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Someone should cook this and eat it!

Typical Conversation in our house.

Corey: Wow, that was really horrible.

Tracy: OMG! I was just about to say, Wasn’t that fantastic?

I really liked it. It would be easy to make. I took a picture of the ingredients in case any cook out there wanted to try it. You could sub Almond Milk for the Whipping Cream and maybe a little arrowroot to thicken. Perfect.


In search of an American Made Tank

I own about a gazillion tank tops. I have a huge rainbow of colors. See?


This is not all of them. This is the selection that is currently in my tank top drawer.

They are 95% plain colors so I can layer them, I also sleep in them. I also wear them every time I ride my bike, workout at the Y, or go to Yoga. So, EVERY DAY! I love my tank tops. Most of these are at least four years old, some more. Few less. During the time that I’ve owned these tank tops my weight went up 30 or so pounds, down 35 pounds, back up 15, back down 10. When I wear one now after about five minutes it starts getting lower and lower cut. So, time to replace them all.

I decided I wanted to try and buy American made. I went on a long search for reasonably priced, cotton, American Made tank tops in colors other than White/Black. It took me SO Long but I finally found Decent price, decent selection and very definitely made in America. So I ordered:

I ordered 1 small & 2 medium because my size varies depending on manufacturer and I can always give away a new tank that doesn’t fit. And this is what I received in my email within ten minutes.



Good morning Tracy,

Thank you for your order & for supporting American made.  We received your order, but I wanted to double check the size.  You ordered size small in the fuchsia tank, but since that is our default size I wanted to make sure that was correct.  Please let me know & we’ll get the order shipped out.

Thank you & have a wonderful day!

All American Clothing Company

Bethany Nickol

General Manager

Phone: (888)937-8009

Fax: (619) 864-1013


A real person reviewed my order and then emailed me just to make sure I hadn’t made a mistake!! I was floored. I wrote her back an email telling her how much I appreciated the service.

I will definitely keep buying from them!!  As a bonus (for me) they are in Ohio so I’m also supporting my state!




I don’t want to unintentionally mislead anyone. I do not normally go looking specifically for only American made things. I just happened to this time. I am as mercenary as the next person and usually just buy what I want, when I want and hope for the best.



I love to Sing! I love music. I love to sing music! 




The other morning I was signing along with Judas as he discussed too much “Heaven on Their Minds” I was in my car and pulling out onto a main road and as I waited for a car to past my voice trailed off as I was overcome by



Yup, I get stage fright so bad that even when someone is 50 feet away from me in a moving vehicle I still can’t sing loud enough that anyone not sitting in my mouth could hear. If I’m singing in an empty house or an empty car all I have to do is think of a ghost, burglar, or small animal being close by and I stop.

I would love to sing in a choir, or audition for shows but I can’t. The older I get the worse it gets. I’m like this on camera just talking as well. Can’t ever be interviewed by anyone in the news because I turn into an idiot right before their eyes. I was at a  town hall type meeting years ago and I got angry so I stood up and started talking in front of the crowd and afterwards a tv crew came and found me and wanted to interview me. I was so bad they couldn’t air it.

That is all.





To be filled in..Filled_Plus Yoga

Holy Basil Tea – My husband hates Pesto but loves fresh basil. He has a giant basil plant in our living room that makes our entire house smell disgusting. I love Pesto but as you may have guessed hate Basil.

I picked up this tea at a “health food” store. I did not notice it was Holy Basil, I just noticed the peach & raspberry. It’s pretty good though, doesn’t taste like basil.


Genius Playlist

My iPod Touch did a great Genius Playlist for me. It was an odd combination of songs but it worked perfectly for my tastes. For those of you not familiar with iTunes a Genius playlist is created by picking song and then iTunes finds other songs in your library to add to the list. This one was created by me picking Anna Sun. iTunes found 25 other songs to go with it.


Hanging With Friends

My hanging with Friends game has been broken for four days. Won’t open! I hope JustMartina doesn’t give up on me.


My wonderfully fabulous yoga teacher had to leave town due to a death in her family. She found a substitute yoga teacher for most of her practices. So Wednesday I went to yoga but I mistakenly went to the early (slightly slower) class.

Sonya was my teacher. Sonya is mostly blind! It was a very different experience. Well, anytime you switch yoga teachers it’s different. Everyone has their own habits and styles. She was also a very good teacher. She was a little more advanced than is normally done in that practice. This morning I went to my 9am practice with is the slightly more advanced class.

