Things I learned on Thursday

I went to the Chinese Medicine / Acupuncture clinic today. 


I’m just not sure how I feel about it yet. She was very thorough and asked tons of questions and got a very full medical history. She is interested in fixing all of my issues, which of course I would like to do. Though my immediate need was for my shoulder. 

I learned some interesting information and did end up walking away with a bottle of a Chinese Herb mix to try to work on my radiated intestines. Side-note….aloe Vera..The real stuff. You drink it instead of rub it in your skin. Supposed to work the same way on the inside as it does the outside. Tastes like hell, but I am trying it for two weeks. The day after my first dose I felt so much better. Coincidence? I don’t know, but I’m definitely trying it for a full two weeks.


The actual sticking me with needles part was pretty un-dramatic. I had about 15 needles stuck in me. Forehead, ears, stomach, hands, arm, legs, feet and ankle.

A couple of them hurt a little, a couple of them gave me a funny feeling and a couple of them I didn’t feel go in at all. I didn’t have any magic moment afterwards that I suddenly said “Eureka! I am healed”. I have another appointment next Tuesday and then we’ll see what happens after that. It’s kind of an expensive endeavor if you’re not sure if it’s working, so I’m hopeful that it will.

We only butted heads over vegetarianism. Many of the herbals are not vegetarian. If I find the one that I’m trying does work I might be will to try others even the ones with things like “Ass Hide” “Turtle” and “Antler” if it could also be proven to me that any harvesting was at the very least done humanely. But I’m thinking not so I will probably stick to my guns on that one. She is a big believer in the whole circle of life thing and that as long as we’re not just wasting what we kill it’s fine. I just don’t know that people who talk about Karma and Qi  can harvest animal parts without knowing how those animals are treated.

HOWEVER I learned about vitamin B12. I did not know that true vitamin B12 can only be gotten through animals. If you are a vegetarian you are not getting plain old B12. You can buy synthetic B12 though apparently most vegetarians get there dosages just by the fortified foods they eat. Since I do not eat a lot of fortified foods I am probably not getting any B12. For now, I’ll go on the synthetic stuff because it’s a pretty important vitamin. I make a lot of compromises in my life might as well have a potentially ineffective vitamin B12 too.



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  1. Sounds like your day way much more interesting than mine Wow

  2. What funny feeling?

  3. @Ninasusan – a little creepy, like a slow low electric shock..ish.

  4. I’ve wanted to try acupuncture. Not likely in my little town.

  5. There is only you can not think, no you can not do it.Welcome to

  6. I sure hope this works for you. I never tried any of that so I am interested in seeing how you do. My wife does not even like normal doctors and pills. lolWishing you the best,frank

  7. I hope this works for you! Please keep us posted. (I love it when alternative medicines work!)

  8. The “shock” thing scares me!  How are you feeling now about the “drinkable” aloe vera?  I hope you are still getting favorable results from it.  Are you able to eat more things without any upset?Kathi

  9. @Still_groovy – I’m still feeling pretty good about it. I don’t think it’s the miraculous cure that I would like but I do feel better. It’s funny because I really can’t eat anything without causing issues still, it’s just that it’s not as bad as it was. So for now, that’s a success.

  10. 2 things–my SIL has ulcerative colitis and she says the aloe vera has helped her a lot, although it tastes horrible. And my FIL years ago, before anyone did acupuncture had it done…he was on disability for a bad back, could barely move. After a few sessions he could do almost anything. I hope you find the same relief!Very interesting about the vitamin B12. We aren’t vegetarians but we rarely eat meat…wonder if i should check into that, as i’ve never heard that before…but maybe a cold meat sandwhich once a week makes up for it? something to think about..

  11. Cool, it will be interesting to hear how you feel this works or doesnot work for you 🙂

  12. You just sound cool 😉

  13. @Jst4e – Your comment made me smile so early in the morning. thank you. You sound pretty cool yourself. I hope you’re feeling good and strong.

  14. It has been 7 days since you blogged. I miss you!

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