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It’s not you…it’s me. Really.

It occurred to me today that if I read Xanga on my Nexus I don’t comment as often, or as deeply, and I never blog. 

It’s the keyboard! I can’t really type quickly on my virtual keyboard, so I don’t.

I will try to do better.


The week in Texas was good, I’ll upload some pictures this week. Cold really kicked my ass. Still hanging on. coughing and blowing.




Why you should not pack with a fever and dress while taking cold medicine

Brown shoes. Black & Grey socks. Blue pants. Yellow Shirt. Beige jacket. Red Purse. Black Laptop bag.

Thank goodness I work with all men who won’t judge or notice. 🙂


you’re welcome

I have a long involved blog written out yesterday that started with telling you about how sweet the lovely #StrawberryFieldsGirl is. Wait is it, #StrawberryFieldsGirl or @StrawberryFieldsGirl ? Either way I realized that my blog turned into two pages of meandering text which is why you should not post when you are loopy! She sent me some very nice compliments. She is very good at compliments.

This cold is kicking my ass. I can’t even count how many times I’ve sneezed today! I hate the look of a cold. Watery eyes, red nose, I’m sure my face will get chapped from the constant kleenex application.

OMG I have millionaire matchmaker on the tv (which I usually do not watch) and they’re making a cake with berries. It looks so good. Everyones talking about cake today! 

I can’t watch most of Bravo’s shows anymore. Just too fake. But it sure would be fun to be a millionaire.


I think I’m getting hungry.

I have to get on a plane tomorrow afternoon so this cold better get drastically better. Planes & colds DO NOT MIX!

ooo, just realized I’m the only one home. I think I’ll just sit here with Kleenex shoved up my nose. 

I really miss fancy fun food. Tiny little plates with tiny little servings of fresh beautiful food.



OMG! I really have to go eat and pack. I’m suddenly feeling kinda of achey and feverish. That would suck the big suck. 


Bet you’re sorry you read this! 🙂




Diary of an annoyed Middle Aged woman

I was thinking last week about narcissism.


  [nahr-suh-siz-em]  Show IPA



inordinate fascination with oneself; excessive self-love; vanity.Synonyms: self-centeredness, smugness, egocentrism.


Psychoanalysis erotic gratification derived from admiration ofone’s own physical or mental attributes, being a normal conditionat the infantile level of personality development.
I was being frustrated by someone who is not narcissistic but who is self-centered. At least I think that’s probably the correct word. I do’t really think I know anyone who is narcissistic, but I know lots of people who are self-centered. It’s so frustrating when someone assumes that everything good or bad has to do with them. Someone cuts you off on the highway and they of course did it on purpose because they wanted to cut YOU off. Not because they just weren’t paying attention when they changed lanes. People laughing in a restaurant? They must be laughing at YOU. Get a cold just like everyone else did, YOURS is worse. YOU feel things more. Need to lose weight? It’s harder for YOU. Get cancer? It’s much harder for YOU to cope.
It’s not true you know. This is something that frustrates me to no end. Your pain is not deeper. Your sickness not harder to cope with, your losses more painful. You and the guy in Russia, and the woman in Ethiopia, and the little kid in Malaysia all have the same brain structure and feel the same. 200 years ago people had the same brains and when they got the flu they felt exactly the same way you feel.
We all do it to a certain extent her on Xanga. You go to someones blog which is a long post about something personal and your comment refers to you and how you had a similar experience, or if you didn’t you talk about something that made you feel similar. You manage to make it about you. I watch myself do that and it’s so hard not too. I think that sometimes we do it because it’s our way of connecting. We’re trying to find that bond. Maybe you have fie times as much money as me, or maybe you have one fifth. Maybe you are a strong religious bent or maybe you’re a gay man in Kentucky. When I read your blogs or you read mine we try to find our commonalities. 
Last week when I was first thinking about this I had a point. 🙂
My husband just turned on Dr. Who. The first episode of the ninth doctor. Rose. This is the only season I watched, or maybe I watched the next one too. I don’t remember. 
We also just watched the last episode of The Vicar of Dibley. I’ve seen the whole series before and even though I think it’s wonderful, I think it’s best the first time you watch it.
I’ve only seen one episode of the most recent Survivor. Just missed it. I bet I’m not missing much. Sometimes you need to take a break.
I can’t believe there is a time change in a week. I detest the switch to Daylight Savings Time. Just leave it alone!

Nothing but net

Went to the podiatrist on Thursday. She said I have a very unexciting and undramatic bone spur on my heel probably caused by a wicked case of plain old planta r fasciitis. She gave me a weeks of steroids plus prescription anti-inflammatories. As a bonus as soon as I took an antiflamatory my hip also started feeling better! I haven’t exercised in four days so that everything could take a break. Tomorrow back to the routine. Hopefully bike & yoga in the morning. Might as well use the oompf that the steroids will give me.

Today I went to my adorably wonderful acupuncturist/Chinese herbalist and she grabbed my foot and manhandled me and it feels pretty good now! I just love her. I’ll try to get back to her next week and she’ll try and treat it as well.

I went off the prescriptions meds for the treatment of my telangiectasia because the oncologist said they didn’t help at all, and told her and she gave me some herbs that will hopefully make some difference. Even if they don’t they should help my sensitive radiated tissues heal up a little more as well. 😉 They she poked me with a bunch of needles and made me feel all relaxed and happy. I forgot how nice acupuncture can be. It’s been too long.

I’m almost embarrassed to tell you how much I enjoyed the Bob Seeger concert. It’s just not right that a man that old should still be that entertaining! It was really fantastic. I was going to post some pictures but I’m too lazy to stand up and find some for you and I’m on the wrong computer.


You are now caught up! 

Go get Swan Song and read it if you like post apocalype world stories. Very good.

Off to make some tea and drift into bed. I think I’ll start dress shopping tomorrow.

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