HA! You asked for it.

I’ve been terribly busy with mostly nothing important and work. I’ve been sending my self little memos of things I want to talk about. But there are too many,so here they are in bullets.


  • They say it takes two weeks to make a habit so every time my husband goes out of town I try to do things in a new order, throw my schedule out of whack. Do things extra healthy & actively in hopes it will stick. I have done so many workouts in this two weeks! Yoga, bike and elliptical.


  • My knees hurt a lot and I work on the 2nd floor. I always take the stairs and most of the time it makes my knees hurt. I noticed this week that I lean forward. If i stand up straight they don’t hurt. It’s like in Yoga, never extend your knee past your foot and then put weight on it.


  • Driving on a 25 mph street and then it’s 20 in the school zone, really?


  • I got mad at someone today and then had to leave to go pick up lunch. I wanted to drive really fast to relieve some stress but ended up driving very slowly, see above, and realized that it’s probably better for stress. You calm and notice the wonderful things around you. Maybe that’s why my husband is always stressed? He likes to get somewhere as quickly as possible and is impatient. He tailgates the people in front of him so they’ll move faster and get into the other lane. Not relaxing at all and you never get a chance to see anything interesting.


  • What’s more aggravating to deal with on a regular basis, people who are just rude or people who are mostly nice but totally inconsiderate and never think about how their actions affect others?


  • If you want to make people like you, listen to them. Not just enough, but with all your attention and remember what they say. Don’t ask “How’s it going?” Ask, how did your doctors appointment go yesterday? Is your father feeling better? Is work still crazy? But you have to teach yourself to actually be interested in the answers. People can smell insincerity like pot smoke on a denim jacket in the winter.


  • If you think time is going too fast spend a lot of time on a bicycle exercising when you’re tired. You’ll feel like you’ve been there for hours.


  • Aloe Vera is nasty nasty nasty tasting but I think it’s really helping my radiated intestines. It’s also highly recommended for people with ulcerative colitis, crohns and IBS.


  •  I have strange bruises in strange places again. I’ve been taking pictures of them, but I don’t want to upload right now. Someday a post of all bruises.


  • I think the acupuncture is doing something. I don’t know how, and i don’t know why. But I think it is. After I have it done I sleep like a brick for the next three nights or so. Freaky.

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  1. May the chettedness of blipdom be thine to nibble at and then leave and then visit at whim from time to time as it may please thee.

  2. I have heard that about Aloe Vera before. I haven’t had the guts to try it. It might also be because they have behaving. I am glad to hear that it is helping you. As you know, I have been driving a lot lately and on days when I sing to myself, I am a less aggressive driver and therefore in a better mood. Slow drivers have been making me crazy lately so I will have to remember that the next time I get behind the wheel.I have noticed that when I have injections, I will feel a sensation in another part of my body. It is the weirdest thing but it so makes me believe in acupuncture. I am glad it is working for you!Seems like things are on an upswing for you. I was worried when you hadn’t posted that life wasn’t going so well. Glad it is.

  3. Yepper you are right Aloe Vera tastes crappy and feels worse in a mouth the texture makes it even worse I really feel for ya…I think people have been extra rude lately…and people in general have been just a test of my patients and lately I have had none sending you hugs

  4. Photo series on personal bruise. Very original.

  5. Excellent sentence – “People can smell insincerity like pot smoke on a denim jacket in the winter.”

  6. My nephew is undergoing accupuncture treatments for nerve damage in his hand.  He said there hasn’t been any regeneration, but the contracture has seemed to cease.  He also said that after the procedure he has a real feeling of increased well being and sleeps like a baby for several days after.  I would have never thought sticking needles into a person could help them sleep better.

  7. @Emme402 – Isn’t it bizarre?  I really don’t understand.

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