I don’t know why I haven’t been blogging lately. Too many unsolid thoughts floating through my brain. I feel ditzy and slightly off balance. I’m sure I have a thousand things to record for prosperity. Let’s think of a list of things:

1. My daughter is now officially engaged. She has been living with her boyfriend for a few years so this does not come as a giant shock to me. They are planning a spring wedding. She has always reminded me of a little bird, like a bright singy finch, so I find a spring wedding very appropriate.

2.I have a Google Nexus 7 now. The only thing I can’t figure out is how to play the music I want. Isn’t that bizarre? I have all of these fun apps, I changed the keyboard to swype Type, I use the voice commands, but can’t figure out the right way to organize and play my music. Spoiled by iTunes on my iPod I guess.

3.I have not been working out. Just too busy during my work-out times.

4. Work is good. New space still isn’t finished. I feel disorganized and out of sorts with my office in disarray. 😦

5. Husband has his yearly cold. Also went to a GI specialist and found out his esophagus isn’t working correctly. It doesn’t push the food down as it’s supposed to when he swallows. It’s a side effect of diabetes most likely.

6. I go on vacation number two on January 7. It’s another trip to florida. This time with my sister to stay with her sister-in-law & brother-in-Law. They are lovely people who I am very comfortable with and really enjoy spending time with, so yay! We had dinner at their Michigan house last night. 🙂 I felt bad because basically we ate and left. My husband was just too sick and he didn’t need to stay awake any longer and they didn’t need to be breathing his germs any longer. I am sucking on zync on the ever so slim chance that it will keep me from getting sick.

7. Speaking of husbands, mine is going back to China for three weeks. Leaving Christmas morning.

8. Zync should be marketed as a weight loss tool. Once you suck on one it changes your sense of taste for hours.

9. Random Pictures from Vacation: (Hopefully not already posted!)



Beautiful painting and fun name!


I thought the wheels on the lunar rover were fascinating. They were steel mesh with those metal treads on them. They looked like they weighed just a couple of pounds.



This looked like a painting to me.

“I’m on the top of the world, looking, down on creation…”   EDIT _ OMG!! This song just came on my iPOD! How weird is that? It’s been what, like four minutes since I posted this?



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  1. I will come back to your blog when I get back home…those are pretty cool pictures and it is cool that your daughter is getting married…my daughter still lives at home and is 37 bet she never marries and moves out

  2. A few years? Try almost five!

  3. @chaosconfetti – I have an unstable grasp of time.

  4. Oh no! Now, I have that song in my head!! Those tires ARE cool.

  5. #1 Oh, a wedding that sounds like fun!#2 Well, David will have one of those in 4 days. It looks interesting but I was good and did not open it up.#5 Do they have a solution for that? I’m surprised to hear that because that is usually associated with having had long term diabetes, isn’t it? It is always something – I hope they can fix him up.#6 I know last years visit was just what you needed. I hope you two have a wonderful time!#7 I hope it goes well. Will it be cold there?I like the Foo Bar pic, too.

  6. @chaosconfetti – Congrats! Have lots of fun with it!

  7. Congratulations to your daughter on her engagement! Not so good about your husband’s cold. Hope he gets over this ASAP. Wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas, Tracy.

  8. I love how you have a picture of the creatively named “Foo Bar” right next to a picture of a sign for “Stone Mountain”Was this across the street from Water Lake?

  9. @skanickadee – I finally sat down this morning and downloaded some utilities to get things organized, and a media player that made sense to me. The GI guy was unconcerned. We will talk to our family Dr and see what she says. Corey says China will be in the mid 60’s. So should be nice. 🙂

  10. back to China. He’s Chinese?

  11. @Inciteful – No. He’s an engineer with a glass manufacturer. They recently bought a company in China so he’s been traveling back and forth a bit.

  12. @SisterMae – Hi Mae, I came here to visit Tracy because of you!!!! lol  I can see why you like her.

  13. Good Morning, Tracy. I am a friend of Mae’s going back a long time. lolI have been to Stone Mountain. I cannot recall the circumstances, but I was there—I think a business seminar. In my old age, my memory is slipping. What is you name again?Happy New Year,frank

  14. @ANVRSADDAY – I am glad you stopped by Tracy is the bomb 

  15. I hope hubby and his doctor can find a solution to his GI stuff diabetes can really do a lot of crazy stuff to ones body…

  16. @SisterMae – I hope I don’t make her detonate. lol

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