This is my daughters dog Barsky who we will nickname No-Doze from now on, or ND for short.



ND is staying with us for a few days while my daughter takes a much deserved break (FROM HER DOG). ND has a lot of energy and a yipping whiny bark unlike any other dog. Probably because his breed is part dingo. ND loves to run around and play. He has a lot of energy. Last night we tried to let ND decide where he wanted to sleep and just gave him the run of the house as we do with our dogs. MISTAKE! He apparently thinks I am the substitute Katy. He followed me everywhere I tried to lay down. Oddly enough, last night I decided to lay in my bed. After a couple of hours ND decided he must also be in my bed. Licking my face. Then laying on my pillow. Then laying on my head. Finally laying on my feet. I found feet laying perfectly acceptable, for the ten minutes he was able to lay still.

Apparently the big dog was jealous (as she often is) and so she decided she needed to be in the bedroom too. But only for a half hour, then she wanted to go back to her normal sleeping spot. The living-room. As soon as she left the room ND lept up and out and chased around to see where she was going and what she was doing. 15 minutes later ND would come back to my bedroom to lick my face, and sleep on my head. Of course the big dog would follow because she was jealous and then the whole cycle would start all over again!

At some point we also had a fire drill. A fire engine went by which immediately causes the big dog to run out in the backyard and start howling. Apparently this was a call to party for ND who ran outside and joined in the howling barking fun.

Earlier in our very long night of sleep attempts my poor neighbors picked last night to come home late. Swoosh…out go the great defenders with a cacophony of barks.

Eventually we (all three dogs and I)moved out to the living room so my husband could get some sleep and where ND couldn’t fit on the couch with me (shhhh, that’s what I told him even though he could have) so he slept on the floor next to me, as long as I kept my hand on him. As soon as I moved my hand because I fell asleep he would leap up and and try to climb on top of me. 

The highlight of the evening was when I was sleeping with one hand on the dog and apparently my mouth wide open and suddenly breathed in something that made me cough and choke. I do not even want to think about what it was that probably dropped in my mouth.


Luckily he is about the cutest thing ever when I’m wide awake!





 (I really have to start wearing long pants when I watch TV at night, or stop taking pictures from that angle)


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  1. He is a cute, cute grand puppy! Is he a heeler?

  2. O_O I’d about lose my mind. You must have the patience of a saint to deal with a dog that hyper.

  3. @Mom_with_a_Chainsaw – Yes he is! He really is an adorable dog and very very smart.

  4. He’s part dingo? Does he eat babies?

  5. A handsome lad indeed. Oh, and the dog’s cute too.

  6. We have nights like that when it storms.  One of our dogs gets so fretful that she pants and whines at the lightning & thunder.  The vet told me to give her benadryl, which would work if she took it well.  I found some “melting” tablets, but it’s a huge deal to get her to eat a piece of cheese with that in it.  Normally, she’s all about the cheese.  Once it’s done, though, she settles in very well.  I’ve seriously considered getting one of those thunder jackets that is supposed to calm them.  I found them at PetSmart for about $30.  They say they are supposed to work well (guaranteed), but she gets so hot, we’d probably still be dealing with the panting.You have my very deepest sympathy.  Too many sleepless nights are less than fun.  Hope ND settles down soon.

  7. and the dogs cute too.

  8. Ah you are so patient…I don’t think I could put up with that all night !

  9. He is super cute! I would go nuts….but then I would look at his face again and decide that it’s worth it 🙂

  10. That was fun to read. must’ve been even more fun to live haha. he is adorable! and clearly a real people pup. What a good grandma you are! 

  11. A few days of that and you’ll be worn completely out!  Ha!  So sweet of you to dog-sit though!

  12. Anyone can plainly see that ND is a real handful.  What a cute dog!

  13. LOL!  Gotta love a good pup dog.  They make trying to get a good night’s sleep such an adventure, don’t they?  I dreamed about a flying dog last night.  Honest, I didn’t throw him.

  14. I am not a dog or animal person so can not comment.xx

  15. This made me laugh right out loud.  It sounds quite hilarious….although I’m sure made for a long night. 

  16. Sounds like my spoiled pups

  17. @Emme402 If your dog is a double-coated breed, adding a layer of fabric (such as a thundershirt) has almost no effect on overheating. Double coated dogs do not lose any heat through their fur, so adding extra does not effect their ventilation system. They lose most heat from their paws and mouth. 🙂 On a single coated dog, it would be more bothersome in heat. 

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