Even my fingers are stretched out. It was a good practice this morning. It wasn’t my Niki, but it was a nice 90 minutes.

Just a smattering of Sunday snippets

I almost never click on my Messages or “friend” Invites in Xanga anymore. It’s always filled with garbage. I can’t believe I get junkmail on a blog. Every once in awhile I look up and it’s eight messages and 14 invites and I’ll click and see a page of spammers and creepers and then I just close it. I’m sure I miss important people and I’m sorry.

I have been totally obsessed with only myself for awhile. It is intentional I think. I just needed to focus on getting my patterns back together. I am definitely a creature of habit so if I don’t have the base habits down I get nothing done, the days just slip away from me. I am very cognizant of time. I don’t like to have time that I am not fully focused on. I try to be aware of every minute.  I’m sure that I did not explain that well. It’s really best described as a cliche, I want to be present in every moment.


Yesterday was just a bizarre day of things not working as they should. The only good thing about yesterday was I got more reading in (Odd Apocalypse – finished today) and I discovered for the rare moment that I want to buy music online Amazon was half the cost of Google Play. I’ve been listening to Tibetan Singing Bowls on Spotify for a year and finally broke down and bought it so I could have it on my iPod and phone.


I have had a very bad 10 days or so with my sad little radiated intestines. Yesterday was the first day in ten that I didn’t have to drug myself. YAY! For anyone who needs to do liquid meal supplements occasionally I’m a big fan of Muscle Milk; I nice strong blender a couple of cubes and a half a cup of coconut or almond milk plus a half cup of water and you’ve got yourself a good breakfast that will actually give you energy and nutrition without a mega dose of fiber like a lot of the “diet” liquid meals. I know, it’s not all natural but even a big old proponent of natural foods like me knows that sometimes you have to weigh the benefits vs the ideology.


I really need to do something productive today I think.





Just the statistics

In the last for weeks I have done:

510 Minutes of Biking

200 Minutes on an Elliptical

365 Minutes of Yoga

240 Minutes walking in one steady time period

1315 Minutes of exercise total. That comes out to 43.83 minutes a day average (over 30 days)

I have lost…..


I am such an odd person sometimes.

I am just so weird. I have to tell you my story and you tell me if this sounds like something you would do or if I am just totally bizarre.

There is a group on Facebook called Toledo Trade. It’s a bartering group. One day someone posted for corks. Now, I may have never mentioned this but we do like an occasional bottle of wine in the Murray household. So I responded that I probably had a couple of hundred for her. Well, I needed to message her so I could tell here where I was so she could get them. I couldn’t message her because I didn’t know her, so I had to “friend” her. So I did, and she stopped by and picked them up and all is good.

EXCEPT! Now I have this person on my Facebook that I don’t really know. What’s the protocol? Do I de-friend her? Is that insulting? So I left her on, and then something ever worse happened! She started posting things that I want to respond to. Now, I can’t do that…I don’t know her, she’ll think I’m strange or some sort of stalker, right? Then she posted pictures of herself in costume! She was in the Opera La Boheme! You know how I feel about Opera! I wanted to say something…but I didn’t…This week she reposted a picture I shared on my wall. So that’s like an approval, now I know it’s okay to say something on hers.

Isn’t that weird? What kind of person worries about these kind of things? 

Be really funny if she read this now wouldn’t it?

Long weekend away was very nice. 

I signed up for a Zumba class at the Y starting Oct 25. 

That is all. 🙂

tonight, tomorrow and then some

I am going to a benefit dinner with my sister tonight. I am not currently dressed appropriately. I did not think this through.

I am taking a vacation day tomorrow and leaving town for the weekend with my husband. I have not packed. I did not think this through either.

We are going to the Dayton Air Force Museum.

Monday is Columbus Day and our office observes all Federal Holidays – Yup…four day weekend! I did not think this through either it just worked out that way.

I have been very busy for the last two weeks but I am as close to caught up at work as I have been in years! It feels very good.

My daughter sent me 10 songs she thought I would like so I popped them on my phone, the only music I have on my phone, and I really like them. Right now my favorite of the ten is on “All Good Girls” by Die Warzau. 






There is someone I really dislike on my Pinterest. I keep seeing really good stuff and then I realize it’s from them and I get mad all over again. I should remove them since it makes me angry but they find really great stuff.  sigh…

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