Server shipped to incorrect address – need to track down server. it was shipped to our Texas office building and needs to be shipped back out. NO ONE ever goes to work in the Texas office unless there  are visitors so no one knows who signed for it or where it actually is!!  Waiting…

Filled out new shipping labels to put on server so it can be reshipped (if it’s found) can’t call for UPS pickup until I hear from someone in office…waiting….

10:00 am call scheduled – Stood up for the 2nd time…..waiting…

rescheduled call for 1:00 pm….Waiting…

Also have an 11:30 am call scheduled – STOOD UP! – though it’s probably just as well since I don’t have access to what I need to get to on the call. Maybe a time zone issue and they will suddenly call at 12:30 – in which case I can’t talk to them because I have a call at 1:00 that I will probably be stood up for….waiting….

Important company paperwork delivered to my office on Monday. Found out that it has to be taken care of by December 12. Which means it has to be taken care of today since I’ll be gone. Don’t have all of the information to take care of it….sent out emails….waiting…..

I also have to leave early today to be somewhere by 4:45 that I cannot be late for. You know that everything above is going to come to a full blown crisis at 4:00 right?

This has been a very frustrating day.

I have almost completely and totally made up my mind that I will order the Google Nexus 7.  Probably. Wish I had ordered it last week so I could take it on vacation.

I started a new medicine yesterday that makes me a little weird. It increases blood flow and apparently actually changes the shape of your platelets so they more easily go into small or constricted vessels and arteries. It makes me feel a little woozy. And about 30 minutes after I take it I get a ridiculous heat rush and then a 60 second coughing fit. Then a small headache for a few hours. I am supposed to take three a day for at least 3 months. Be interesting to see what happens. Hopefully all of the side effects balance out after a few hours.

Playing a Native American flute is much harder than it looks!

 EDIT – OH! And I keep typing completely wrong words! Had to go back and fix this twice. So far.

Comments on: "Last Day of work before vacation" (0)

  1. Sounds stressful and discombobulating. :-/ I hope things even out soon.

  2. My advice is to throw something!!!  that always makes me feel better.  Some would find this solution very distastefull.  so what is the med for?  Is the cure worse than the cause?

  3. @Ninasusan – I just cancelled one call, the one that stood me up twice and said to hell with it. I’ve done everything I can.  The medicine is for the telangiectasia I mentioned in my AMAZING protected post. 🙂  The side effects aren’t too bad. Hopefully after a week or so they’ll just stop. I always think new medicine is interesting. Watching the changes it makes.

  4. Oh hope you adjust to the new medication soon! And this crazy workday is over before you know it !

  5. After a day like this, you’ve definitely earned a vacation!

  6. It has been a day so my brain is a little messed up. When I was reading this for some reason I thought when you were saying stood up, you meant you took the time to stand up at that time. Hahaha – I’m a little out of it. I did finally figure it out.That medicine reminded me of niacin which I think I only took for two or three nights. It made me flush so bad I felt like I was on fire.And so what is the big secret place that you went to tonight? I’m teasing you, if you don’t want to tell that is okay.

  7. @skanickadee – Nope, you had it right the first time. The sales person who scheduled a call with me never showed up. NOT a good way to sell me things.:) No big secret. I am doing some time volunteering for The Childrens Rights Council. A couple of nights a month I sit in with a parent & kid (s) who are required to have supervised visitation. So it’s kind of time sensitive, gotta be there on time. Luckily it’s only like ten minutes to get there from my office.

  8. Hope you are now on your way to a nice R & R. and the meds do their job with the side effects becoming less and less. Enjoy the time off.

  9. Lately, I’ve slipped into the habit of mistyping too.

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