Lance Armstrong has of course been all over the news and the blogosphere the last week. I must admit right now that I have not seen any of his Oprah interview, nor have I heard any direct quotes from it. I have heard other people talking about what he said. I don’t really have a lot to say about the doping issue except maybe, DUH. All of the pro (and probably semi-pro & college) sports are filled with illegal actions. We have, dog fighters, rapists, wife beaters, drug addicts, alcoholics and pedophiles THAT WE KNOW ABOUT and we pay them millions of dollars and look the other way until they are arrested and they we profess outrage for as long as the media keeps talking about the story, then we move on to the next thing. The reason we have to do constant drug testing is because every sport is built on performance enhancing drugs, and if you don’t think so go count how many medals have been stripped from Olympic Athletes. If you think it’s a horrible thing, stop watching the sports. Stop buying the merchandise. Stop being a fan of people who do these things. Stop encouraging the behavior.

Now on to LiveStrong. I have been a fan of LiveStrong the organization for years. You can go back through my blog and see how many times I’ve recommended the website for exercise & nutrition tracking and or advice. Last year I got to learn about the other half of livestrong. I went to them for a lot of information about cancer, and treatments. I read their forums, and support groups. I read advice on how to keep moving forward. I cannot do anything but applaud their mission and their statement that’s right there in their name. LIVE STRONG. Not weak, don’t sit down and let life run over you. Fight back against the things that are trying to steal your joy. Weight, smoking, sickness, depression, doesn’t matter, my advice is the same. Don’t give up. Don’t let it steal even one moment from you.

When I was diagnosed I bought a yellow bracelet and I have not taken it off since except for brief moments when I had to. It’s not about the organization, or even the cancer, it’s about LIVING. It’s my badge telling you that I am a fighter and that I will do everything I can to continue to live with strength and dignity.

People tell me to stop thinking about my cancer. I think, they think that by talking about it I must be brooding and worrying.It really frustrates me, It’s not true. If I lived in a flood zone you wouldn’t tell me to stop paying attention to the water levels. It’s much more like the Doomsday prepper people. I think every day about what I need to do to make sure that if it comes back, I am ready. I am beginning to think it’s really just a word thing, so I think we should rename my cancer Zombies. 

I am fortifying my life for the Zombie outbreak. I know it’s possible that next week the zombies could take over my neighborhood so I try to make sure that the people I love, know that I love them. When an opportunity to do something wonderful comes up I almost never think I shouldn’t do it, or feel guilty about the time or money I spend on it because I know that in a moment the zombies could shut down the airports, or make boating unsafe. It’s possible that the outbreak could start and I might never see people I like again. How can you not take every opportunity to see people if you know it might be the last time? When the outbreak hits, it will take over quickly. One day you’re putting off playing with your beagle until tomorrow and the next day the zombies eat you. Play with the beagle today.

I give myself time to exercise so that I can build strength and stamina. Zombies are slow but persistent so when they attack you better be able to run for the long haul. If you are weak and tired you will not survive. They will overtake you and you’ll never be able to get up. They may not be strong but they can overwhelm you.

You must eat well and keep your house stocked with healthy foods. Junk food will deteriorate your body now, and will not provide you with the nutrition you need once the zombies cut off our food supply.

Thankfully once my eyes were opened to the potential Zombie outbreak I have never been able to shut them again. I am so very thankful for all of the beauty and joy in my life and I really do appreciate it every single day. I’m not afraid of the Zombies, I’m not even afraid of becoming a Zombie, (Honestly, I don’t think I’m afraid of much of anything anymore. except walking into a dark room, go figure) what do I care, once that happens I won’t know. I don’t believe that once you become a Zombie you think or feel, or have any real life after the turning. I think you just stop being you. So, you better be happy with who you are now.

So this is what the yellow bracelet means. It means that I am part of the group who knows zombies are real. Don’t worry, if the zombies come after you I will help. I am prepared.


