Good Morning!

Another New Year. It’s a glorious wonderful thing. I know that some of you have had particularly bad times at the end of 2012 and I hope that you are able to look at your lives with optimism and know that there are always things to look at and find joy in.

I have had a rough month or so. I’ve been feeling cranky & tired & mean & selfish. Feeling always tired for no reason is a huge warning sign for cancer so it’s one of the few things that really and truly makes me very scared. I had my sixth month appointment with me family doctor and didn’t actually tell her any of that but by instinct she ordered a bunch of blood work that I haven’t had since chemo and I just got the results and it shows that my red blood cell count is  low and my white blood cell count is even lower. So I sucked it up and ordered yet another supplement! This is all B’s & Folic Acid plus a couple of other similar things. It’s a huge thing for vegetarians to watch out for. With my current diet I’m pretty sure I’m completely lacking in most of the things that help your body build blood cells. Hopefully getting that under control will help me feel a little more upbeat & give me back some energy. I hate feeling this way. Oh! And I look like shit! My hair is thin, my nails are thin and my skin is ashy. Definitely something missing.

Now it’s time for the illustrated portion of our blog.

I love my kids. 🙂 It’s a rare moment when I see them together and it makes me smile like nothing else can.

My niece bought me a 2013 Wizard of Oz calendar.Love it!

I’ve been learning how to make crochet flowers. I always thought it would be perfect for me and my short attention span. I’ll keep making them from different yarns until I have enough to string together to form a blanket or something. This way I can change colors & types of yarn and not get bored. I can even collect leftover yarn from people to throw in the mix. We’ll see. Maybe next winter I’ll have enough to put together and show you a picture.

This is in my breakfast rotation. There are very tasty and surprisingly filling! I keep finding them on sale which makes them even nicer.


I decided to try and teach myself the Native American Flute. I bought a plastic one a couple of months ago and have been playing the heck out of it. Sounds like an ugly whistle most of the time, but it showed me that it is something I enjoy and can learn.

 So last week I finally ordered a real flute. It came yesterday. The bigger the flute the deeper the sound usually. This one is made wider with the holes closer together specifically for a woman’s hand. 

The reviews for the flute warned that the carver puts on religious words or phrases sometimes, which for us heathens could be a little annoying. This is what mine said.

I don’t think it could have said anything more appropriate. I have spent 18 months trying to heal my body and it’s definitely taking it’s toll on my spirit.

So my wish for all of you is that you find ways to heal your spirit. To find something that touches that place in you that gives you joy and makes your chest feel like it’s filled with light.


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  1. If it’s any consellation you know I also am tired all the time. So write down all the supplements I’ll try it too. I like your flute it looks huge though, the hardest problem I’m having, aside from ungodly sounds coming from it is holding it, my arthritic thumb complains. Vacation will cure all you ills….at least for a week.

  2. @hippo63 – Garden of Life Vitamin Code Raw B Complex. My wonderful Chinese medicine lady told me months ago that I better get some B & Folic Acid going, guess she was right. She’s always right, I should start listening to her more.

  3. After my bout with whooping cough (still coughing…the 100 days aren’t over yet), Mom put me on so many vitamins that I rattle when I walk.  I do feel better.  She started me on A, E, D, Niacin, Pantothenic Acid, Calcium (which I did take before), Magnesium, B-12, Lecithin, B Complex, and Folic Acid.  I am still somewhat tired, but not as much.  I figure that she’s a pretty good testimonial for vitamins, as she has taken them since she was about 30 and she just celebrated her 92nd birthday.  She is still very active, mentally and physically.  What a beautiful sentiment on the flute!  Wishing you good health, good fortune, peace & love in the coming year.

  4. @Emme402 – 100 days of coughing does not sound like a good plan!! I’m glad you’re starting to feel better. I really wish the same for you and your family. I know 2012 was hard on you and I hope 2013 brings you only joys.

  5. Sweetheart you don’t know how perfect this post was for me I have had a tough couple of weeks just trying to get my head wrapped around what being a cancer patient means… What upsets me most is I have had this mole for years and doctors have said you’re fine it’s nothing the I make a appointment with my DR that takes care if my diabetes and she says lets remove this and she then noticed I have mentioned this to my regular doc and she couldn’t believe he didn’t remove it three years ago when I first asked about it. Can anyone say grrr…you need to post all your get well stuff I would be so super interested because I so want to be here 5 years from now

  6.  I am so sorry that you have been feeling sub par, and i do hope the new supplements do the trick.Spirit healing. We all need to give ourselves permission to take care of our spirit….we’ve gotten so far away from that as workers, consumers, modern humans. We forget that our human bodies need our spirit as foundation. I know. I am really guilty of this, too.Sorry to ramble. This just struck a chord with me! I hope 2013 finds you increasingly healthy and happy, strong from the inside out!

  7. I pay the skin doctor a visit every six months to make sure none of the bumps and weird things on my skin are more than just that.  Sucks getting older.  I hope you feel stronger and healthier.

  8. Tracy, How cool are you! I love that you’re taking up the Indian flute. Seriously, that is way cool! And wow to the inscription on it…there have to be some good vibes going out there right to you. That’s awesome! I hope your supplements will help you feel better.Love the pic of your kids together. I know the feeling, it is a great one!I like crocheting. I learned a lot of different stitches from you tube..there is one girl on there who explains things so simply and then always has a portion of the video that does it in really slow motion, which is nice if you’re a visual learner. I’ve also gotten some good ideas from pinterest. One thing I saw there were flowers like that strung together and hung up like a swag, you could probably even make it like a curtain or something. Crocheting is also cool cuz you can kinda make things up as ya go :).Happy New Year. May it be a great one!

  9. I hope that you get some energy soon and things get better 🙂 2013 will be a good year no matter what 🙂 Those crochet flowers are so cute. You’ve reminded me that I really want to try figs! I’ve never had one.

  10. May you have a great year. You deserve it.

  11. I love the new flute and hope you’ll record your playing sometime when you feel comfortable with it. I also like the crochet flowers. You could totally quilt them together in the future

  12. Beautiful flute and I love the message.  Happy New Year, I hope this year is a really good one for you and you go from strength to strength.  Don’t forget about Goodreads!

  13. I think that was the perfect message on your flute. I would love to hear how that flute sounds. I hate that I am missing important things. I had a little thing that things were not quite right with you but I am so absorbed in other stuff right now that I didn’t follow up on it. grrr… I hope the vitamins do the trick.The picture of the kids is nice. The calendar is such a practical yet fun gift.The little crochet flowers are so cute!

  14. wicked cool.  you are an inspiration in so many ways.

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