I really need to break this habit before my husband gets home and starts expecting me to cook for him too!

Tonights random food thrown together was:

Baby Bella mushrooms, quartered and spritzed with a little Olive Oil and some random spices. Soaked in it while the over preheated to 450.

Tofu – sliced in medium size chunks, sprinkled with Olive Oil & the same random spices

Thrown together on a baking sheet and into the over until everything smelled burnt & beefy.

Quinoa cooked in vegetable bouillon

Throw it all together.

It was actually very very tasty! The tofu is a little chewy but still good.

Quinoa is a pain in the ass. It’s so little and so high in calories. Is there a reason I’m eating it? Is there some magical health benefit? I wish I knew something to eat that was the texture of rice or quinoa but had a whole lot less calories.

. Any suggestions?

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  1. It is a pain in the butt to make but boy is it yummy

  2. If I read this correctly, you ate Tofu on purpose.

  3. Sounds really good.  I cut up tomatoes, squash, green/red/yellow peppers, garlic, onions, asparagus, and mushrooms…drizzled lightly with olive oil (if I had a spritzer, I would have just used that) and seasoned with Greek seasoning.  Threw it under the broiler, served over brown rice.  Nothing was left over.  Maybe next time I will just throw some tofu in the mix and pass on the rice.  I’ve never tried quinoa, though.  Might have to give that a shot.

  4. I am lost on ideas! At first I wanted to say Couscous but I am not sure if it is lower in calories! If I do tofu in the oven it is never good. I prefer it in a pan with a bit of olive oil. Your meal sounds wonderful and perfectly plan 😉 Well, more plan then mine would have been considering you had all that stuff! It would be eggs and grits for us! 

  5. @Emme402 – I love doing that! I am really looking forward to being able to add bunches of veggies back in.

  6. @Inciteful – I eat a lot of lentils! Such a good all purpose filler.

  7. @Jst4e – This is the first time I had tried treating my tofu like I would a vegetable. I was surprised by how well it turned out. My doctor friend popped up on Facebook and said quinoa is a really good source of protein, so that makes me happier. At least I know there is a benefit to eating it.

  8. I’ve just tried some noodles that are 0 calories (being 97% water) and really are just 3% soluble fibre. I had heard of shiritaki noodles but been put off that they are rubbery (they are like rice noodles) and stinky (you can wash that off completely) but I got them this weekend and they are lovely and amazing. I got mine from Miraclenoodles because they did a sample pack of all their different sorts, including a rice one which I’m giong to try tonight, quite cheaply. I sound like an advert. They should give me commission!  I just think you might enjoy them.You can also get tofu shiritaki noodles (40 cals for 7oz), but not from miraclenoodle. They are supposed to be firmer and have a better texture, but I quite like the texture of the 0 calories ones.

  9. @SavonDuJour – I tried those a few years ago and was not very happy with them. I may give them another shot though. Things have changed, including my tastes.

  10. My niece makes a big bowl of quinoa and eats it throughout the week. She had told me about the protein thing awhile ago. Q is far superior to rice.

  11. @tracy – try the tofu one then. Tell me what it’s like if you do as I’d like to know. Here I have to get everything sent in at great cost so I like to know first if possible.

  12. @tracy – Tracy I remember you talking about these. I am very much interested in these. They say you can wash away the bad smell and it helps if you buy the very thin noodles not the thick fettuccine-type noodles. Have you read the reviews on Amazon? Lots of tips about these. 

  13. @skanickadee – I had the thick ones when I tried it. The texture was just too much for me.

  14. @SavonDuJour – ordered a couple of the Tofu Angel Hair Pasta. I’ll let you know.

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