A month in review

Today is the last day of my own personal fitness challenge. The challenge was just to get 10,000 steps a day from Saturday March 23, 2013 through today. The timing was actually a combination of someone else’s challenge start date and the day my husband comes home from China, which is tonight. Whenever my husband goes away for an extended amount of time I try to change up something in my day to day patterns, in a good way. To try and break or start a new habit.

I own a FitBit One which is a fancied up pedometer and it keeps track of my steps for me. I also sync my FitBit One data with my account on MyFitnessPal (TracyLMurray000) where I enter manually any exercising and food. I don’t always enter all of my food. The food counting for me is more about checking to make sure I’m not creating any unintentional bad patterns and to make sure I’m getting enough protein. However, if you are entering your food you can’t help but notice those days when you, say, eat three times the normal calories for an active 21 year old professional football player. Oh, and there were a couple of days when I forgot my FitBit or left it strapped to my tank top instead of my bottom half and so it didn’t count steps.

So here’s the data as of today. I figure not too much will change before tonight at Midnight. 


 This is what my FitBit Shows me:


A total number of 269,461 steps in the last four weeks. Let’s just assume I’ll have 10,000 today so 279,461. Divided by 28 days means I am at 9981 average steps per day. I am okay with this because of the days that forgot my FitBit. I would guess that’s at least an additional 15,000 steps onto the total.

The rather unexpected results are that after 19 months being stuck at the exact same weight I have lost 7 pounds in four weeks.  Seven pounds may not seem like much, unless your a smaller person and have been stuck at the same weight for freaking ever! This means I need to keep this up for a little while longer. 

I feel fantastic.  I do not currently own any clothing that is too small for me. At least, not that I ‘ve tried on. I feel fit, and I feel accomplished. 








Comments on: "A month in review" (0)

  1. Wooo Hoooo!   Completely Awesome!

  2. @Kissed_By_A_Dog – THANK YOU! (Yes, I did mean for it to be in all caps.

  3. you are so disciplined. YAY for you!! You’ve really done a lot!!And i know what ya mean about just a few pounds making a difference. When you have long skinny arms and legs and a really short torso, it takes very few pounds to make a huge difference, either way up or down!

  4. @strawberryfieldsgirl – Oh for long skinny legs!

  5. Wow!  And your charts really put things in perspective.  (As to your house comment, I’m sure you have passed it.  It’s on the road that begins with “T” and ends with “ville” that dead ends into Alexis!   Not those huge stone houses, but down closer to the post office!  LOL)

  6. And just like that… I am jealous! 🙂

  7. @TheEmeraldPixie – LOL, I’ll have to look now!

  8. @Jst4e – Thank you! 🙂

  9. Way to go and you totally rock!!

  10. Hi Tracy. When do we get photos?  I am impressed with your resolve and record keeping. I lost 65 pounds when i was 40 after my first heart attack. People still say I look skinny, but I do not see myself that way with a protruding abdomen.  lolI am impressed.frank

  11. @tracy -believe me, it’s not a gift. no matter how pumped I might want to be, it’ll never happen. Skinny limbs only make fat middle parts look fatter and it doesn’t take much. My built like JayLo daughter can put on pounds and it looks like she was meant to. Not so here. And, it’s really hard to find pants that aren’t highwaters! What I wouldn’t give for the ability to have muscular legs!Guess it’s like having curly or straight hair, we always want what we don’t have. lol

  12. You have done good for sure

  13. You never fail to impress! AMAZING!

  14. oh so very proud of you! Now here is your next challenge(challenge might not be the right word epic stupendous life’s mission)…get Corey to do something. We want him healthy.

  15. Very nice Tracy! Inspiring 🙂

  16. @HUMOR_ME_NOW – Thank you Frank. I love 35 pounds a couple of years ago and was stuck. Gained back ten with the whole cancer thing and lost that but then was stuck at that 35 pound mark. Very frustrating. Glad I finally broke the line. Pictures! Please. I am everywhere.! 🙂 Vacation in two weeks, lots of pictures then.

  17. @SisterMae – thank you. 🙂

  18. @hippo63 – You can’t force people unfortunately, only encourage. He’s got to decide himself.

  19. @Koriar – Right back at ya Brad! Keep it up.

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