Comments on: "Doomsday Preppers, Zombies & Lance Armstrong and how they are connected" (18)

  1. This is why I love you! Anything else I would say right now would be superfluous so I will stop with that.

  2. @skanickadee – Thank you sweet Mary Beth. I love you too. You are a good decent person who always makes me smile and I think you always understand exactly what I am trying to say.

  3. @tracy – This is just such a perfect post – such a good analogy. It spoke to me in so many ways – it told me your story and I was able to relate that to my story and Rob’s story. I have been so beat down because of the things that have going on with Rob, I have been ready to give up – I mean how can you fight for a person who doesn’t seem to want to fight for himself. I can’t give up!You see me as the person I hope one day to become. That gives me hope.

  4. @skanickadee – I have to admit Mary Beth, I can be all matter of fact about me, but if I were in your situation I don’t know how I would react. I like to hope that I would maintain the same attitude but I think it would be so hard. Poor Rob has got to be just exhausted. I hope he understands deep down in his core that he doesn’t fight the battle alone and that you all are right there with him. Stay tough chickie, and please don’t forget to take care of yourself.

  5. If Lance Armstrong doesn’t distance himself from Livestrong, he’ll hurt that orgainzation. What has people pissed off at him is that he went after the people who said he cheated. And it wasn’t pretty. I didn’t throw out my yellow bracelet. But Lance has screwed the pooch. He lied and cheated in the media. He’ll never be forgiven. He should have came clean about it years ago. Hope you’re getting better soon.

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  6. @tracy – Thank you. I find it shocking that people tell you to stop talking about your cancer. You have to be aware, prepared and live today. Heck that really is true for any life. I could walk outside and a tree limb could fall and kill me. You have to live your life everyday. A person just never knows. Every word here is so important. Thank you for sharing this post. It was a message I really needed.

  7. I am still in the fear stage of the knowledge that I have skin cancer…I am still so stressed about it that I am no sleeping I am hoping that I can find strength like you have found…it bothers me a lot to think that someday I may look like the bride of frankinstien what can I say I am a little vain so what can I say I am having some trouble wrapping my brain around this…I keepeatching your progress praying for the type of strength you have found

  8. You are absolutely right about the athletes.  Performance enhancing drugs are common, but people look the other way just to continue the entertainment.  There are people who lie and cheat, but they shouldn’t take away from an organization as helpful as Livestrong.  If there was anything Armstrong did right, it was to promote Livestrong.  Other than that, I have nothing to say about it.  He did it.  It is done.  Life moves on.You are an amazing woman, Tracy.  Your courage and strength is an inspiration.  This post says it all.

  9. This is a wonderful post. I admire you and your attitude. YOu have been an inspiration to me while my brother and sister were going through their cancers. I miss them and think of them and their strength when I read your posts. Hugs and peace and fun and joy to you.

  10. Excellent post.  I love your knack of putting things into perspective!

  11. That is such a wonderful analogy! 

  12. Zombies. Great metaphor, well executed.we profess outrage for as long as the media keeps talking about the story, then we move on to the next thing. — spot on.

  13. Strange isn’t it, to be prepared for cancer is thought to be odd or somehow wrong, but to be prepared for zombies..well of course that makes perfect sense. lol I love it. You have such a unique way of looking at things. I find it simply awesome. You are amazing!  And yes, Live Strong!!

  14. Awesome! Inspiring! Fabulous!  Bravo!

  15. My eldest sister told me a long time ago that she was sick of people not allowing her to talk about her cancer.  She needed to talk about it.  People think that they can catch it by talking about it…  I used to too.  ‘tempting fate’  What a load of do-do.  Cancer is a part of me, and I am always aware of it.  It might be easier to live with that potential now, but it is still there.  Be well!  Lois

  16. @LaMorganna – I hope you are doing fantastic Lois!

  17. Have my bi-annual ultrasound on Monday…  so far so good.  Hope all is good for you too….  Lois

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