie.

WORST sick day EVER!

I woke up at four not feeling well, not horrible, just my normal “someone radiated my abdomen eight months ago” sickness. (I just went and researched again to remind myself it’s normal. 2 years recovery time is normal, so all good, just unpleasant.) but then I around 6 I realized I was running a tiny fever. What up with that? I haven’t had a virus or infection of any kind since the day I started chemo. Isn’t that weird? But true. No colds, no flu’s. So I decided to take a sick day toda just in case. Not a work from home day, but a sick day. 

Worst sick day ever! I just finished catching up on my work emails a few minutes ago. Don’t worry I’m not going to break the #1 rule of blogging (don’t talk trash about work, family or friends in a public forum) I’m going to talk about ME at work. I do not work in a retail environment but we have one thing in common with retail stores. it’s feast or famine! We’re either so quiet that I have to check the phones and make sure they’re working or it’s so busy that you can’t actually accomplish anything because you’re so busy trying to keep up with acknowledging incoming things so people know you saw them. I’m really good in a high pressure environment short term, I’m great in a crisis, but long term I’m going crazy. I feel like I’m not able to actually do anything because I don’t know which way to turn first. My personal life is having the same issue. I have so many things that I need to take care of that I haven’t done anything in months. I really need to get a handle on it. I may have to break down and make a list.

Oh, I also just started a new project. This is going to sound really really weird, but I am starting a fake business. I was having this conversation with my husband and somewhere in this light conversation I had this idea for a business. Then over the next 12 hours my brain kept going. I was designing a website in my head and doing marketing. Sort of like what happens when I get an idea for a painting or a story. I do it in my head. Well, I really want to create this one, so I am. I’m not saying I want to start the business, I just want to build the idea. So I bought a domain and hosting with the help of my lovely sister and during the times when I would normally be reading or playing on my iPod I will make this my hobby. I’ll let you see it when I’m done. But not until then in case I get bored and stop. 🙂

 Okay, that’s enough of my crazy for today I can hear my email blowing up again and I think I’m going to go try eating a scrambled egg.




Don’t be sad..


Here is your bad graphic for today.


Guess what I’m thinking about?

In the jungle the mighty jungle the dingo sleeps tonight…

The picture I posted of my son yesterday was stolen from Barsky’s Facebook page. Yes, my daughters dog has his own facebook page.  With 109 friends. 🙂

This is my daughter and her dog last month when we had a beach day.


This is a more fitting picture of Barsky. Always in motion!


Last night it became clear to me that some of Barsky’s issue are from anxiety. He feels better when he is attached to someone.


First blood from him trying to be attached to me while I was sitting on the couch. He doesn’t seem to understand why he can’t sit on my lap.

We did finally get some sleep last night. I put on his Thundershirt* and he immediately calmed down, then I went to bed. He pounced on the bed and we discussed where he should lay down. He laid on my feet. Not by my feet mind you, ON my feet. I didn’t care! I was so tired.

I woke up a couple of hours later when he moved to laying on my knees. 


After that he was laying curled up next to my chest under my arm.

Next he had somehow managed to fit into the six inches of space between me and the edge of the bed and was laying with his big ass head over my neck effectively cutting off my oxygen supply. This was apparently the goal spot. We fought this one out for the next two hours. I  recognize this behavior as something dogs do when they’re lying together as puppies.  A puppy pile. He has been attached to me ever since. Well, not now. I went to work. Interesting behavior.

*let’s talk about Thundershirts for a moment. I knew what they were before I saw him in it. I have heard other dog owners talk about them on Xanga. For those of you who don’t, they are a dog coat that velcro’s onto the dog and is supposed to make they feel less anxious, such as during a thunderstorm. I have to say based on Barskys behavior I am now considering buying one to try on the beagle. What a difference! Immediate change in behavior. Went from psycho hyper dingo dog to time for a nap calm dog in seconds. When I took it back off of him this morning he immediately rev’d back up to normal (for him) speed. I don’t want to jinx the effectiveness so I’m not putting it back on until it’s time for bed tonight. I imagine it’s like swaddling a baby. My daughter is a manager at a PetSmart so he’s always got the coolest new trends in dog wear, but this one is a keeper.


A Rose by any other name…

This is my daughters dog Barsky who we will nickname No-Doze from now on, or ND for short.



