I need to find a hot beverage to drink.

I like Coffee but I try not to drink too much. I drink coffee in the mornings and I have some very nice decaf for my Kuerig that I will drink occasionaly.

I do not drink black teas anymore. I do not like green tea. I do not like Fruit teas. I do not like teas with cinnamon in them. I do not drink anything with calories in it.

I like a specialty tea that I buy that is actually Cherry bark, but it is frightfully expensive and apparently can have some unwelcome side effects if you drink too much. I really just need like two or three more hot glasses of something a day to make me happy.


Any suggestions?


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  1. Yes. Drink three cups of hot water. It’s not very appealing, but I think it meets your criteria. 

  2. @ColdSkivvies – blah….I drink water all day at work! 

  3. I have actually had a couple  cups of hot water at night.  The nights I absolutely, positively have to sleep but absolutely, positively need something hot.  Other than Him.

  4. Instant cider. Mmmmmmmm. I also sometimes like to heat up some milk and add a little sugar and almond extract when I want to sleep. 

  5. Have you ever tried bancha twig tea, black not green.  It is caffeine-free and has more calcium than milk.

  6. Have you tried jasmine tea? I’m pretty sure it’s not a black tea. It might be green, or maybe it’s just jasmine. Asian markets carry ginger teas and chrysanthemum teas as well, which I like quite a bit. OR…hot lemon water!

  7. I like dark Yerba Mate’. My favorite is by Mate’ Factor  and I like a hot lemon water nothing sweetened I like the sour lemon bite. I like all sorts of tea yogi has a black licorice tea that I really like but I do like just a little honey in that one

  8. I like to sip on hot bouillon in the evening. 

  9. @ImNotUglyIJustNeedLove – I have not, but the reviews I read make it sound like something I would like. I’ll do some research and see if I can find some to try. Thanks!

  10. @Mom_with_a_Chainsaw – I do not like jasmine I’m afraid. I’ve always wondered about the chrysanthemum. Does it in fact taste like the flower smells?  I’ll look into that one.

  11. @dingus6 – Now that’s actually a pretty reasonable suggestion! Maybe the nice occasional cup of veggie bullion would be nice.

  12. Hot Dr Pepper and hot cider are good.

  13. @chaosconfetti – I wonder if extracts have calories. I will check. I love almond flavoring. 🙂

  14. Cadbury’s do a hot chocolate range here that are all low calorie. They’re called options and come in a few flavours, mint, orange and belgian chocolate to list a few. If that appeals and youcan’t find them over there, I’ll send you some 🙂

  15. Why don’t you drink tea anymore? I’ve just started a new addiction to Earl Grey haha

  16. Herbal teas, like mint.

  17. Have you ever tried hot ginger-ale?  The first sip is difficult because of all those bubbles going up your nose but after you get past that, it really warms you up and is great if you don’t feel well.  You can make it with diet ginger-ale, but I’m not sure about caffeine content.   Stop in at Teavana at Westfield Mall (near the center food court) and talk to their sales people…they are really helpful.   Plus they have all sorts of pretty gadgets that make a tea break a special occasion.  Just make sure to take your credit card, but it’s worth the price!  LOL

  18. I buy a ground roasted soy product called Rocamojo.  It is yummy and no caffine.

  19. I favor wintergreen or lemon grass. My wife drinks green tea.

  20. I have no suggestions, I came here to see the ones you got because I stand in my kitchen at night thinking the same thing…I just want something warm, but not coffee or hot chocolate and tea is just not doing it anymore. And oddly if I drink a lot of water at night, I get heartburn.  The extracts sound interesting, as does the warm ginger ale…never would’ve thought of either of those…

  21. @strawberryfieldsgirl – I know!  Aren’t there some great suggestions!

  22. @isitreal_no – Well, I don’t like plain black tea, I like lady grey tea but I want to avoid that much caffeine at night. I really dislike Green tea. White tea is too whimpy. Oh, and Earl Grey for some reason makes me very very sick! I have some oolong tea that I enjoy but I don’t want to drink three or four glasses every day.

  23. @Roadkill_Spatula – I’ve never had lemongrass to drink. I will look into that.

  24. @ImNotUglyIJustNeedLove – I ordered some twig tea on line but then after work I stopped at a local store and saw a box so I also bought it there. It’s much heavier than I expected but I think I like it! Thank you.

  25. @tracy – Interesting, I’ve only just started on the tea and haven’t been sleeping well the past few nights…might be the caffeine! Does Earl Grey have much in it?

  26. @isitreal_no – that could be it. I believe it has about the same caffeine level as most coffees.

  27. Lost….,

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