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Since I can’t bring myself to focus on only one thing long enough to blog, here is someone else’s to read. 🙂

Oh, such things as we must type.

I don’t know why I haven’t been blogging lately. Too many unsolid thoughts floating through my brain. I feel ditzy and slightly off balance. I’m sure I have a thousand things to record for prosperity. Let’s think of a list of things:

1. My daughter is now officially engaged. She has been living with her boyfriend for a few years so this does not come as a giant shock to me. They are planning a spring wedding. She has always reminded me of a little bird, like a bright singy finch, so I find a spring wedding very appropriate.

2.I have a Google Nexus 7 now. The only thing I can’t figure out is how to play the music I want. Isn’t that bizarre? I have all of these fun apps, I changed the keyboard to swype Type, I use the voice commands, but can’t figure out the right way to organize and play my music. Spoiled by iTunes on my iPod I guess.

3.I have not been working out. Just too busy during my work-out times.

4. Work is good. New space still isn’t finished. I feel disorganized and out of sorts with my office in disarray. 😦

5. Husband has his yearly cold. Also went to a GI specialist and found out his esophagus isn’t working correctly. It doesn’t push the food down as it’s supposed to when he swallows. It’s a side effect of diabetes most likely.

6. I go on vacation number two on January 7. It’s another trip to florida. This time with my sister to stay with her sister-in-law & brother-in-Law. They are lovely people who I am very comfortable with and really enjoy spending time with, so yay! We had dinner at their Michigan house last night. 🙂 I felt bad because basically we ate and left. My husband was just too sick and he didn’t need to stay awake any longer and they didn’t need to be breathing his germs any longer. I am sucking on zync on the ever so slim chance that it will keep me from getting sick.

7. Speaking of husbands, mine is going back to China for three weeks. Leaving Christmas morning.

8. Zync should be marketed as a weight loss tool. Once you suck on one it changes your sense of taste for hours.

9. Random Pictures from Vacation: (Hopefully not already posted!)



Beautiful painting and fun name!


I thought the wheels on the lunar rover were fascinating. They were steel mesh with those metal treads on them. They looked like they weighed just a couple of pounds.



This looked like a painting to me.

“I’m on the top of the world, looking, down on creation…”   EDIT _ OMG!! This song just came on my iPOD! How weird is that? It’s been what, like four minutes since I posted this?



From the ridiculous to the sublime

Today I walked up a mountain. 🙂  Yes I did.


Stone Mountain in Georgia. 1 Mile of solid granite.


According to my pedometer it was equivalent to sixty flights of stairs going up.


Do you notice a problem?  I suggest you have very long arms if you stay in this hotel.

Just a few pics for you non-Facebook people.

Last full day in Cocoa Beach. It’s supposed to be cool today which is a shame. We don’t have any plans today so it probably would have been a beach day. Tomorrow we are driving to Atlanta and if the weather is good on Saturday we will go to Stone Mountain then drive to the halfway point between Atlanta & Toledo and spend Saturday night before heading home on Sunday.


A more ambitious person would fix this before posting.


The zoo was very nice. It’s a small zoo, but luckily there were also only about 50 people in it!

Nothing says Christmas like a wreath!!


This made me smile. It’s still hard for me to resist an episode of Lost in Space.

I was pretty excited to touch the moon rock. 🙂  I also touched a meteorite but didn’t take a picture.




Sunset. ahh…

For Katy

Larger Version


The last couple of days have been a blur. We’re finally settled in our hotel in Cocoa Beach. I was worried that perhaps I had remembered the hotel as nicer than it was but nope, wonderful. It’s a Comfort Inn & Suites, so not a high end hotel but they have a building in the back with six floors that the front faces a pretty little courtyard and the back faces the ocean. We’re on the sixth floor with a nice little balcony. The room has two rooms with a mini kitchen, it’s clean and almost perfection. The beach is literally a three minute walk.

Our room in Savannah was funny! It had these super high ceilings. We didn’t really spend anytime in Savannah. We were tired and a little cranky.

I do love bridges. This is the one coming into Florida. The bridge coming into Savannah was CRAZY! I don’t think I got any good pictures though.

A typical story of our vacations. Corey standing ready to move, me sitting just enjoying. 🙂

Not a great pictures, but the view from the front of our room.


The view from the balcony on the back of our room. See that little group of trees at the top right? That’s the little walkway to the beach. Water view from both sides of our room.

There were people swimming last night but it is COLD in the water!! I’ll spend time on the beach today but probably just napping and reading.

Today I will eat a Pear! 

Here just outside Knoxville, TN

Nothing eventful on the first (of three) driving days. Hotel is okay. Small room, but nice location. A local restaurant chain across the street where we were able to scrounge up dinner – Aubrey’s. I was more restricted by my vegetarianism than my radiation damage! Yay for healing, I love my Acupuncturist!!!!  Grocery story down at the bottom of the hill, liquor store the other direction. All of the necessities of life!

