WORST sick day EVER!

I woke up at four not feeling well, not horrible, just my normal “someone radiated my abdomen eight months ago” sickness. (I just went and researched again to remind myself it’s normal. 2 years recovery time is normal, so all good, just unpleasant.) but then I around 6 I realized I was running a tiny fever. What up with that? I haven’t had a virus or infection of any kind since the day I started chemo. Isn’t that weird? But true. No colds, no flu’s. So I decided to take a sick day toda just in case. Not a work from home day, but a sick day. 

Worst sick day ever! I just finished catching up on my work emails a few minutes ago. Don’t worry I’m not going to break the #1 rule of blogging (don’t talk trash about work, family or friends in a public forum) I’m going to talk about ME at work. I do not work in a retail environment but we have one thing in common with retail stores. it’s feast or famine! We’re either so quiet that I have to check the phones and make sure they’re working or it’s so busy that you can’t actually accomplish anything because you’re so busy trying to keep up with acknowledging incoming things so people know you saw them. I’m really good in a high pressure environment short term, I’m great in a crisis, but long term I’m going crazy. I feel like I’m not able to actually do anything because I don’t know which way to turn first. My personal life is having the same issue. I have so many things that I need to take care of that I haven’t done anything in months. I really need to get a handle on it. I may have to break down and make a list.

Oh, I also just started a new project. This is going to sound really really weird, but I am starting a fake business. I was having this conversation with my husband and somewhere in this light conversation I had this idea for a business. Then over the next 12 hours my brain kept going. I was designing a website in my head and doing marketing. Sort of like what happens when I get an idea for a painting or a story. I do it in my head. Well, I really want to create this one, so I am. I’m not saying I want to start the business, I just want to build the idea. So I bought a domain and hosting with the help of my lovely sister and during the times when I would normally be reading or playing on my iPod I will make this my hobby. I’ll let you see it when I’m done. But not until then in case I get bored and stop. šŸ™‚

 Okay, that’s enough of my crazy for today I can hear my email blowing up again and I think I’m going to go try eating a scrambled egg.




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  1. I could point out the obvious issue with answering work emails when you’re sick but since I do the same thing it would hypocritical of me. I look forward to seeing your business idea!

  2. So I’ve had this feeling lately and I am sure it is based on you mentioning somewhere but that your guts have not been happy lately. I’m sorry. That must be very frustrating to be back there again. I know you were feeling better for awhile. I hope the eggs worked out for you. That is what I had for lunch today. They are easy and quick and oh, so good.Good luck with getting your stuff done. I have a table full of stuff I need to work on. I feel your pain on this matter.I think that is so interesting that you are doing this business in your head. I hope it goes well and is an interesting diversion for you.

  3. I am so sorry that you are feeling icky. Stop working, and take care of YOU!I’d like to hear this business idea, too.

  4. Hope you feel better soon!  And quit checking email! 

  5. Hope your egg stayed okay! Hope you’re well soon.

  6. @Kissed_By_A_Dog – For some reason your comment made me laugh. Hope your egg stayed okay just struck me as funny! Maybe I need to get up I seem to be getting loopy. šŸ™‚

  7. Looking at options for K, so I haven’t been around much.  Just wishing you a speedy recovery from the icky feeling you had this morning!  Kathi

  8. I hope by now…several hours after you wrote the post…you are feeling better. hmmm I’m intrigued about this web site/business/hobby/entertainment

  9. I hope you are feeling better! You should take a day where you lay in bed all day and watch your favorite shows or movies….NO WORK! Sip green tea and water and soup šŸ™‚ 

  10. I want to see then you can sell it to me and I can run it and work my way through college that way!

  11. Hoping you chill out soon.

  12. Hope you are feeling better ~ and I want to ask you about the Grand Canyon.  We are planning a vacation for next spring, has to be canada or US, where would you recommend?  Know you boot about a lot.  Would be best to be all inclusive [work is paying] but we’re just trying to get ideas.  L

  13. @LaMorganna – hmmm, we’ve never done anything all inclusive, though the Grand Canyon does have resorts very close to the canyon that I think are inclusive. I personally think everyone should visit the Grand Canyon Area and the Niagara Falls at least once in their life.How long are you going to be on the vacation? 

  14. Well, we did Niagara Falls in June!  We’ll be away for about a week.  We don’t know whether to go to Florida or somewhere more grand, boss is paying, writing it off I assume so all inclusive is easier, because he wants to have it on 2012 books.  You went in the spring, right? 

  15. We did the Grand Canyon in April. It was really a perfect time.Weather was gorgeous. El Tovar is the place that is literally right on the canyon. Check this out for the inclusive:'ve always wanted to try a Caravan tour. šŸ™‚

  16. One of my dear friends from back home started a fake business not thinking anyone would want tumble weeds well low and behold she has been selling tumble weeds  for several years now and has made well over 150 thousand dollars doing it…She has sent her tumble weeds to Hollywood so when you see a tumble weed blowing around it is most like one of hers that she boxed up and sent to the movie guys… so lookout you may have to figure out how to complete your orders like Linda did.  

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