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I really do have a lot to say, but by the time I get a chance to sit down and type I’ve forgotten it all. My big plan for the weekend is to clean my sock drawer.

A picture showed up randomly on my computer background that I didn’t recognize which caused me to go look through my saved pictures. So I will pick a few and share with you.

Mr. Murray in Vegas. Recognize this place Nina? 

Just Look at that crowd of people. Not a parade..just a normal day.

Another one from Sweden. Love those streets.

A little tiny one that I discovered on Facebook yesterday. My niece and I.



How does one get so many crumbs on the top of a refrigerator door? I do not know. This is at work.


This is also at work. I bought these containers at IKEA last weekend to hold our utensils. I have the same ones at home in green. Perfect. I would just like to point out to a certain person that if said person had made a bet with me regarding container number 4, I would have lost.

I forgot to bring my breakfast. Probably for the best.  I always have a ton of random assorted food that I bring into work and don’t get around to eating so it’s rarely a crisis when I forget food. Oh, and I’m surrounded by restaurants and grocery stores.



I have been working incredibly hard to get in 10,000 steps a day since Saturday and to be as active as possible. I’m exhausted! 🙂  I have missed on one day so far by 1500 steps. Did I just tell you this yesterday?  Last night I just gave up and hopped on the treadmill for a mile to finish off my steps. One of the other things I do is  step while watching tv. I have a childs step stool that I got at IKEA last year for like $4.00 and I just step up & step down. I average about 100 steps a minute so it’s a pretty good workout. It’s also very tiny & unstable so it adds a little drama occasionally.



nothing to say, but here I am anyway.

I was reading back through the March blogs of the last six years. It’s so fun to have a place to do that. So much food talk. 🙂

Remember this?

It was all the rage back in the 2006’s.


I’m having one of those bad brain days. I keep typing and saying the completely wrong word.

April will be full of typo’s as when I’m at work and start to type it out, it frequently become Aptilo.


Had lunch with my son & daughter today, it was nice. 

Birds have started bonding and they were touching their beaks together yesterday. It was very cute.

I have NOTHING planned after work. YAY!

I am intestinally challenged today. BOO. Ever since that bowl of Tomato soup at Panera last weekend. Just can’t seem to get back on track. I really can’t wait for the day I can eat anything I want. When I was in Texas I was talking to someone who’s mother had radiation treatments a few months before I did and she’s still in very very bad shape. 

Life is so strange.

10,000 steps is a freaking lot of steps!



I really need to start drinking

I need to find a hot beverage to drink.

I like Coffee but I try not to drink too much. I drink coffee in the mornings and I have some very nice decaf for my Kuerig that I will drink occasionaly.

I do not drink black teas anymore. I do not like green tea. I do not like Fruit teas. I do not like teas with cinnamon in them. I do not drink anything with calories in it.

I like a specialty tea that I buy that is actually Cherry bark, but it is frightfully expensive and apparently can have some unwelcome side effects if you drink too much. I really just need like two or three more hot glasses of something a day to make me happy.


Any suggestions?


word up..

This is my coworker:

He is new to the whole trying to lose weight, trying to get healthier Merry-Go-Round. He’s not a good blogger, to inconsistent  but hopefully he’ll find some encouragement here. I know him too well and am too mean to be a good encourager.

He bought a FitBit so my sister immediately challenged him to a one week step-off. 🙂



BBC & the Pope & The Gays.

Just a post to complain about things


I listen to NPR on my radio while I get ready for work. When I’m driving to work I listen to Sirius XM. I alternate between Music, Comedy, CNN & BBC. Just depends on the week.  The last couple of weeks I have been primarily switching back and forth between CNN & BBC I really enjoy listening to Global news as reported from another country. It just gives you a little perspective. I was unhappy with BBC last week. I don’t know if it was just timing or what but every time I turned on the radio they were telling me what the new Pope was doing. I understand his importance as the leader of the Catholic church. I do not understand the importance of his daily schedule on the world news organizations.


I watched Survivor a few days ago. I have only seen a couple of episodes of this particular one. One woman on there was discussing how happy she was that the tribes had gotten mixed up because now she had “a gay” She went on about how she loved “the gays” and was so happy to have “a gay” with her now. When did this become acceptable?  I must assume that most of the world knows that “the gays” are actually individual people and not interchangeable. Just because you have a friend who is gay doesn’t mean that all people who are gay will want to be your friend. Just because someone is gay also does not necessarily make them the fabulous nice person that you will want to hang around with!  We’re not talking about an individual race of people, we are talking about people who are gay. Drives me crazy.


