YEARGHH ^%#$%* !!!

I do not know what is the matter with me today but I do think it would be best for everyone if I just holed up in a bed with a blanket over my head and a brownie and a bag of potato chips in my hands. My head feels full of pressure like I might explode. Sometimes this happens if I forget my blood pressure medicine, but I don’t think I did. It’s oncologist week and I always get a little tense about that. Tomorrow is x-rays and blood tests, and the actual appointment on Friday. At least now we do the tests in advance so by the time I get there I get results. 

Perhaps my imminent head explosion has something to do with my constant battle to regulate my hearing. I ran out of hearing aid batteries. 😦 No one to blame but myself. I just kept forgetting to buy more. I will run over to Costco at lunch and pick up another years supply. I really need to make an appointment with the hearing specialists for a follow up. I am six months behind.


This is a picture of my husband completely loopy, but not knowing he is loopy. It was very funny. He was yelling really loudly when he talked and saying slightly inappropriate things. Test was fine. They dilated his esophagus while they where there even though they didn’t really see that it was narrowed. One of those for good measure kind of things.



Cooking experiment this weekend. Oven baked crispy tofu.

Cut up firm tofu into slices (after getting off excess water) spray lightly with Olive Oil.


Coated with Shake ‘n Bake

Threw it on some parchment paper.

tossed it in the oven at 350 for about 30 minutes, flipping halfway through.

Not too bad! Next time I will make my own mixture. Shake ‘n Bake is way too salty. I think I will also try using egg to make it stickier. Maybe thicker slices, more coating.  Tofu gets creamy and almost tastes cheesy. I brought a coupe of pieces to try reheated. 

2nd weekend in a row we tried to drive from Toledo Ohio to Ann Arbor Michigan for our bi-weekly Trader Joes shopping and only made it halfway to Milan Michigan. Last weekend was a flat tire. This weekend we got stopped by three separate traffic accidents. The third one was a 15 car pile-up that we sat behind for more than an hour before we were finally able to cross the great divide on get on the highway going the other direction to head home.


On Sunday we went to the Historic Valentine Theater to see Don Giovanni. This is the first time I have been to the Valentine. It was lovely and is definitely now my preferred venue!













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  1. I totally an understanding your tense feelings I so see the surgeon next Tuesday to make all the arrangements for surgery the next week and for him to explain the whys for everything he will do…what are some of the questions I need to ask?  I would sure enjoy some help here.Then next Wednesday I have to have a tooth pulled not looking forward to that…Wow I guess life will just stumble on…

  2. @SisterMae – Unless I missed something I don’t think you ever came out and said what the findings were and what the surgery would be for. Now, it’s certainly possible I missed it, in which case I apologize. I have been quite unpredictable with my Xanga’ing over the last month.  But could you fill me in?

  3. Ah, that would cause anyone to be tense. I hope the week goes by quickly.What a traffic ordeal. At least you weren’t part of the pile up. When the kids were little we were stuck behind a terrible accident for a very long time. So terribly frustrating.I use this technique for meat or chicken. I wonder if it could be used for tofu. How was the opera? Did your hubby enjoy it?

  4. @skanickadee – Yup, exactly what I’m going to do. I have panko which is what I was going to do but I was curious how the shake & bake would work. I have never head that about chilling it. I will try that next time too. The singing was wonderful but to be honest I though the opera was boring. 😦 I think Corey did too. I felt really bad for him since he isn’t a big opera fan to begin with. I will have to watch the same opera staged elsewhere to see if I can pick out what was not right. The all gray stage didn’t help, that’s for sure.

  5.          I hope you feel better and all goes well Friday. I love tofu! It is so good. I am going to have to give this a try!

  6. @tracy – I haven’t chilled it before but I do think that method works much better even if it is a little more work. Sorry the production wasn’t great. That is frustrating and disappointing. I remember you saying it was a first for Corey so I was hoping it would be good.

  7. @Jst4e – Thank you. I went to Costco got hearing aid batteries, coconut water & nice bouquet of bright flowers!  I already feel better. πŸ™‚

  8. “brownie and a bag of potato chips in my hands” — That is a comforting thought.

  9. I think it will take me a couple days to catch up with everyone!  I have never tasted tofu!  I would try it if I ever had the chance to though.  It isn’t offered around her in our little hick areas.I can’t say I have ever heard of that show.  I don’t get to the city much.  I did get invited to fill in for my mother in law and go to The Book of Mormon a couple weeks ago with my sister in law.  Wow!!  Thats all I can say about it!!  My sister in law was glad that my mother in law was sick and missed it!Sending good vibes that all turns out well at the doctors!

  10. I felt like that on the weekend just wanted to stay in bed! Hope your husband’s ok:) good luck with this week, hope everything is fine!

  11. Need someone to go with you Friday? I have an appt. with Nicole but she would understand. 

  12. @hippo63 – Nope, thanks anyway! 

  13. I”m going to pass on the recipe to my actuall looked good to me…any idea on a calorie count…is tofu about the same as beef…BEEF?  What would you coat it with?  Your own recipe?  Breadcrumbs and…that venue looks quite a bit like the theater on Broadway where I saw Phantom back in 04.I’m still snickering about your sweet husband talking loud and inappropriately!!!

  14. Super fun. I haven’t read any of the comments yet (maybe I should), so maybe this has already been answered: how’s your hubby? My dad is now commuting from Dayton to Detroit for his flights. He doesn’t have to do it every day; he’s usually gone for several days at a time so it’s just a one-off. I think it’s crazy and he should get an apartment in Detroit, but who wants to do that? 

  15. @BoureeMusique – So far so good with my husband. Looks like he just as an annoyed, or was that irritated? esophagus. We were just laughing here over a Living Social email I got offering a Murder Mystery dinner in Detroit. I mean really!

  16. The tofu looks super tasty! I think I need to try that. The Valentine looks like the perfect venue for Don Giovanni! 

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