Whenever we go on an adventure I always promise myself I will blog every day with little notes from the road. I usually only manage day one. 😉 I think one time I did all six days. The only pictures I took were facebook uploads. 

You know what drives me crazy? When you see a box in the grassy median on a divided highway. My curiosity is overwhelmed and I really want to know what’s in the box. If I’m ever old and alone I think I’ll buy a little pickup and just drive up and down highways scouting for loot!

It was a good time to leave Ohio.


The bridge between Ohio and Kentucky. It’s a pretty cool bridge.

The first rest stop in Tennessee. This is what rest-stops should look like!!!

You think, ooo, I’m going to see a beautiful sunset over the mountains and then BAM

You are staring DIRECTLY into the sun burning holes in your eyeballs! 

We got a late start yesterday so hopefully today we get into Savannah earlier and can look around. But I doubt it. 🙂 Too many stops along the way to look at other things.

Last Day of work before vacation

Server shipped to incorrect address – need to track down server. it was shipped to our Texas office building and needs to be shipped back out. NO ONE ever goes to work in the Texas office unless there  are visitors so no one knows who signed for it or where it actually is!!  Waiting…

Filled out new shipping labels to put on server so it can be reshipped (if it’s found) can’t call for UPS pickup until I hear from someone in office…waiting….

10:00 am call scheduled – Stood up for the 2nd time…..waiting…

rescheduled call for 1:00 pm….Waiting…

Also have an 11:30 am call scheduled – STOOD UP! – though it’s probably just as well since I don’t have access to what I need to get to on the call. Maybe a time zone issue and they will suddenly call at 12:30 – in which case I can’t talk to them because I have a call at 1:00 that I will probably be stood up for….waiting….

Important company paperwork delivered to my office on Monday. Found out that it has to be taken care of by December 12. Which means it has to be taken care of today since I’ll be gone. Don’t have all of the information to take care of it….sent out emails….waiting…..

I also have to leave early today to be somewhere by 4:45 that I cannot be late for. You know that everything above is going to come to a full blown crisis at 4:00 right?

This has been a very frustrating day.

I have almost completely and totally made up my mind that I will order the Google Nexus 7.  Probably. Wish I had ordered it last week so I could take it on vacation.

I started a new medicine yesterday that makes me a little weird. It increases blood flow and apparently actually changes the shape of your platelets so they more easily go into small or constricted vessels and arteries. It makes me feel a little woozy. And about 30 minutes after I take it I get a ridiculous heat rush and then a 60 second coughing fit. Then a small headache for a few hours. I am supposed to take three a day for at least 3 months. Be interesting to see what happens. Hopefully all of the side effects balance out after a few hours.

Playing a Native American flute is much harder than it looks!

 EDIT – OH! And I keep typing completely wrong words! Had to go back and fix this twice. So far.




Mary Beth!!


Today I was thinking about time. I think it’s accurate if I say that I never say that I wish time would go faster. I want to have every single moment and if my day feels like it lasts 36 hours so much the better. When I wake up at 1am and spend a half hour staring off into space I enjoy that time.  That is a lovely time to just wander around your own brain and think thoughts. Just so there is no misunderstanding, I DO NOT enjoy the nights when I wake up every 20 minute for five minutes then fall back asleep. Five minutes awake is only long enough to think, “oh, I’m hot, oh my arm is asleep, my neck hurts, why I am awake?” and then back to sleep you fall. 

When I’m stuck in traffic, I think of it as time that I get to listen to the radio. (MAN! I love XM!) I hear songs that I don’t have on my iPod, I get to flip around and hear music that’s new or that I have forgotten about.

When I’m in a long line at a grocery store it’s the perfect opportunity to look around at interesting people.

When I’m at the Doctors office and waiting this is really good time for game play on my iPod. Never enough time for games.

Sadly it’s hard to find really good time to read. Reading is special because it requires a certain set of circumstances. You have to be in the right mood, with not too many distractions, and a comfortable place to curl up.

This is not a result of my recent health issues. I have always felt this way. Well, maybe not always but for as long as I can remember. I really do enjoy everything about my life and I get frustrated that I can’t fit more things into my day.

Right now my evenings are filled with stuff. I have yoga, and the Y, and I’ve committed a couple of nights a month to some volunteer work. And of course there’s regular work. I mean I have a regular 40 hours a week schedule but I have email & IM 24/7 so I really have to keep eye on it. Luckily I can usually find wonderful things to enjoy at work as well.

I have other things I would like to do. I ordered a cheap plastic flute and a beginners book. I really have no natural ability to plan an instrument but I love the idea of learning it. If I can pick up any of the skill I will order a wood one. It’s the Native American kind that I want to play. It was so beautiful at the Yoga Retreat that I went to, that I think I have a picture of me sitting on my porch playing while all the woodland animals sit in my yard.

I am going on vacation at the end of this week. That’s a lot of moments to enjoy!!


I hope you remember to stop and find something to enjoy in what you’re doing right now.




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