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Maybe the corn council should hire me!

I was reading about different methods of cooking butternut squash and wondering if cooking it in the microwave killed nutrients when I suddenly thought, hmmm, I wonder if HFCS & Mircrowaves became popular around the same time. What if it is actually the use of Microwaves & not HFCS that caused the sudden upswing in obesity in Americans. So I went and looked and I’ll be darned if they didn’t become widely used at the same time!

” The countertop microwave oven was first introduced in 1967 by the Amana Corporation, which had been acquired in 1965 by Raytheon.”

The production process of high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), was developed in Japan in the 1960s and became popular with manufactured foods in the late 1970s.

HA! You asked for it.

I’ve been terribly busy with mostly nothing important and work. I’ve been sending my self little memos of things I want to talk about. But there are too many,so here they are in bullets.


  • They say it takes two weeks to make a habit so every time my husband goes out of town I try to do things in a new order, throw my schedule out of whack. Do things extra healthy & actively in hopes it will stick. I have done so many workouts in this two weeks! Yoga, bike and elliptical.


  • My knees hurt a lot and I work on the 2nd floor. I always take the stairs and most of the time it makes my knees hurt. I noticed this week that I lean forward. If i stand up straight they don’t hurt. It’s like in Yoga, never extend your knee past your foot and then put weight on it.


  • Driving on a 25 mph street and then it’s 20 in the school zone, really?


  • I got mad at someone today and then had to leave to go pick up lunch. I wanted to drive really fast to relieve some stress but ended up driving very slowly, see above, and realized that it’s probably better for stress. You calm and notice the wonderful things around you. Maybe that’s why my husband is always stressed? He likes to get somewhere as quickly as possible and is impatient. He tailgates the people in front of him so they’ll move faster and get into the other lane. Not relaxing at all and you never get a chance to see anything interesting.


  • What’s more aggravating to deal with on a regular basis, people who are just rude or people who are mostly nice but totally inconsiderate and never think about how their actions affect others?


  • If you want to make people like you, listen to them. Not just enough, but with all your attention and remember what they say. Don’t ask “How’s it going?” Ask, how did your doctors appointment go yesterday? Is your father feeling better? Is work still crazy? But you have to teach yourself to actually be interested in the answers. People can smell insincerity like pot smoke on a denim jacket in the winter.


  • If you think time is going too fast spend a lot of time on a bicycle exercising when you’re tired. You’ll feel like you’ve been there for hours.


  • Aloe Vera is nasty nasty nasty tasting but I think it’s really helping my radiated intestines. It’s also highly recommended for people with ulcerative colitis, crohns and IBS.


  •  I have strange bruises in strange places again. I’ve been taking pictures of them, but I don’t want to upload right now. Someday a post of all bruises.


  • I think the acupuncture is doing something. I don’t know how, and i don’t know why. But I think it is. After I have it done I sleep like a brick for the next three nights or so. Freaky.

Things I learned on Thursday

I went to the Chinese Medicine / Acupuncture clinic today. 


I’m just not sure how I feel about it yet. She was very thorough and asked tons of questions and got a very full medical history. She is interested in fixing all of my issues, which of course I would like to do. Though my immediate need was for my shoulder. 

I learned some interesting information and did end up walking away with a bottle of a Chinese Herb mix to try to work on my radiated intestines. Side-note….aloe Vera..The real stuff. You drink it instead of rub it in your skin. Supposed to work the same way on the inside as it does the outside. Tastes like hell, but I am trying it for two weeks. The day after my first dose I felt so much better. Coincidence? I don’t know, but I’m definitely trying it for a full two weeks.


The actual sticking me with needles part was pretty un-dramatic. I had about 15 needles stuck in me. Forehead, ears, stomach, hands, arm, legs, feet and ankle.

A couple of them hurt a little, a couple of them gave me a funny feeling and a couple of them I didn’t feel go in at all. I didn’t have any magic moment afterwards that I suddenly said “Eureka! I am healed”. I have another appointment next Tuesday and then we’ll see what happens after that. It’s kind of an expensive endeavor if you’re not sure if it’s working, so I’m hopeful that it will.

We only butted heads over vegetarianism. Many of the herbals are not vegetarian. If I find the one that I’m trying does work I might be will to try others even the ones with things like “Ass Hide” “Turtle” and “Antler” if it could also be proven to me that any harvesting was at the very least done humanely. But I’m thinking not so I will probably stick to my guns on that one. She is a big believer in the whole circle of life thing and that as long as we’re not just wasting what we kill it’s fine. I just don’t know that people who talk about Karma and Qi  can harvest animal parts without knowing how those animals are treated.

HOWEVER I learned about vitamin B12. I did not know that true vitamin B12 can only be gotten through animals. If you are a vegetarian you are not getting plain old B12. You can buy synthetic B12 though apparently most vegetarians get there dosages just by the fortified foods they eat. Since I do not eat a lot of fortified foods I am probably not getting any B12. For now, I’ll go on the synthetic stuff because it’s a pretty important vitamin. I make a lot of compromises in my life might as well have a potentially ineffective vitamin B12 too.



