Sunday night ramblings.

Did I tell you about my feet? My feet are a half size bigger than they use to be.  Rude! though this explains why all of my shoes hurt my feet. Did you know that New Balance makes womans casual shoes now? Some of them very ugly, some of them very cute.

We are going on vacation the 2nd week in December. We are driving down to Cocoa Beach by way of Knoxville and then Savannah.

We are then going on vacation in February, probably to the San Francisco area. I have never been to California and I have a small phobia about it that goes back to a weird childhood thing.

My husband is currently scheduled (again) to be in China for the month of January. I think I will try to schedule a short vacation with my sister. Maybe just a long weekend somewhere that we can drive. 

I have a very tough life. 🙂

My quarterly oncologist appointment was supposed to be last week but got moved to next week. It always makes me antsy.

This is going to make some people uncomfortable, so turn your head now if you’re squeamish about talking about death. I’ll let you know when to turn back.

According to the Center for something I have a 32% chance of still being alive in five years. It’s not negative thinking, it’s statistics. I also know that I have had things happen in my life that were much worse odds. While it’s not something I think about all the time it is something that’s always there. I think it makes me a better person and makes me affect positive changes. The only negative consequence is that Doctors appointments make me very antsy. I’m always prepared to have that moment when they suddenly look uncomfortable and get that apologetic look on their face. I have to be because I don’t want to ever be that caught off guard. So, anyway I get a little cranky and occasionally a little manic and I start talking about it quite a bit again. So, expect to hear this conversation or some form of it, again in 12 weeks.

You can come back now.

I bought some breathe-right strips (thanks for the reminder mary beth) and some herbal sleeping stuff. This is a kind I have never tried before. We’ll see. 😉

I didn’t get dressed today! I spent all day in my yoga pants mostly reading and watching television. I haven’t done that in a long time.


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  1. I love NB shoes.  I’ve always bought NB cross trainers and thought I would switch it up this last time by buying Nike.  They are okay, but I suppose I’m just spoiled.  I may have to go to the outlet mall to take a look at the casual shoes.  Vacation sounds great.  We don’t travel much, but it’s still nice to be away from work.

  2. I wear NB all the time due to heel spurs. And as for not getting dressed for the day…yummm. I think after the “Eating Season” I may take a no dress day before getting into my routine again.Have a great Thanksgiving and enjoy all those trips! You know they call me Little Go Lynda so any time you need a travel companion let me know! LOL

  3. I think putting on yoga pants qualifies as getting dressed.  I usually like NB because they make wide sized athletic shoes.  The vacations sound great to me.  I’d love go to to CA; I’ve never been.Hope all goes well with your oncologist appt.

  4. The 32% chance isn’t the best number, but it’s still pretty decent odds. Besides, as I tell my friend every day while I take her to chemo/radiation/hydration appointments, it’s just a number, it’s not YOUR number.   I’m betting on you.

  5. I agree – Yoga pants IS getting dressed .  My boy always has good luck with NB shoes.  He’s got gigantic feet!  (15/16).   My feet have changed too!  I didn’t realize they do that.  I thought maybe everyone was just adjusting down their size like with clothes.  Hmm.  Go fig!  I’ve tried breathe right strips – twice.  I woke up with one in my hair and then the next time I tried – woke up with it stuck to my butt.  .  Ah well.  Maybe my hair and butt breathed well.  TMI?  haha.  Hope you can wait it out til your appointment without it driving you too buggy. 

  6. One can never have too many vacations!! Wonder why you read statistics…probably human nature to do that, not sure I could stop myself from it but not sure it’s a great idea either. I read someplace that 98.9 % of statistics are made up.I think you have the right to be a ninja biotch  until the apt is over!  A day spent in yoga pants has gotta be a good day. 🙂 

  7. I would imagine that I would get way more than antsy if I were in your shoes. You are doing everything right, you’ve made it this far and I know you are going to keep puttin’ one foot in front of the other. I’m sort of speechless. I want to encourage you but I don’t have the right words. I guess that all I can say is you are an amazing person and I treasure you. I wish those weren’t the statistics but you are here 1 year out. Let us walk one day at a time, sucking the life out of each moment heading toward year 2 and then 3 and so on. Okay? Okay.Cocoa Beach and San Fran sounds great. I hope you and Erin can find someplace great to go for your getaway.I had to crack up at Kissed by a Dog and her breathe right strips experience. Do they work for you? I hope it is all helping.David has had weird allergy stuff this week. He is one day two of hives. Well, most of the day he didn’t have them but they were back tonight. We have no idea why.I think it is bizarre that your feet got bigger while you get smaller. I should look up NB casual shoes. I want good supportive shoes but not ugly ones or even gym shoes for everyday wear. Wow – I can’t believe your hubby is going back to China. This has been a lot of time away. Well, by the time you see this it will be Tuesday. Happy Tuesday!

  8. @skanickadee – Good Morning Sweet Mary Beth! I’m always hesitant to write the more morbid side of my thoughts because I know it’s hard for some people to read. Now me, I like to think of every possible detail, every possible outcome & scenario so I can plan for it and be prepared. It’s almost a comfort to me to know the statistics so I have a clue what could happen. Last night in Yoga class I almost burst into tears at the realization of how far I’ve come since last November. I am so so so much stronger. 🙂 It’s also been a record setting five days since I’ve had any issue with my intestines. I am hopeful that I am finally making good strides in healing. I take so many different supplements and herbs and vitamins that I swear at this point I don’t even need food.I break out in hives at least once a year for absolutely no reason. When the kids were young they were the same way, or it would be some other mysterious rash that no one could pinpoint. We actually had that happen once where a doctor said, I’ve never seen anything like this. Thank goodness for anti-histamines, right?My nose is really stuffy so the breathe-right strips are helping!.So glad you said something. Funny how you just don’t notice until someone points it out. @Kissed_By_A_Dog – does in fact make it easy to picture random strips stuck all over her body!I hope you’re getting a stress break. How’s the resident Klingon?

  9. I’m with you – I want to think about it all and I would want to talk it all out. As for planning and preparing, that part I am not good at. Still I would rather know and mull it over in my head than to be surprised. I think that is one of the (many) things I really like about you, is that you deal in reality. I was wondering about your guts. I am glad to hear of progress. I once saw an article (which I meant to share with you but lost track of) about how the medical community isn’t really there to support patients to deal with the after effects of cancer treatment. It seems they just forget about you at that point. It is truly amazing how far you’ve come since last year. I am so thankful for that. The hives were back a little bit last night. None this morning. I’ve heard from a few people about random hives that they get but have no idea why – weird. I am not sure what we would do if we didn’t have Benadryl.Next week – is tech week for Erik. Tech week is a tough week – long rehearsals every night. Then the performances start. It will be exciting to see the show.

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