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I do so wish someone else watched The New Normal.

I would like to say:
If I ever go short hair again I would get the cut Ellen Barkin got in the last episode.
I think Nene is fabulous. I am really surprised.
John Stamos is just a doll.

I had a nice looking man working in my office today on the installation of my new door. I was sick with the beginnings of a cold (as is 3/4’s of my office)so I was whiney all day but he kept me entertained.

I was sitting at the kitchen table today with my son and he said he had a doctors appointment this morning with his neuro surgeon. I said, how did that go? He said they’re going to do surgery on my brain and disconnect some nerves. I about had a heart-attack. They’re not. They are however going to try botox type injections in his head. He suffers from chronic one sided migraines.

I have an 8:30 am phone meeting tomorrow morning with my boss and then a 10:30 doctors appointment. I already planning my silent retreat to my bed afterwards. Maybe not though! We’ll see.

 This week has gone by so fast. It feels like Tuesday to me. 

A little less impassioned & dramatic today. :)

I took a yoga class at the Y yesterday that had little to do with Yoga but holy moly was some excellent fitness work! It’s been a long time since my abs hurt this good. (for those of you thinking about yoga, there can be a HUGE difference in styles & teachers. If you don’t like one, try a different one)


If anyone wants to learn how to maintain their weight, just do what I do because apparently I am the master of maintenance. I have a three pound swing and I just can’t seem to get below it. I have been approximately the same weight for a year.


When the occasional work customer is nasty to me I like to Google them. I don’t think evil thoughts, and I have no bad intentions, I just like to see what I can find. I find Linked In & Facebook are excellent resources for pictures of people. Frequently the rudest people are the most unattractive. I think it’s not that attractive people are nicer, but that nicer people turn attractive. Mean is ugly.


When you buy lovely non-toxic made with wonderful smelling non-allergenic ingredients soaps you should also make sure your dog can’t get to them.






Doomsday Preppers, Zombies & Lance Armstrong and how they are connected

Lance Armstrong has of course been all over the news and the blogosphere the last week. I must admit right now that I have not seen any of his Oprah interview, nor have I heard any direct quotes from it. I have heard other people talking about what he said. I don’t really have a lot to say about the doping issue except maybe, DUH. All of the pro (and probably semi-pro & college) sports are filled with illegal actions. We have, dog fighters, rapists, wife beaters, drug addicts, alcoholics and pedophiles THAT WE KNOW ABOUT and we pay them millions of dollars and look the other way until they are arrested and they we profess outrage for as long as the media keeps talking about the story, then we move on to the next thing. The reason we have to do constant drug testing is because every sport is built on performance enhancing drugs, and if you don’t think so go count how many medals have been stripped from Olympic Athletes. If you think it’s a horrible thing, stop watching the sports. Stop buying the merchandise. Stop being a fan of people who do these things. Stop encouraging the behavior.

Now on to LiveStrong. I have been a fan of LiveStrong the organization for years. You can go back through my blog and see how many times I’ve recommended the website for exercise & nutrition tracking and or advice. Last year I got to learn about the other half of livestrong. I went to them for a lot of information about cancer, and treatments. I read their forums, and support groups. I read advice on how to keep moving forward. I cannot do anything but applaud their mission and their statement that’s right there in their name. LIVE STRONG. Not weak, don’t sit down and let life run over you. Fight back against the things that are trying to steal your joy. Weight, smoking, sickness, depression, doesn’t matter, my advice is the same. Don’t give up. Don’t let it steal even one moment from you.

When I was diagnosed I bought a yellow bracelet and I have not taken it off since except for brief moments when I had to. It’s not about the organization, or even the cancer, it’s about LIVING. It’s my badge telling you that I am a fighter and that I will do everything I can to continue to live with strength and dignity.

People tell me to stop thinking about my cancer. I think, they think that by talking about it I must be brooding and worrying.It really frustrates me, It’s not true. If I lived in a flood zone you wouldn’t tell me to stop paying attention to the water levels. It’s much more like the Doomsday prepper people. I think every day about what I need to do to make sure that if it comes back, I am ready. I am beginning to think it’s really just a word thing, so I think we should rename my cancer Zombies. 

