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I listen to NPR on my radio while I get ready for work. When I’m driving to work I listen to Sirius XM. I alternate between Music, Comedy, CNN & BBC. Just depends on the week.  The last couple of weeks I have been primarily switching back and forth between CNN & BBC I really enjoy listening to Global news as reported from another country. It just gives you a little perspective. I was unhappy with BBC last week. I don’t know if it was just timing or what but every time I turned on the radio they were telling me what the new Pope was doing. I understand his importance as the leader of the Catholic church. I do not understand the importance of his daily schedule on the world news organizations.


I watched Survivor a few days ago. I have only seen a couple of episodes of this particular one. One woman on there was discussing how happy she was that the tribes had gotten mixed up because now she had “a gay” She went on about how she loved “the gays” and was so happy to have “a gay” with her now. When did this become acceptable?  I must assume that most of the world knows that “the gays” are actually individual people and not interchangeable. Just because you have a friend who is gay doesn’t mean that all people who are gay will want to be your friend. Just because someone is gay also does not necessarily make them the fabulous nice person that you will want to hang around with!  We’re not talking about an individual race of people, we are talking about people who are gay. Drives me crazy.


Last year I was lucky enough to be given a male canary. He was a tenant at my daughters PetSmart and couldn’t be sold because of a medical problem. I’ve always wanted a canary so I was pretty happy about this. He’s a beautiful yellow canary who sings and sings and everyone loves him. Last month my daughter told me about another canary that needed a home. She had been in the store for years and never bought because she was not a pretty yellow. She is all grays. Then she broke her leg and had to go through medical treatments, so she could not be sold. We brought her home yesterday and my male bird is not happy about sharing his cage! No real fights just some chasing and puffing up. She seems to be taking it in stride. Hopefully they’ll become fast friends soon.





I’ll take some better quality pictures later this week. 🙂


Oh! and this morning at Yoga I did a wide angle forward bend and touched the top of my head to the floor. Been trying to do that for years!

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  1. Thanks for the reminder—I used to listen to foreign broadcasts including BBC and French–with sub-titles. That is a very good idea–they are more informative.  I had gay employees and they were clearly different. They did not even pal around together. They are individuals so your are right on that.  Many also attend church. They are like us, but of course there will be some controversy about that sexual orientation. My visiting daughter has 2 parakeets, 1 canary, and 1 parrot. They do fine, but the canary quit singing, and the two parakeets need separate cases because one was very aggressive.frank 

  2. Great post.I’m not a bird lover…but I love it that some people do love birds…I’m guessing that because you love birds and I love you that doesn’t mean that I will like everyone who likes birds..It it might even mean that because you are a bird lover that you might love another bird lover…am I right.  Did I get that right.I loved “We’re not talking about an individual race of people,”He and I and my brother in law were just discussing the pope poop last night at dinner…same opinion over here in Iowa.I’ll let you know what is headed toward you ref the G>D> snow coming our way!

  3. Weird. You’re unhappy with BBC, but ok with CNN? I’ll take the pope over Jodi Areas any day.

  4. @Inciteful – CNN must have been obsessing while I was on the music channel. You would swear they’re only allows to cover one sorry a week.

  5. I think she is beautifulWow a forward bend you must be graceful

  6. I was just reading an article why the Preacher at Westboro hates gays. He started a campaign to stop homosexual men from propositioning people at a nearby park. Not all gays actively “chase” for sex partners and some “sluts” don’t chase every man too.Bird owners are “different”. Owning a parrot, I found that out.Congratulations on achieving your flexibility goal in Yoga. Nonetheless as you grow more aware of your body definitely you should listen always to your body (except for bad food choices)

  7. I feel the media is making a big deal about the Pope. It could also be a PR work. 

  8. Hi from the UK. I, too, was more than a bit annoyed with the BBC for their overkill on the Pope. BBC1, the main channel and the BBC News Channel had little else on them for several hours. But this, I think, is because at the moment the BBC is paranoid about being too left-wing, too ready to air criticism of Christianity but not other religions. They are currently undergoing a period of “transition” (to use a horrible phrase) and while it is resisting outside influences, and I hope it remains free of any political influence, it is also all too aware of how much it relies on the government to support its funding. Hence pandering to the right-wing and going over the top on the Pope commentary.Being a gay person it makes me laugh when people treat us like a race apart. I know more straight people who are so eccentric that they are like something alien than similar gay people. We’re just normal people who happen to fall in love with someone of the same sex.I hope your budgies get on better soon. I’m not sure what birds are like at socialising. I used to keep female guineapigs and introducing a new one to the harem was always rather a tense time. Things settled down in the end but only once a pecking order was firmly established.

  9. @holeinyoursoul – I’m glad someone else validated my comment about the BBC, it’s nice to know I wasn’t just overly sensitive. Your comment about pecking order made me laugh since we`re talking about birds!

  10. Still nice pictures. And being able to do the yoga thing, that is cool. Bro. Doc

  11. @tracy – The Pope thing annoyed quite a lot of people I know. I nearly said to pardon the pun!

  12. I think Frank will turn out to be an interesting fellow to watch but we were sick of the coverage, too. It was way too over the top! I happened to be watching CBS one day and they broke into the day time programming for some dumb thing related to the pope thing. Craig was wondering how much do the little birdies sell for at retail level. I hope your little birdies can peacefully coexist. Maybe the male bird is establishing dominance so he can start flirting with her later???  They are cute!

  13. @skanickadee – The birds are about $150.00 each if you buy them in a PetStore. I was doing research online yesterday and it actually might be a mating issue. Apparently it’s very difficult to tell the difference between a territorial issue and a male who wants to mate with a female who isn’t ready issue. They’re very odd. Very entertaining, but very odd. I cut up some celery and threw it in a small pyrex custard dish with a little water and yesterday I caught the male bird trying to eat the celery through the clear glass. I don’t think he’s the brightest bird.

  14. @tracy – Wow! Craig guessed about $30. I didn’t have any idea but I didn’t think it would be that much. Poor little birdie, the concept of clear glass is too much for him. It was fun to get an update on them. I hope they work it out.

  15. @skanickadee – It’s crazy they cost that much isn’t it? I may have even been low-balling it.

  16. I suppose it is a good thing – that they are not like 5 bucks otherwise people would buy them on whim. You really have to think about dropping 150 on a little bird.

  17. @skanickadee – which is why I didn’t previously own one!

  18. Are they friendly now?  Maybe he doesn’t think she is pretty either… 😦

  19. @Muzwah – they are adorable and lovely now. 🙂 took about five days.

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