Don’t bring me down..

My husband is watching some sort of documentary on The Doors. I dislike the doors. I know.GASP! How could I.

Well I do.


Listening to their music makes me want to go to sleep. Listening to Johnny Depp talk about their music with their music playing as background makes me want to go comatose.


I was trying to read but that wasn’t working either.


Perhaps a cookie.

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  1. In Vietnam in1968 someone got a tape recorder with a tape – one of those ancient reel-to-reel type tapes – of a New York station [I think WABC] selection of the top 300 rock songs of all time.  I believe “Light My Fire” the Doors was number 8.  We used to love getting stoned while listening to that song.  Not exactly a great association for me these days!

  2. I’ve never listened to The Doors.

  3. @RakkaRay – It’s hard not to think of getting stoned to Light my Fire,it’s just that sound. I think music and smells are the most powerful memory triggers out there. I’m sorry it’s bring back memories of bad things for you. Next time I’ll talk about Tiny Tim & TipToe thru the Tulips. 🙂 @Shining_Garnet – Your energy level is probably the better for it.

  4. Yes I would go for the cookie for sure

  5. It’s ok not to care for the Doors. Truly.

  6. Ditto from the boss! Of course that’s me not springsteen. LOL

  7. @GoodGuyTheBoss – For a moment I thought you had an inside track to Bruce. I can see him not caring for the doors too.

  8. Maybe we’ve all heard too much about the Doors to appreciate them anymore, or maybe they just bring us all back to a not so great time. I’m not crazy about them either. And I used to think Johnny Depp was hot, and then I heard him talk too much about his weird life and he sounds so snobbish and above it all that he lost all his hotness for me. so yeah can see how that’d not be a relaxing combination.

  9. I like the doors a little, but I can’t stand seeing close ups of Jim Morrison’s filthy fingernails and dirty sleeves. Makes me a little ill, it does. I like looking at Johnny Depp, but I don’t really wanna hear him talk. Yeah, cookies beat the doors anytime.

  10. Jim Morrison died in a bathtub, and it is strange who from the music business is not around anymore and who is.  Kevin DuBrow of Quiet Riot died about a year or two ago at about age 58 in Las Vegas I think, with long hippie hair and cocaine in his bloodstream.  Ronnie James Dio was taken from us by stomach cancer in his late 50’s, I remember that moment a few years ago.  And of course, Michael Jackson had all the money in the world and all he wanted to do was have a petting zoo and take bubble baths with 12 year old boys.  He also died in early middle age.I think that Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin were both amazing musicians who are missed today, they were at least as talented as Jim Morrison and maybe more.  Karen Carpenter if you like the softer rock, died of anorexia nervosa.  John Lord of Deep Purple died not long ago after a long illness, pancreatic cancer I think.  He did live longer than some of the other ones and had a prolific recording career.  Playing organ with Purple on songs like “Smoke On The Water” and “My Woman From Tokyo”, he also was part of my adolescence as was the late John Bonham (drums, Led Zeppelin), who, like Morrison, didn’t make it to 40.These were great artists and they burned the candle at both ends.  Michael Jackson was so talented yet so collossally f##ed up in terms of any kind of a personal life and it always seemed like his whole body language screamed that he wanted a real man in his bed and his family wouldn’t let him be what he really was (Mister T’s bitch and loving it.)

  11. Okay, wait.  I can’t BELIEVE this!  LOL  Well, we’ll chalk this one up to being a fluke!  You’re entitled to a bit of flukiness, afterall!  :-p  Kathi

  12. I liked The Doors when I was in High School. Then I grew up and realized how shitty their music was and how overrated Jim Morrison is. His lyrics and poetry are really very amature yet everyone seems to think they ‘re so profound.

  13. Wow…I always thought “Touch me Babe” was insightful and very profound. 

  14. I vote cookie! I also disallow the Doors very very much… Gasp

  15. Seems like it would be a lot of droning on and on about a guy who did a lot of droning on and on…..and then died.

  16. I was pretty young when Jim Morrison died, and not old enough to be “into” their music.  I was always confused by how young he looked and the voice he had.  They didn’t go together in my mind.

  17. I like a few of their songs but not enough to watch a doc about them. I have no desire to see Johnny Depp talk or act.What kind of cookie?

  18. Time to close another door.

  19. I love the Doors.  Maybe has something to do with my drug fueled youth, I dunno.  I do have a lot of respect for the keyboard player and Jim was amazing when he wasn’t too messed up to perform.

  20. @tracy – Nah, don’t worry about it.  But you are right – that song and getting stoned go together like peanut butter and jelly.  Which means I don’t listen to the Doors anymore!

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