The picture I posted of my son yesterday was stolen from Barsky’s Facebook page. Yes, my daughters dog has his own facebook page.  With 109 friends. 🙂

This is my daughter and her dog last month when we had a beach day.


This is a more fitting picture of Barsky. Always in motion!


Last night it became clear to me that some of Barsky’s issue are from anxiety. He feels better when he is attached to someone.


First blood from him trying to be attached to me while I was sitting on the couch. He doesn’t seem to understand why he can’t sit on my lap.

We did finally get some sleep last night. I put on his Thundershirt* and he immediately calmed down, then I went to bed. He pounced on the bed and we discussed where he should lay down. He laid on my feet. Not by my feet mind you, ON my feet. I didn’t care! I was so tired.

I woke up a couple of hours later when he moved to laying on my knees. 


After that he was laying curled up next to my chest under my arm.

Next he had somehow managed to fit into the six inches of space between me and the edge of the bed and was laying with his big ass head over my neck effectively cutting off my oxygen supply. This was apparently the goal spot. We fought this one out for the next two hours. I  recognize this behavior as something dogs do when they’re lying together as puppies.  A puppy pile. He has been attached to me ever since. Well, not now. I went to work. Interesting behavior.

*let’s talk about Thundershirts for a moment. I knew what they were before I saw him in it. I have heard other dog owners talk about them on Xanga. For those of you who don’t, they are a dog coat that velcro’s onto the dog and is supposed to make they feel less anxious, such as during a thunderstorm. I have to say based on Barskys behavior I am now considering buying one to try on the beagle. What a difference! Immediate change in behavior. Went from psycho hyper dingo dog to time for a nap calm dog in seconds. When I took it back off of him this morning he immediately rev’d back up to normal (for him) speed. I don’t want to jinx the effectiveness so I’m not putting it back on until it’s time for bed tonight. I imagine it’s like swaddling a baby. My daughter is a manager at a PetSmart so he’s always got the coolest new trends in dog wear, but this one is a keeper.


Comments on: "In the jungle the mighty jungle the dingo sleeps tonight…" (0)

  1. Large does of Xanax accomplish the same thing. 

  2. I’ve been hearing about them too..I may have to get one for Frannie…I could imagine the picture of the bed perfectly!!

  3. I have two dogs that share the bed with my husband and I and they are not small dogs they are lab mixed with blue tick hound and what ever the big orange gold Daddy dog was…so I can imagine the puppy pile thing my dogs take there space out of my side…Barsky is a handsome pup for sure.

  4. I’m sold.  Looks like Mia gets a new Thundershirt.  Haven’t really needed one in the past few months, though, because of the drought!  Glad her pup settled down.

  5. My dogs each have their own facebook pages as well. Their lives are usually more interesting than mine. And both have thunder shirts. I have one dog that is very much attached to me to the point of separation anxiety. Then one is afraid of fireworks.

  6. wow a ‘thundershirt’ hey I have seen them but just thought they were jackets for dogs haha that dog sounds soo crazy, you are SO patient Tracy!

  7. I hope I never have to say, The dingo ate my sister, that would take being close to a whole new level. When is Katy home?

  8. @hippo63 – I never did ask.  I think she’s supposed to be back today though.

  9. @tracy – We put him to bed in Seans room last night and that worked out pretty well. I woke up at 3 and did my normal hang out for two hours before falling back asleep which didn’t work out very well because at 5 in came the Barsky. He was coughing and apparently when he coughs he likes to gag and spit and he also apparently feels much better doing it while standing on top of me. He really really likes to be very very close to people all the time.

  10. Yay for Thundershirt!   It has been so hot here, I haven’t tried it in the car too much, but that’s the next high anxiety place we’ll use it.  So far we have used it on one car ride and there was minimal pacing and much sitting – which was SUPER!  Two nights ago we donned it again for a midnight thunderstorm – and after the initial thunderstorm anxiety started to wane the thundershirt sleepies took over and we all went back to bed   It was heaven!    Glad you got some sleep!

  11. A Thundershirt sounds like just what the beagle needs during a Thunderstorm! Any other time (except for walk time and feeding time) he is very mellow.Facebook pages for animals is funny! Maybe I will make one for the beagle! Glad you got some sleep!

  12. Awwww! He wuvs you! I was wondering abut those shirts myself. Sounds like a nice dog tho. Giving the beagle the hymlic yesterday made me giggle a few times.

  13. I have a friend who has Boxers and they have thundershirts.  Pretty amazing they actually work.

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