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Went to the podiatrist on Thursday. She said I have a very unexciting and undramatic bone spur on my heel probably caused by a wicked case of plain old planta r fasciitis. She gave me a weeks of steroids plus prescription anti-inflammatories. As a bonus as soon as I took an antiflamatory my hip also started feeling better! I haven’t exercised in four days so that everything could take a break. Tomorrow back to the routine. Hopefully bike & yoga in the morning. Might as well use the oompf that the steroids will give me.

Today I went to my adorably wonderful acupuncturist/Chinese herbalist and she grabbed my foot and manhandled me and it feels pretty good now! I just love her. I’ll try to get back to her next week and she’ll try and treat it as well.

I went off the prescriptions meds for the treatment of my telangiectasia because the oncologist said they didn’t help at all, and told her and she gave me some herbs that will hopefully make some difference. Even if they don’t they should help my sensitive radiated tissues heal up a little more as well. 😉 They she poked me with a bunch of needles and made me feel all relaxed and happy. I forgot how nice acupuncture can be. It’s been too long.

I’m almost embarrassed to tell you how much I enjoyed the Bob Seeger concert. It’s just not right that a man that old should still be that entertaining! It was really fantastic. I was going to post some pictures but I’m too lazy to stand up and find some for you and I’m on the wrong computer.


You are now caught up! 

Go get Swan Song and read it if you like post apocalype world stories. Very good.

Off to make some tea and drift into bed. I think I’ll start dress shopping tomorrow.

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  1. Don’t you have to remove bone spurs…?

  2. Bone spurs are yucky! Hope your foot is better soon!Glad you had a good visit with your accupuncturist!The concert sounds like it was wonderful. Have a good weekend!

  3. that’s a nice “….and all is right with the world” post before bed   hope you slept well, have a nice weekend!

  4. I am not a fan of anything wrong with bones. It really, really hurts!!! I totally dig Bob Seeger!!! You’re not alone! 

  5. going to check out that book. i love book suggestions. thank you!it;s good to hear that the acupuncturist is helping and that your foot is no big deal. well it kind of is a big deal because it’s your foot, anyway hope all works out easily for ya!Bob Seeger rocks. can’t wait to see pics. i was watching Heart on you tube yesterday. They might be even better now than they were in 1978. i guess when ya got it, ya got it.Good luck with the dress shopping. when my son got married, i found a dress first thing, loved it. when my daughter did, it started out fun, but after a few stores, it stopped being i hope you have the luck i did the first time!!  have fun!

  6. Lucky lady! You got to see Bob Seger. I heard them playing a whole huge set of his music yesterday on 94.5I saw him in 1976, no maybe it was 1977. My memory gets a little fuzzy on the dates. Anyway it wasone of thse World Series Of Rock concerts held at the old Cleveland Municipal Stadium. Those concerts were all day and late into the night with many artists on the bill. At this paricular event I saw Rick Derringer who opened for Bob Seger, who opened for headlining act Peter Frampton. Can you believe Seger wasn’t top billing? Ok, so Frampton had the biggest selling Live album of all time (or at least up to that date it was for all time), but for me Seger was top billing. Sure Frampton was good, but Seger was great. Bone spurs? Ouch! I am still in physical therapy since my rotator cuff surgery the week before Christmas. I tore my tendon all the way through. I had bone spurs that had to be scraped out and cleaned up. So I don’t envy you the bone sours but I sure do understand the pain involved. I hope you get back to good health real soon.

  7. @TNuts – Hey ! It’s good to see you. I miss you popping up occasionally for book talk. Hopefully you’ll be healed up by the time the weather shifts so you can enjoy it.

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