I am fortifying my life for the Zombie outbreak. I know it’s possible that next week the zombies could take over my neighborhood so I try to make sure that the people I love, know that I love them. When an opportunity to do something wonderful comes up I almost never think I shouldn’t do it, or feel guilty about the time or money I spend on it because I know that in a moment the zombies could shut down the airports, or make boating unsafe. It’s possible that the outbreak could start and I might never see people I like again. How can you not take every opportunity to see people if you know it might be the last time? When the outbreak hits, it will take over quickly. One day you’re putting off playing with your beagle until tomorrow and the next day the zombies eat you. Play with the beagle today.

I give myself time to exercise so that I can build strength and stamina. Zombies are slow but persistent so when they attack you better be able to run for the long haul. If you are weak and tired you will not survive. They will overtake you and you’ll never be able to get up. They may not be strong but they can overwhelm you.

You must eat well and keep your house stocked with healthy foods. Junk food will deteriorate your body now, and will not provide you with the nutrition you need once the zombies cut off our food supply.

Thankfully once my eyes were opened to the potential Zombie outbreak I have never been able to shut them again. I am so very thankful for all of the beauty and joy in my life and I really do appreciate it every single day. I’m not afraid of the Zombies, I’m not even afraid of becoming a Zombie, (Honestly, I don’t think I’m afraid of much of anything anymore. except walking into a dark room, go figure) what do I care, once that happens I won’t know. I don’t believe that once you become a Zombie you think or feel, or have any real life after the turning. I think you just stop being you. So, you better be happy with who you are now.

So this is what the yellow bracelet means. It means that I am part of the group who knows zombies are real. Don’t worry, if the zombies come after you I will help. I am prepared.


So this is what happened…

I can’t believe I’m telling this but it was really was funny so I am going to. I have included artwork for your viewing pleasure. I did not draw these myself because mine would have been much grosser.

Yesterday I thought I might be coming down with something so I was prepared to wake up sick today and work from home. It’s a good thing I was prepared because I did end up working from home but not for the reason I expected.

I went to bed and just as I was getting ready to drift off to sleep…

I realized my nose felt a little stuffy and then remembered I hadn’t used my perscription anti-histamine nasal spray. I keep it next to my bed so I sat halfway up and grabbed it. This is what it looked like when I did one side.


This is what it looked like when I did the second side.

I don’t know how it happened but somehow my arm slipped or something and instead of gently squeezing a metered dose of lovely medicine up my nose I shoved the bottle up my nose! I jammed that plastic piece so hard that blood started pouring out of my nose like someone turned on a faucet.

It took me about 45 minutes to get the bleeding to stop. I was very close to hitting the Emergency Room but I didn’t want to explain to a stranger what happened! It was unbelievable, I’ve never seen so much blood. It looked like someone got shot in my bed.

When I woke up this morning one side of my nose is all swollen and I sound like a comedien pretending to have a cold. It’s achy like having a headache on the side of your nose & one sinus. My husband made me promise to go to the doctor just in case I had actually damaged something. Luckily when I called someone else had just cancelled for this afternoon. We all spent a lot of time laughing when I explained what had happened. She said it doesn’t look too bad just a big old scab covering the inside of my nose The nasalness to my voice probably has more to do with the blood that probably went up into my sinus cavity. I’m going to try some warm compresses tonight to break some of the dried stuff up.

I’m so glad I didn’t break my nose! Luckily it appears like I slammed myself into the soft parts and not the bone.


Who does something like that?

It’s Update time!

My trip to Florida last week was wonderful. Not just nice, but wonderful. I think I will do a recap in bullets. You know you love the bullets!

  • Nicest compliment to your looks is “you look fit”. I will carry that one with me for awhile.


  • Being a house guest of people who are that gracious and kind is just an amazing experience.


  • Yoga on the Beach at Sunset!!!! Wonderful. I would not replace a regular yoga class with it because there were just too many people for the instructor to watch or in any way help, but oh my goodness wasn’t it nice!


  • We saw many dolphins & alligators. It took me five trips to Florida to see an alligator. The only thing missing was the manatee. I guess I’ll have to keep going back until I see one of those.


