Just thinking out loud..

It’s so odd how subjects come up over and over again. Last week for the first time I heard about something called Leaky Bowel (there’s a picture in your head for the day) and then over a couple of days I heard about it two more times.

Just like that, the subject of being happy for someone else has come up three or four times in the last few days. A few days ago I was talking to a co-worker in another state and he asked me if I ever got jealous about all of the places my husband traveled for work.

I explained to him that no, I actually was very happy for him. I truly can live vicariously through other people. I love to hear about peoples fantastic luck, or astounding successes. I am genuinely interested and I swear I almost feel as glad for them as I would if it was me. I think I have an overdose of empathy in my personality so it’s like a drug to me when I get to hear about other peoples grand lives. I can totally picture it and I enjoy it.

It’s come up again a few times since then in different context.  I have in the past felt a little twinge of envy when my life was very hard and someone else seemed to have it much easier. As all lasting things are, most of the good things in my life I’ve worked for. That’s just the way it is, and I’m probably the better for it. In case you aren’t the same way keep in mind that there is enough good stuff to go around. Just because someone else has something doesn’t mean you can’t work for it, and get it too.

So, just in case you also want to live a little vicariously, here are some pictures from my husband. After all the trips to Chinas, he was finally able to see the Great Wall.



If you were going to be envious, if I were you I would be envious of me right now because I have soup in the crockpot and if it’s even half as tasty as it smells I’m in good shape for the week!

Oh, and maybe of my China souvenirs that will be enroute to me shortly so I can remember my vicarious trip to the wall.


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  1. I live through your hubby’s travels, too. I know I will never get to China but it has been so much fun to see his pictures. I have been showing the pictures to Erik and Craig, too. They have been enjoying them, too. I am guessing those are bracelets and not rings, right? They are lovely. That is very sweet and kind of Corey.Oh, I was able to catch up with a couple of your last posts.I hope you are having a lovely day. Enjoy that soup!

  2. @skanickadee – I am watching Rosemary & Thyme on Netflix and very slowly cleaning my living room. I think that’s one of the reasons you and I clicked right at the beginning. We have similar personalities at our core and enjoy other people doing wonderful things.

  3. You are amazing!

  4. @tracy – I will have to check out R&T – I am not familiar with it. You just make me smile.

  5. @skanickadee – R&T is really just Murder She Wrote set in the UK with two women gardeners. 🙂

  6. Oh! Your gifts are beautiful!!!! And the Great Wall of china! I love it! 

  7. “an overdose of empathy” I got that early on. Had to.

  8. How wonderful that he got to see the wall. That’s an incredible piece of architecture. I have never been nor probably will, so yes, I will live vicariously through his photos, and others of other far away places.

  9. Those pictures are great. So nice he got to see that. i love looking at other’s pics of places i’ve never seen. The jewelry is beautiful. how nice of the hubby!!I get the empathy thing. it  works both ways, when other ppl are happy and when they’re sad. It was kind of a rude awakening growing up learning that not all ppl have that..I guess you just assume as a kid that everyone thinks, feels like you do. But I guess it’s just inborn, you have it or you don’t. And it has it’s pros and cons…but we can’t change who we are and who would want to anyway.Enjoy your soup and your week!!


  11. Amazing pictures. It’s great your husband was able to go there.

  12. Careful — thinking out loud can be dangerous!  Great post, though, and the pictures are great.  I sure hope I don’t hear anything more about “leaky bowels” in the next few days….

  13. Pretty bracelets! Hope you get your swag soon!

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