Home, Home in Toledo….Where the possums & the squirrels roam.

Well, no trip to Chicago for me. No good MB time. 😦


Instead I will do things, and read things, and stuff.


I slept and slept and slept last night. I have not had a restful week and was so happy not to go to work this morning. (Nothing Personal work)


My husband is leaving in two hours but luckily he has been ready for three already and is pacing around. New limo service means you never quite know if they’re going to pick you up!


I hate it when I get calls to my personal cell phone number that I don’t give out to too many people (I usually give out my google voice) from a nearby city in which I know no-one and they DON”T LEAVE A MESSAGE!


Go on about your day.

The standard things

I had things in my head to put down on paper, well you know what I mean, but I once again have forgotten them all. They were brilliant.

I am worried about my friend Mary Beth(@skanickadee) this week for some reason.  I just keep thinking she needs a little smiling. If the timing on my husbands trip were a little different I think I would drive up to Mary Beths on Saturday morning so we could hang out for a bit. Well, if my husbands trip gets moved around maybe I will. probably not though.

This week was the restart of working out. Monday I rode my bike and then later went to Yoga. Today I went to the YMCA and did 30 minutes on the elliptical. Uhg….I have no muscle.  I was using the see no evil, hear no evil of weight loss maintenance during these few months of bone healing. So I finally stepped on a scale yesterday to see how bad it was. Gained eight pounds. I have gained and lost this particular eight pounds so many times in the last year and half. I stick at 134. *YES, GASP! I typed my weight. So that’s where I am back to.I would like to be under 120, so my only real goal is to lose 15 pounds.

I’ve been having a very good and happy digestive system the last four days. YAY! Being able to eat anything I want will cause an immediate weight gain, but then a big old loss once I can get back onto nice and healthy fruits and veggies. Mostly veggies, I’m not a big fruit eater. One bite at a time. Probably about 18 more months of healing.  We can do it.

*I was just talking to my husband about his trip and told him that if it gets switched around again and he leaves at 4am on Saturday I would probably drive up to Chicago. He is going to China so I really need to be here when he leaves, and he told me that he is actually flying TO Chicago from here, then to China. He’ll check and see if driving to Chicago on Friday would work then I would just drive him to the Airport. How nice is he? Like I said, probably won’t work out, but it’s always nice when people are helpful like that.


That is the excitement of Tracy world today, pretty boring and stable. Maybe everyone could send some happy thoughts Mary Beths way. Picture 70’s cartoon flowers and smiley faces flying through the air to her. 🙂

Good Morning!

It’s is 60 Degrees outside! Lovely sleeping weather, though I can’t help but notice it’s getting very dark.

I have been so incredibly busy the last two weeks. I don’t know what is going on at work! I can’t seem to do anything besides what popped up in the last five minutes so I am far far far behind. ug.

My husband is doing well though did find out yesterday at the cardiologist that he had had a mass of plague break loose in the major artery in his heart. That could have been fatal. 😦

I slept until 8am this morning. That is crazy late for me. At 11 o’clock last night I was in bed and thought since I was wide awake I would listen to a few podcasts and get some education until I fell asleep. I did not even make it past the theme song.

Lunch this afternoon with my sister & husband for a cash-mob. 🙂

Here are my facebook pictures from the week . *some interesting sizing becuase I sent froom a different email account.

I took these two sitting at my desk. I had two visitors in from Stockholm all week. They were redoing our office network.




The the whole office went out for dinner! Top Picture, Starting from the left. Peter, Steven, Al. On the Right Brad & Mike.

Bottom picture, Jonas, Peter, Steven, Al.

Jonas & Peter are from Stockholm. 


 My ear. My sister gave me an ear cuff that is a little guy hanging on my ear. It’s cute.

26 Minutes

That’s how much StandUpToCancer I can watch.

Apparently I still have some issues.


Gosh, it was a long week.


all is good…

I have a thousand gajillion billing things to catch up on but mostly I just want to sit and watch bad movies.

On Friday my husband had the angioplasty and ended up getting two more stents put in. Different artery this time. So now he has three stents in the front artery and two in the back. Stayed in the hospital overnight and came home yesterday morning.

Quiet day yesterday of just hanging close by and mostly dragging his big ass laptops back and forth while he worked. I am not made to be a care-taker and I suggest if anyone ever needs someone to take care of them and I am the last resort they rethink how really sick they are. Or at the very least swap your laptop for a netbook. 🙂

The work thing (his not mine) is still in limbo. Uhg

After a very rough few weeks for my sad little radiated digestive system had a good day yesterday. W00t! Patience used to be one of my strengths but the older I get it seems like I may be using up my lifetime supply.

hmmm, suddenly I’m craving a breakfast burrito. Stupid Sonic commercial.

Back to zombie’ing in front of a tv for a few hours.

Enjoy your Sunday.






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