Last year I was lucky enough to be given a male canary. He was a tenant at my daughters PetSmart and couldn’t be sold because of a medical problem. I’ve always wanted a canary so I was pretty happy about this. He’s a beautiful yellow canary who sings and sings and everyone loves him. Last month my daughter told me about another canary that needed a home. She had been in the store for years and never bought because she was not a pretty yellow. She is all grays. Then she broke her leg and had to go through medical treatments, so she could not be sold. We brought her home yesterday and my male bird is not happy about sharing his cage! No real fights just some chasing and puffing up. She seems to be taking it in stride. Hopefully they’ll become fast friends soon.





I’ll take some better quality pictures later this week. 🙂


Oh! and this morning at Yoga I did a wide angle forward bend and touched the top of my head to the floor. Been trying to do that for years!

If I owned my own company

and I wanted to build a healthy happy organization I would buy everyone FitBits. Set it up like a friendly competition and perhaps occasional awards. No need to make it big.

So let’s say you have 30 people in your company. It will cost you $3000.00 for the FitBits and then give away like $50.00 a month or something. That’s nothing compared to the benefit you will get with people trying to be healthier and the bond people will get from participating in something all together. Of course you can’t force people to participate, you need them to want to.

Even the currently active people will benefit from the camaraderie and the reminder to be active.

I have a whole plan in my head for doing monthly step competitions and prizes. You could buy little stepper machines and keep them in your conference rooms. You know the really small ones that are really only two little foot pedals that go up and down.

Some companies offer health incentives, like health clubs or such. I think the FitBit would be a great addition to that since they already have the website built and it allows you to add “friends”.



I wrote this as private on March 5. Today one of the guys at work bought a FitBit. It made me smile so i came over to update this to public and change the date.

Pictures from last week

I uploaded everything and then posted added two pictures from each screen to this blog. 🙂 Almost all of the pictures are from Grapevine Texas. One day the lovely Luis kindly took us out site-seeing.

Just random comments about pictures. Nothing too exciting.

Not Exactly the best picture of me, but I really like the statue.

I didn’t really know what I wasn’t supposed to take a picture of, so I took a picture of the sign.



The local funeral home in Grapevine had a display. It was odd, but interesting.


I really liked these statues too.

I loved all of these! I want my yard to be filled with things that move in the breeze. I grabbed a flyer from this place because they really were reasonbly priced, but I haven’t been able to find it.

Isn’t this nice? made out of spare parts of different things.

What a clever bench outside of a icey store!

I found this interesting.



I was able to have dinner with a little cutie one night!


My view at the office for a week. (Thanks for your desk Juan Carlos!) So many birds.

Luis & Brad. Luis was an excellent person to have around when visiting another office. It’s a funny perspective on this picture. Luis is actually very tall! I will have to go add a couple more pictures now just to show you Luis in perspective.

This was the first jail in Grapevine, Texas.

It’s not you…it’s me. Really.

It occurred to me today that if I read Xanga on my Nexus I don’t comment as often, or as deeply, and I never blog. 

It’s the keyboard! I can’t really type quickly on my virtual keyboard, so I don’t.

I will try to do better.


The week in Texas was good, I’ll upload some pictures this week. Cold really kicked my ass. Still hanging on. coughing and blowing.




Why you should not pack with a fever and dress while taking cold medicine

Brown shoes. Black & Grey socks. Blue pants. Yellow Shirt. Beige jacket. Red Purse. Black Laptop bag.

Thank goodness I work with all men who won’t judge or notice. 🙂


you’re welcome

I have a long involved blog written out yesterday that started with telling you about how sweet the lovely #StrawberryFieldsGirl is. Wait is it, #StrawberryFieldsGirl or @StrawberryFieldsGirl ? Either way I realized that my blog turned into two pages of meandering text which is why you should not post when you are loopy! She sent me some very nice compliments. She is very good at compliments.

This cold is kicking my ass. I can’t even count how many times I’ve sneezed today! I hate the look of a cold. Watery eyes, red nose, I’m sure my face will get chapped from the constant kleenex application.

OMG I have millionaire matchmaker on the tv (which I usually do not watch) and they’re making a cake with berries. It looks so good. Everyones talking about cake today! 

I can’t watch most of Bravo’s shows anymore. Just too fake. But it sure would be fun to be a millionaire.


I think I’m getting hungry.

I have to get on a plane tomorrow afternoon so this cold better get drastically better. Planes & colds DO NOT MIX!

ooo, just realized I’m the only one home. I think I’ll just sit here with Kleenex shoved up my nose. 

I really miss fancy fun food. Tiny little plates with tiny little servings of fresh beautiful food.



OMG! I really have to go eat and pack. I’m suddenly feeling kinda of achey and feverish. That would suck the big suck. 


Bet you’re sorry you read this! 🙂




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