It’s Update time!

My trip to Florida last week was wonderful. Not just nice, but wonderful. I think I will do a recap in bullets. You know you love the bullets!

  • Nicest compliment to your looks is “you look fit”. I will carry that one with me for awhile.


  • Being a house guest of people who are that gracious and kind is just an amazing experience.


  • Yoga on the Beach at Sunset!!!! Wonderful. I would not replace a regular yoga class with it because there were just too many people for the instructor to watch or in any way help, but oh my goodness wasn’t it nice!


  • We saw many dolphins & alligators. It took me five trips to Florida to see an alligator. The only thing missing was the manatee. I guess I’ll have to keep going back until I see one of those.


  • Driving to lunch on a boat is certainly more fun than pizza delivery.


  • I enjoy going to bed early and getting up early so it was nice to be able to do that and not have to adjust my schedule too much. I guess that goes with bullet number 3.


  • We went to Thomas Edisons Florida estate. That was pretty cool. Would have been cooler if I could have taken a star fruit.


  • I have finally found someone else who shares my joy in the simple candies of childhood!


  • I used a torch with flames shooting out of the end. πŸ™‚


  • I also drove the boat for a few moments at mostly idle speed. I was surprised by how difficult it is to steer.


  • If I think too much about how much my vacation cost the nice people we stayed with it makes me want to send them a cashiers check, so I will try not to think about it. Boat Gas is expensive!


  • The food thing was a little frustrating. I felt as if people were constantly having to accomodate me and I didn’t like it. Bad enough I’m a vegetarian but then add all my current little quirks and I’m just a giant pain in the ass.

On to some pictures.

The Lovely Linda with a statue of a very large Mrs. Edison!! 

A big tenacious bug!

This is KC. I think KC & I were brother & sister in a different life. We have a lot of similarities and seem to like the same things.

My sister & I at the Nav-A-Gator 

Speaking of Gators!

Speaking of my sister! I think she’ll be okay of this picture of her in the pool πŸ™‚

Ah…Erin at the end of a walkway on Don Pedro Island. Beautiful.









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  1. looks like a great time and yes you do look fit…and wow what a bug oh my goodness it is huge

  2. I think Linda and KC must be the most wonderful people in the world. Well, at the very least the best hostess and host. How wonderful that you and Erin were able to have such a lovely vacation there.So what candies are we talking about?

  3. @skanickadee – They really are just the nicest people. They make me want to be a better person.Specifically Necco wafers and Charleston chews. But, really I am a sucker for any funny little candies that you use to eat as a kid, versus chocolate bars.

  4. It is funny how niceness and kindness can rub off like that. You have that same effect on me!Necco wafers were a favorite of my mom and I love Charleston Chews but haven’t had one in years. Yum! I am a big fan of Mary Janes and Bullseyes. YUMMY! Oh, also Good and Plenty! I was a fan of penny candy, which I don’t think exists anymore, in price at least. My dad would take me to a White Hen or 7-11 convenience store and let me choose a handful of pieces. :- ) Fun times.

  5. @skanickadee – those penny candy places were the bomb!

  6. Ok, except for that bug, it looks so marvelouse!  That bug, though, has me creeped to the max!!

  7. Wonderful. You really got your batteries recharged!I saw the Edison mansion some twenty years ago. Finally got around last year to throwing away the tour VHS I bought there.

  8. Love your pics! Love your bullets! Love that you had such a wonderful vacation! I have been to NC, SC and FL and last year at Emerald Isle on the Outerbanks was the first time I ever saw real life dolphins in the wild, I was blown away by them. So beautiful! Baby alligators are cutte, not so much the big ones πŸ™‚  Boats ARE hard to steer, surprised me the first time too, it looks so easy.  I turn into a morning person at the beach, Maybe cuz it’s too nice to sleep in?  Hope it’s not too hard adjusting to being back in the Brrrrr!  πŸ™‚

  9. Sounds like you had so much fun!

  10. awesome…I’m a little envious and that is okay!  I’m soooo glad you two had a wonderful vacation.  I know what you mean about generous and nice people make you want to be a better person.  I can’t say I enjoyed the bug picture…like not at all..but I loved it compared to the gator stuff πŸ™‚

  11. Thanks for posting the pictures.  I’ve been reminiscing about Florida lately.  Brings back many very good memories.

  12. Reall awesome!  (boats are easier to drive at faster speeds ).   So glad you had a great time!  There are still places here that sell penny candy, but not at penny candy prices.  There’s a store in town that has just about everything I remember from my childhood.  My boy got me a few pounds of all of my favorites one birthday… Pretty awesome

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