  • Driving to lunch on a boat is certainly more fun than pizza delivery.


  • I enjoy going to bed early and getting up early so it was nice to be able to do that and not have to adjust my schedule too much. I guess that goes with bullet number 3.


  • We went to Thomas Edisons Florida estate. That was pretty cool. Would have been cooler if I could have taken a star fruit.


  • I have finally found someone else who shares my joy in the simple candies of childhood!


  • I used a torch with flames shooting out of the end. 🙂


  • I also drove the boat for a few moments at mostly idle speed. I was surprised by how difficult it is to steer.


  • If I think too much about how much my vacation cost the nice people we stayed with it makes me want to send them a cashiers check, so I will try not to think about it. Boat Gas is expensive!


  • The food thing was a little frustrating. I felt as if people were constantly having to accomodate me and I didn’t like it. Bad enough I’m a vegetarian but then add all my current little quirks and I’m just a giant pain in the ass.

On to some pictures.

The Lovely Linda with a statue of a very large Mrs. Edison!! 

A big tenacious bug!

This is KC. I think KC & I were brother & sister in a different life. We have a lot of similarities and seem to like the same things.

My sister & I at the Nav-A-Gator 

Speaking of Gators!

Speaking of my sister! I think she’ll be okay of this picture of her in the pool 🙂

Ah…Erin at the end of a walkway on Don Pedro Island. Beautiful.









Still in Florida for one more day.

The other day we went out on a boat trip. I finally (after five trips to Florida) got to see my first alligators. This one, thanks to the suggestion of my host, I flipped the video on my cell phone on!

I don’t actually see the video, so here is the link just in case:

Gator Video

Speaking of figs & flutes…

Good Morning!

Another New Year. It’s a glorious wonderful thing. I know that some of you have had particularly bad times at the end of 2012 and I hope that you are able to look at your lives with optimism and know that there are always things to look at and find joy in.

I have had a rough month or so. I’ve been feeling cranky & tired & mean & selfish. Feeling always tired for no reason is a huge warning sign for cancer so it’s one of the few things that really and truly makes me very scared. I had my sixth month appointment with me family doctor and didn’t actually tell her any of that but by instinct she ordered a bunch of blood work that I haven’t had since chemo and I just got the results and it shows that my red blood cell count is  low and my white blood cell count is even lower. So I sucked it up and ordered yet another supplement! This is all B’s & Folic Acid plus a couple of other similar things. It’s a huge thing for vegetarians to watch out for. With my current diet I’m pretty sure I’m completely lacking in most of the things that help your body build blood cells. Hopefully getting that under control will help me feel a little more upbeat & give me back some energy. I hate feeling this way. Oh! And I look like shit! My hair is thin, my nails are thin and my skin is ashy. Definitely something missing.

Now it’s time for the illustrated portion of our blog.

I love my kids. 🙂 It’s a rare moment when I see them together and it makes me smile like nothing else can.

My niece bought me a 2013 Wizard of Oz calendar.Love it!

I’ve been learning how to make crochet flowers. I always thought it would be perfect for me and my short attention span. I’ll keep making them from different yarns until I have enough to string together to form a blanket or something. This way I can change colors & types of yarn and not get bored. I can even collect leftover yarn from people to throw in the mix. We’ll see. Maybe next winter I’ll have enough to put together and show you a picture.

This is in my breakfast rotation. There are very tasty and surprisingly filling! I keep finding them on sale which makes them even nicer.


I decided to try and teach myself the Native American Flute. I bought a plastic one a couple of months ago and have been playing the heck out of it. Sounds like an ugly whistle most of the time, but it showed me that it is something I enjoy and can learn.

 So last week I finally ordered a real flute. It came yesterday. The bigger the flute the deeper the sound usually. This one is made wider with the holes closer together specifically for a woman’s hand. 

The reviews for the flute warned that the carver puts on religious words or phrases sometimes, which for us heathens could be a little annoying. This is what mine said.

I don’t think it could have said anything more appropriate. I have spent 18 months trying to heal my body and it’s definitely taking it’s toll on my spirit.

So my wish for all of you is that you find ways to heal your spirit. To find something that touches that place in you that gives you joy and makes your chest feel like it’s filled with light.


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