ND is staying with us for a few days while my daughter takes a much deserved break (FROM HER DOG). ND has a lot of energy and a yipping whiny bark unlike any other dog. Probably because his breed is part dingo. ND loves to run around and play. He has a lot of energy. Last night we tried to let ND decide where he wanted to sleep and just gave him the run of the house as we do with our dogs. MISTAKE! He apparently thinks I am the substitute Katy. He followed me everywhere I tried to lay down. Oddly enough, last night I decided to lay in my bed. After a couple of hours ND decided he must also be in my bed. Licking my face. Then laying on my pillow. Then laying on my head. Finally laying on my feet. I found feet laying perfectly acceptable, for the ten minutes he was able to lay still.

Apparently the big dog was jealous (as she often is) and so she decided she needed to be in the bedroom too. But only for a half hour, then she wanted to go back to her normal sleeping spot. The living-room. As soon as she left the room ND lept up and out and chased around to see where she was going and what she was doing. 15 minutes later ND would come back to my bedroom to lick my face, and sleep on my head. Of course the big dog would follow because she was jealous and then the whole cycle would start all over again!

At some point we also had a fire drill. A fire engine went by which immediately causes the big dog to run out in the backyard and start howling. Apparently this was a call to party for ND who ran outside and joined in the howling barking fun.

Earlier in our very long night of sleep attempts my poor neighbors picked last night to come home late. Swoosh…out go the great defenders with a cacophony of barks.

Eventually we (all three dogs and I)moved out to the living room so my husband could get some sleep and where ND couldn’t fit on the couch with me (shhhh, that’s what I told him even though he could have) so he slept on the floor next to me, as long as I kept my hand on him. As soon as I moved my hand because I fell asleep he would leap up and and try to climb on top of me. 

The highlight of the evening was when I was sleeping with one hand on the dog and apparently my mouth wide open and suddenly breathed in something that made me cough and choke. I do not even want to think about what it was that probably dropped in my mouth.


Luckily he is about the cutest thing ever when I’m wide awake!





 (I really have to start wearing long pants when I watch TV at night, or stop taking pictures from that angle)


just a thought

I was sitting here feeling sorry for myself. Same old long boring story, blah, blah, blah and picked up my iPod and spent 15 minutes round robin’ing between three different games (Words with Friends, Hanging with Friends, Matching with Friends) with one person. It made me smile to thing she was sitting way over there on the other side of the country probably smiling cause she was doing exactly the same thing I was doing. I don’t know it’s just cool how people are mentally together at the same time without talking or seeing each other. Then I flipped open my Xanga and someone had a blog post thanking me for making a difference in their lives just because I took some time to do some research on an issue they were having. Hard to feel bad for too long around here.

Well played my friends. 🙂

Just another tack in the pole

This pole is close to my house (NB Douglas @ Laskey EmeraldPixie) and I noticed the other day while sitting at a red light that it is amazingly covered in metal now. Every staple a memory of a garage sale or fund raising car wash event. Every nail a sad reminder of a lost pet, or hopefully a joyful reminder of a found pet reunited with the people who love him. Screws holding up big signs showing the local band hoping to “make it big” playing at a local club.

I think it’s a great reminder of how I want to live my life. So packed full of memories and experiences that there isn’t room for anymore. Adding another memory has to be carefully squeezed in so it doesn’t overlap another one and not stick. 

Is the pole weaker for all of the little pieces taken out by each one or stronger for all of the metal added to it over the years?

Just something to think about today.



Another amazingly badly drawn graphic to illustrate my point

I normally don’t get things from IKEA delivered because it is frightfully expensive. This time I was buying six office chairs and a desk so it balanced out a little better. IKEA contracts with local delivery services.  My delivery service called on Sunday to make sure we would be in the office on Monday. They called on Monday to ask where we were. Then they called to tell me they would be there within the hours, then they called me from the parking lot 90 minutes later to ask about which door to come in.

A younger person carried up, on his shoulders, two large boxes out of my 17 and then went back down to get more. While he was gone I looked a little closer at the boxes and when he came back in with boxes three & four I pointed out to him that this wasn’t my stuff. After a very long blank look and five or six more attempts at saying “NOT MY STUFF” in different wording he finally seem to get it.  He asked me to call the number that had called me and tell his uncle who had gone to sears to come back. Apparently the Uncle unloaded all the wrong stuff and then left the nephew to carry it all to my office. 

So in the meantime I say, Hey..wanna use our moving cart to take all that stuff back down? He looked very happy. These were hundred pound boxes!  So I grabbed him our little cart (two and a half feet wide, four feet long) and he piled the five foot long boxes on it and this is where I knew it was going to get amusing.  I said to him, HEY you might want to turn those boxes around the other way.

He flipped them a little and then spent five (no really, at least five full minutes) maneuvering the boxes around our desks and out the door. 


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